WOW! The Millie Bobby Brown Fake Claims Situation, The Trump Lawsuit Explained, Kate Upton, & More

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Caption: Whats up, ya beautiful bastards hope you're having a fantastic thursday, welcome back to the philip defranco show, and let's just. jump into it the first thing we're to talk about today is why, millie bobby. brown is in the news. now millie, if you don't know, was a 14 year old actress best known. for her role in stranger things and like many stars of her generation she is hyper involved on her social media. massive on it on instagram she has almost 17 million followers but unfortunately millie is in the news. today for kind of social media gone wrong back in november people begin posting fake, stories about interactions they said. they had with millie many of them saying that she was being racist or homophobic. some people attributing a user by the name of kelsey fiona for starting all of this accusing brown of removing her hijab. saying i saw millie bobby. brown in the airport and asked for a pic and she said "only if you remove the hijab" and i said it's my faith and. she aggressively pulled it off, my head and stamped on that a user pointed out. well you don't even have a job in your profile to which she said. because she ripped it off and that story of course was an obvious. fake that twitter account, was actually suspended what soon followed after this, was the hashtag takedown, millie bobby, brown, when you look. through, the hash tag you ended up finding, some people that were just kind of memeing, making jokes like. oh, wouldn't this be ridiculous so then, also what appear to be a ton of trolls actually trying to mislead the public. and make it seem like, millie, was doing horrible stuff and of course because this, is the internet there is a new target a . new, thing every single day the popularity of these posts did die off but then at the beginning of june which. is lgbt pride month and began popping up again in addition to the optic of fake stories about. this, fourteen-year-old girl there were also a number of fake pictures people taking real selfies she posted but then photoshopping. and fake homophobic. and racist captions and the reason so many people have been talking about this in the past 24 hours, is that millie babby. brown deleted her twitter because of all of this now as far as why the account. was actually deleted i do not know i do feel like it's probably a temporary, move her instagram account is still alive. which is since disabled comments originally i find it to be a pretty smart move whether it was her or manager her family whoever. because it's essentially. issuing a statement without making a statement and it got the story coverage it clears her name and she doesn't have to comment on it. which it's always a really big issue for anyone with any audience whatsoever people can. fake, stuff very easily in 5-10 seconds anyone can just throw out a. fake claim and as a person with an audience no matter how. ridiculous that claim is you still have to wonder should i address this because if you address one thing you will be expected to address. everything now as far as the fake. story is in the hashtag kind of a memeing of this it's been very interesting to see the reaction. so i'm obviously very angry, about it one user writing like, each and everyone for sharing memes and making up fake accusations. bullying a fourteen-year-old wow you must all be very proud of yourself whereas others claim, no it's not harassment it's an obvious. joke, it's sarcastic it's a meme as one user argued the reason it's so funny is because we know milly . would never, do anything like, that fire her, fans so angry only an idiot would actually believe these stories but. also the counter to that point is there are a ton of people that are not familiar with her if someone doesn't know her that. well or they are not aware of this meme they just see these, these, screenshots that to them seem real. they are going to believe it i mean if you've watched this show for a, while i mean think about how. many, times we've talked, about whether it be just kind of everyday people on facebook twitter wherever being tricked, by a. fake photo or a. fake, story or actual news outlets and so i 100% understand why, people would go. well no that's not a meme that's just slander and libel even with the meaning defense i do have to personally say. well i am very. protective of allowing people to kind of just fuck around on the internet there is something. disgusting, about the target of those being a . year old i mean in general it's very easy to look at celebrities and not consider them real people. initially but ultimately at the end of the day, you're talking about a kid but that said that's the story then. my opinion and i want to pass a question off to you, what are your thoughts on this is it disgusting or . no it's a playful meme thing i'd love to know. your thoughts, and whine those comments down below. but from that i want to share some stuff i loved today and today in awesome brought to you. by, active, may or may not have noticed but. over the past three months i've really decided to focus on my health i was . 245 pounds as of this morning i'm 210 and still on my. way to getting where i want to be and so if you've been looking for something like. this, you've been looking for the motivation you a kick in the. ass to kind of jump on the train to better yourself or get you in a place where you're happier with. yourself go to defranco fit calm it'll bring you to a. special signup page you will get a 30-day free trial and because you signed up either through that link or. using code fill it will give you 40% off and actually whether. you, join in on this with, me or not just remember that at. any moment that could be your first, day, first day on your path to your, new. norm and the first bit of awesome today is we had zach galifianakis giving us some more between two ferns. awesome this time with cardi b and jerry seinfeld then, we had giselle doing vogue 73 questions series a life knock and ask. what happened if you were checked to water we also got the trailer for unfriended dark. web and natalie portman on hot ones and remember if you. want to see the full versions of everything i just share the secret link of the day anything at all. links is always are in the description down below. and then, we have another segment of don't be stupid. stupid and this story comes to us from minnesota thanks to . year old kaitlin. strom she's attending the winstar country music festival. one thing led to another and. then i this this happened to katlin her head got stuck in a tailpipe and they had to use a power saw to get her. out they, may be wondering yourself how. the, hell. does that happen to someone nothing seems to add up. butts. a flaw in your thinking is you are not giving stupid enough credit stupid truly. makes all things possible and as kaitlyn explains she saw. this, chevy silverado with a large tailpipe and she said. we were just all having fun and i saw this big exhaust pipe and i was like hey . my, head could probably fit in that and in her defense he, did but unfortunately too. well and that's why i know millions of people and i guess with this show, another million, have i've seen. you, make, what i hope is the stupidest choice you have made in your life, ever that. was worried about kaitlyn she is fine although this is shocking because you would never think it would be involved here she was reportedly cited. for underage drinking. by. the sheriff's office and it will say seemingly. kaitlyn, has taken all of the mean comments that have come from this video in stride but i can't help but. smile because essentially the way the story end is as far as what lessons kaitlyn said that she has learned from all of this it's. quote to not stick. my head in the tailpipe which i appreciate it should this should truly be a learning lesson kind of story then. we had guest co-founder paul marciano and model kate upton in the news together. you might remember, back in february, kate upton came out with. allegations against marciano claiming he forcibly grabbed her breasts kissing her against, her will grabbing her. thighs, and arms to pull her closer so he could smell her a story, was also corroborated. by photographer. yu, tsai and it also. wasn't the first set of allegations against marcion s it reportedly investigated him for inappropriate behavior towards two models back in november of . as of february, when upton's claims came out they had not made a final determination around those initial allegations but. after upton the company started another internal investigation and the big update this week. is that paul marciano has now resigned this after a special committee, had completed their investigation. on him a committee saying they were unable to corroborate a number of the claims saying in some cases no conclusion. could be reached, because the individuals either declined to be interviewed or provided insufficient information to the investigators. also adding in other cases the. investigation found that credible accounts were given by both sides and ultimately the investigation said that in some occasion marciano exercised poor judgment in his. communications with models and photographers and in placing himself in. situations in which plausible allegations of improper conduct could and did arise as far as the number of people involved in claims and allegations. that were able to be. corroborated it appears that that number is at least five and i say that because guess acknowledge that marciano and the company had reached non. confidential settlements totaling. $500,000 with five of those, who made allegations but as of right now. those people have not been named as far as what happens next, while marciano has stepped. down he is still technically with the company until january of next, year, while. he will eventually be gone he will continue to be paid until he leaves, so what i'm really left with with. this, story is i wan

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