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Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeedโ€™s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most โ€œworth itโ€ at its given price.
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Caption: Still in new york i'm hungry i'm hungry . too wait wait wait for me look at this . shape of that nice carats what is that . big old squash garlic yummy flowers . can't eat that for kitties . oh pigeons i'm not gonna lie that's kind . of a beautiful pigeon i want an apple . you ready to eat an apple nice so what . are we doing in these apples say we're. in the big apple. ahaha vegan food today we should be . trying three vegan meals that free . drastically different price point to. find out which one is the most worth it . editor price if you have much vegan . first i had a vegan burger tasting a . strangely needy but not meat burger from. then i've been searching for good vegan . food i'm excited we just ate the whole . core . i need that right i'm steven a vegan . meal my name is chef b i'm aaron beaner . son of chef b and we're here at our. restaurant seasoned vegan seasoned vegan . the name my dad actually came up with . the name and he is the inspiration for a . veganism in our household there was some . really tough critics of omaha we really . put the pressure on her to please our . palates this trial and error a garbage . can taste a lot of my food wasn't until . she realized that she can keep her sane . family recipes but use plant-based . ingredients my parents both are from . louisiana so i've incorporated that . louisiana flair to my food basically the . entire restaurant is my mom's recipes . what was the intention of opening here . in harlem and sexually the first . full-service vegan restaurant in the. history of harlem we wanted to make a . difference in the community we weren't . trying to force anyone to be a vegan . we just wanted people to know that . there's another option we're both very . good to eat here and the po-boy what's . going on with that dish well those . shrimp are made it's a yam base to make . a batter made from tapioca starch and a . vegan beer and we fry it we take a . baguette and we spread lemon on sauce on . it leaves a vegan base sour cream and 32 . seasonings and combination wanted to. duplicate that taste as much as i could . seems to be a hit because everybody . loves it that's yeah yeah somehow that's . the m is just smoothly they make called . powerful soul cheers oh hmm i've had a . lot of green juices that just tastes . like the lawnmower clipping lookin so . fruity so delicious no this is no lawn . mower did that happen at this man yeah . they cheers. [music]. yeah that's the texture and the flavor . and like the meatiness i'm sure it is a . very satisfying bite experience it . tastes like one delicious flavor is that . just a great sandwich i try to live my . life like this restaurant on the . exterior you see oh there's that . handsome guy which is a pretty face but . we were saying is you're just an . imitation of a handsome guy . no so just like the e/m trim it looks . like a delicious shrimp and even though . it isn't it's nonetheless exactly hey . guys i want you to try one of our . specialties this is a stuffed avocado oh . certainly well it's stuffed with a . common meat cashew cheese topped with. pico de gallo and our house dressing . vinaigrette mmm through your head a mama . saw i also have yeah oh my gosh i'm . sorry i just saw your mom sorry . [music]. cute jeff be coming with a big so good . so delightful so delicious wait do you . hear that . what big in fact vegan facts in 2017 it . was reported that six percent of . americans are now claiming to be vegan . much higher than 2014 where it was one . person either the reporting was really . bad or a lot of people have become vegan . that's a 600 percent increase what other . things have increased by 600 percent in . the last three years . oh my problem intake my cholesterol my . old poops the amount that i think about . my own mortality . oh that's dark what has increased 600 . percent in your life let us know in the . comments below. wait that all where in the east village . we're on our way to our next vegan stuff . it's called avant-garde and avant-garde . in solid vegan punch fight a vegan or . vegetarian restaurant i would name it . vegetab loads that just that blow your . mind . i welcome to avant-garde and my name is . anthony mancha you see i'm the executive . chef what is the motivation of this . restaurant being vegan kill less animals . less meat environment make the world . better we're not like a health . restaurant or anything main thing here . is to make the food good all the plates . are a little on the smaller side kind of . like a tasting menu so you get each . course one by one i think it's just much . better you could focus more on the menu . items the more you spread yourself out . you know the less quality everything is . you got the sicilian wine i however i'm . going for the coconut coconut brings me . back to my days in malaysia where you . just pop on a coconut and slurp away . like the monkeys do yes there are . monkeys outside my grandpa's house . they're actually pretty annoying they're . like raccoon like squirrels actually . really like records i think they're . really care yeah cheers cheers . mmm-hmm i'll take wine over coconut it . know that is fresh so the first thing . we'll be having is a sunchoke push it . with a little olive oil toasted on the . press it gets sunchoke puree fried . sunchokes. pickled pears kalamata olive pistachio . and some mint a little saltiness we . really rich earthy here you mean toast . oh nice hmm . the combination of pistachios and the. sancho reminds me of christmas weirdly . it makes perfect ends actually it's just . really titillating my appetite can i say . that without making you laugh it's . insanity good next we'll have the . avocado salad . we take sushi rice we pan-fried get . served with an avocado distressed with a . carrot ginger vinaigrette. michael cilantro pickled ginger and miso . glaze this looks so good this is oh i . knew that you would be excited by this . that's right down there that is very . good you're the dance that babies they . do we need a eat something really good . they just like close your eyes and like . do this remember old pepper . [music]. that's the pepper. are you so glad are you enjoying that . saving next is the head of the woods . mushrooms sauteed maitake mushrooms. white button mushroom puree pickled . shimeji mushrooms a little bit of . kohlrabi and scallions long i have a . confession to make. i'm actually not the biggest kind of . mushrooms really i don't mind them but i . never choose mushroom it took me a while . to come around on mushrooms . i loved this smell of mushrooms cooking . i was like oh it's