$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet

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Nikki hello what up my good friend you . want to come with me on a ward hit left . out episode we're doing pets i see that . look at you can you say worth it okay . here we go here we go . guests on today nikki hi today i wore . that lifestyle we're trying home trust . we're not trying that today i wore the . life lab we're seeing three pets f&e . drastically different price points to . find out which one is the month worth it . and its prize worth it pretty much all . my life i have had pets growing up i . always had dogs and i know how a cat's a . nice to come home to someone who's . excited to see you other than your wife . other than my wife i have not lived with . any my all i get creatures in my life. ever so uh this is gonna be fun we're . going to the best friends animal society. neighbor shelter called the milk kill la . wow a no-kill shelter yes a great start . shut up don't chop . [music]. welcome my name is michelle saffy i'm a . pr specialist with best friends animal. society here in los angeles and we're . really happy to have you at our . beautiful in kl a pet adoption center in . west la. we're very best friends animal society . is actually a national animal welfare . organization and we're dedicated to . ending the killing of shelter pet . shelter pets generally get killed. because there's a lack of space in the . shelter system and unfortunately every . day in america 4100 dogs and cats are . killed i don't mean to bum you guys out . home there's a lot of happy stuff going . on here in los angeles best friends . launched and kla initiative in 2012 our . team is here to make you the best . possible match for your lifestyle all of . our pets are fixed vaccinated and. microchips so it's like a one-stop shop . did you already do if like they are . ready to go home you just do a short . adoption survey and fill out some . paperwork pay the fee and out the door . it's all full of them oh you want to go . meet some cuts and yeah yeah all right . dog time party time puppy party puppy . party hey cutie pie you're so beautiful . look at willie hi willie . has a big handsome you're so me and some . immediate friends while you make friends . with animals so quickly . i love animal i'm better at reading body . language and you just have to read them . what i like to tell people when they're . looking at dogs and kennels is that . that's not indicative of who they are . anytime you want to meet a pet . definitely ask for a face-to-face who do . we have here we have foxy brown and . she's a very sweet and bubbly pub and . she loves playing with balls yes whoa . she did it . hello i got it oh you got it i don't . have it you're so sweet . look at the smile nikki i've decided . yeah i'm going to have a dog and a cat . yes i wanted to be friends talent beauty . grace foxy brown we have a lot of high . tech features for people where they can . go around and check out different . screens and look at pictures and videos . of the pets before they even meet them . just help you make that love connection . look at that face yeah she's like hey . yeah i am . meah these are training pads i got my . first cafe training with her because . she's just so adorable and she's very . active. coffee cinnamon roll she does look like . she's so nice energy. we have like a booklet that we keep all . their behaviors and this is me as . perfect as usual cat fun i thought that . pets are really special mmm they're so . grateful to just have a home and hang . out you ready at the road nikki can we . take 30 cats and bernie dogs with us . how much paid you got in your car so . that saucer was cool it was a awesome . are you ready for the inaugural head . back to the season oh gosh . they're young how much i have spent on . my one cat will you have like the . recurring costs like the food and like . the litter if i'm a christmas sweater . cuz it was cute and hated it no alex is . also a pet person we've bonded over that . there's two alexes in the fact in the . back oh this is gonna be very confusing . well we're bringing the expression. because we're going on a road trip . reverent going out to see some mini pigs . right now many pigs maybe extra help why . cuz they're fragile i don't know . actually. [applause]. welcome to so how many pigs i am sandy . and i am here to show you kind of around . and let you know what a real mini pig is . like so this isn't mini pigs this is . jade yes this is the mini pig she's . three half years old i like to compare . them to the size of you know of a hefty . english bulldog the whole misconception . of like the little teacup mini pig is . just a marketing term and they all do . fit into teacups when they're born but . they all grow to be a full-sized mini . pig which is still so easy as like a . family pet i have so many questions i . just like the personality of a pig . they're usually a perfect mix of sweet . and cuddly - playful and a little . mischievous but in the funniest of ways . do you have to take let them out to poop . do you have to brush them can they live . inside i think a good goal is to have . them in you pig maybe 50% inside 50% . outside feed them twice a day it's a pig . pellets it's just like you would buy a. bag of dog food and then they can have . all like those fresh veggies and salads . and greens anything that you put unlike . a vegetarian human diet they can have. they all potty in one little corner wow . yeah so it makes cleanup really easy you . can absolutely train them to do anything . a dog can pretty much do they also know . how to untie my shoelaces a bow twice . since i got here . pigs can pick a person too that they . really like their energy and they'll . stick with you yep so i picked you if i . wanted to go home with one how much . would it cost my farm is $800 . but you can find them you know up into . the 2500 to $5,000 range . i like them sold sorry i don't like me i . think you know what she's guarding him . oh