mushrooms and then i . ate the mushrooms and i was like oh yeah . i do love mushrooms you like mushrooms . now a little bit more yeah a little bit . one i think the thing that gets me is . just thinking about what hey grow dark . damp places yeah one of the things i . love most about mushrooms is just how. gnarly and weird they look like this . alien creature that is also delicious . which is like win-win if aliens came to . earth and we ate them would they be via . final dishes the celery root the . spiralizer to look like linguine can we . make a mushroom stock out of shitake . mushrooms onions garlic we make a liquid . it's called tzuyu and then we blend the . two together and it's a sauce for the . pasta crispy mushrooms on top a little . bit of lemon and garlic smell it . that's that mushroom smell that. converted me to mushrooms hmm wow that's . my favorite it's insane never thought . it'd be looking at my fork after a vegan . dish like this it's so creamy top graves . in my life. i don't even know if they wanted me to . call this gravy but oh it's gravy it's . all gravy come on pop that in your mouth . we're gonna get all day a little game . for you top three favorite vegetables . starting with your third favorite onions . beets yeah of all the vegetables they . believe is about yeah - let me think . about it . eggplant i don't know what this . vegetable is i could do a malaysian . restaurant and you can try something i . love that favorite vegetable on three . one two three eggplant cucumber pickles . that's all i got to say adam my friend . we're gone to a special place next we're . going to abc v they may not know how to . do the alphabet there but they do know . how to make good vegan food my name is . neil arden and i'm the chef de cuisine . of abc v the whole focus of the . restaurant is the fact that we're two . blocks away from the union square green . market i think you really have to start . with the best ingredients the finest . sourcing you tell me about what abc b is . trying to accomplish from overall theme. aesthetically there's kind of a mix of . like clean white fresh beautiful look . we're inside of abc home and carpet . which is home goods store they design. our interior so it's a collaboration . there with the food we're trying to do . the same thing like clean and fresh and . bright but with a lot of texture and a . lot of secret surprises . you know what i realize today let's not . know much if anything about vegetables . it's like pokemons we just gotta bring . new things you're adding them to your . pokedex so this is my pokedex today the . menu the first thing i'm gonna start you . guys with is our hummus we start with . green chickpeas instead of dried brown. ones and some lemon juice olive oil and . we serve it with sourdough buckwheat . pita and some fresh cruditรฉs based on . seasonal produce oh man ooh this is the . cruditรฉ got a potato chip i've been a . radish chip oh nice this is like . something from avatar . looks like a juicy cold chip oh . cheers. this is the ripe espero dreier's yeah oh . i'm keeping this so our beet salad is . all the different colored beets we get. from the market we smash them and then . we have a lot of flavors that are sort . of inspired by tartare fermented chili . mayonnaise dijon mustard capers and . cornichon chives and shallots this looks . like a delicious slice of raw beef with . your favorite vegetable beets oh shoot . this is gonna be crazy almost it's like . an in-and-out burger if you know burgers . brewing the ground have a dish of . grilled don't go shiitake which is a. really nice grade of shiitake you're . really fat and plump they're growing . into wood so they have a lot deeper . flavor i see you talking a mushroom . before but not as plump as this it is. like a cute little child you just want . to pinch its cheeks oh man i feel like . i'm in this forest made of candy there's . all this delicious stuff that i could. just grab off the earth more worried . that there's an evil witch . about to murder me stuff me in her oven . because this is too good to be true it . warms out a fiddly shape cremini . mushrooms chanterelle mushroom and al . cipollini onion and a little bit of aged . soy sauce with black truffle cheese we . just went deeper into the woods and it's . nighttime the sun has set and the world . has come alive hmm yo this cremini . though the crime that something could be . so delicious it's so meaty well that . every texture is here one of the biggest . complaints about mushrooms is that. they're these mushy icky things but here . is a little mushroom chimp our carrots . come atop a seeded nut butter that we . grind in-house of all kinds of different . seeds poppy seeds chia seeds pecans and. commons and macadamia nuts . suddenly the forest clears for a spring. meadow they grab a carrot oh look at the . earth below it is kind of like pulling a . carrot out of the maja whoa this is . what's so pleasing about this tasting. things in a combination that i've never . had before so used to making the meat . that's out of the dish this is the star . when you're coaching basketball you . throwing the guy in at the end the bench . turns out he's the star jesus that . cauliflower whole roasted in the . wood-fired oven the roasting really . gives it a variance of texture there's. like a smoky meeting this to it from the . wood-fired oven. if you have a cecchini sauce made with. fresh turmeric that's really a . centerpiece let me do the honors i've . been waiting for this one can i sauce . you oh wouldn't assam oh my god i was a . little scared that the outside would . taste burnt but it was burnt cauliflower . just tastes like a crust it's incredible . how many different textures of . cauliflower yeah whenever i think of . like what i want for dinner i never . think of the vegetable component first. that is gonna change for me i don't know . where i'm gonna go to get this stuff . again you want open a farm together . sure. [music]. back in union square park the green . market has closed and so has a tale of . two hungry boys and their cameraman now . three full boys whose you're worth it . winter hablen gardner from me i came and . do it never thinking out order mushroom . dish but i'm gonna start ordering . mushroom dishes hey maybe you'll even . turn into a fun guy yourself i'm going . seasoned vegan seasoned vegan comfort . and vegan come together those magical . feelings just warm my heart i think my . worth it winner is abc v not only . because it was super delicious but also . because i got to try awesome new. combinations of vegetables that i've . never had before kind of price keane put . on that hey adam what's your worth it. winner adam fix abc v bye we're gonna go . open our farm now what should our farm . name be pigs only. oh yes . .

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