steven . you have a guard pig are you stay away . from hey do you want me if you're . working your mom yeah one of the babies . go hang out with the babies pig picnic . this one's got real nice hair . i know bit your weave not matching check . out his hair better under her arm right . away yes be romantic spot under the . armpit under the armpit okay at it . that's not my medic spot no their . behavior is a little cat-like to me . really a little bit yeah i'm gonna do . things on my terms but also i'm a little . cheeky monster oh sorry . you can tell nick he knows how to act on . animals oh my god yeah i think i found . my future pet i don't need humans. anymore i have pigs oh . [music]. is this peg. this is peg following her man to make . sure that there is enough space for . jesus between me and steve you were . saying about them being therapy animals . yes there's a lot of people that . register pigs as emotional support. animals they can be very loving and . really comforting they're so huggable . huggable pig i'm hurt i'm sorry i think . violet okay i promise and why about . anymore or nicky one not as many as i . thought to cuter than i thought yes . three very therapeutic when you think of . a pig you're not like wow a sweet animal . but they were so sweet now we go to . terrebonne oregon to meet the most . expensive pet portland but we're not . there yet here's a plan nikki we now . going to take a two-hour drive i'm good . to huckabee alpaca that we're about . today the alpacas right before we get . any further with that . no not much worth it i'm setting you up . for it . oh okay head back artists you know that . cats can change the frequency of their. meows to manipulate their human wow . that doesn't make sense cats have . different meows yeah it's like talking . yeah like yeah yeah uh he does like a . when he's hungry like a higher pitch . like please like that but nothing and . then when he wants to play it's kind of . lower and it's this weird like wow i'm . good quick nasa on that until we get to . the outback yeah oh keep working on it . good morning i'm nancy and this is my . husband art iser morning and we're at a . packet country estates and beautiful. terrebonne orchid beautiful indeed this . has to be the most beautiful place we've . been to on this ship and i get to wake . up to that every morning with my cup of . coffee and to about how many alpacas . about 1,000 whoa art has a saying about . if you don't look them in the eye know . why you'll want to take them home . they're very curious inquisitive animals. and i love to work with do they take . care of your land absolutely they mow it . so you could throw away your lawn mowers . don't work that on the weekends they . have to be in a fenced area they are . very smart so they know where they . belong so if you catch them they'll go. back inside then they need shelter . whether it be trees or barn something . like that and they need food and water . and they need to fret i do have at least . two buddies there are herd animals. sometimes when we have to take that back . up to the vet or most the time we have . to take his buddy - oh . otherwise they get stressed very unhappy . they want their buddies oh oh there are . some feed here we're gonna try to lure . them cuz how do you win friends the load . oh so abrupt they both chose nikki i . kind of think he's better with the . ladies and i know stephen i'm out there . looking to you oh . look how much they ate of mine and out. of the eight of nicky's . we heard about this beautiful alpaca . worth quite a bit of money . who is lennox elias he's so special . lennox in his own right is an incredible . male he is now almost 16 years old he's . still breathing . we have people that will bring their . animals here and we charge them their . stud fee to breathe his progeny we take. to the shows all over the united states . and they're very worthy of championships . so lennox is like best alpaca he's like . the best shape the best her the best . walk and he makes the best babies . absolutely who's lennox is from . patagonia lennox's buddy is snowmass . andean midnight a true black male that's . 12 years old . there have been together for several . years but a buddy that's really cute . linux is just a prize for you i was here . i don't want to say you could sell but . what is the value of linux we have . enlisted for $100,000 but he's priceless . to us we should go meet once a bastile . pakka. i will ever see in my whole life . [music]. so that's candy and midnight . fire and a blanket alex get in here it's . like memory foam but better bad lennox . yes this is the guy grandpa you are a . majestic creature . hello sir oh i'm gonna pet you lennox . whoa it's so dense oh my god sir that's . what i'm talking about . wow the posture is like crazy . i know his feet are his front feet are . always together she knows he's joe out . back like i'm a pretty boy he's just . looking out for his pal here yeah he . sure is they just want to be close see . that oh my god just noticed that wow you . don't even need to get like falsies or . anything those are natural eyelashes . that's right do you even know a valuable . you are do you think he like stands at . the top of the farm and it's like ah my . children. [music]. sneezed nikki we finished episode 1 of . the season but which pet to you was the . most worthy even i have to say i'm que . ella how do you beat a no-kill shelter . dogs that just need home or kitties . which is nice hug those alpacas though . didn't i'd like my memory . really they were really cute and really . sweet so soft so song what animals . desa how pakka's i fell in love with peg . i fell in love with lennox yeah i fell . in love with the babies that's a pack of . farm oh my gosh . but in calais gotta adopt just too . heartbreaking like you just have to . accept they need ya alex who's your . worth a winner. big mercy pigs pigs wow that's it nikki . see you next week at boats car coming . you . .
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