$260 Fish Killer Aquarium Mystery Solved! || Life After College: Ep. 604

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Fish Tank Mystery Solved: My $260 Katherine's Fairy Wrasse saltwater aquarium story. Trying a method to avoid aggressive and territorial fish that worked. ALSO: Aquarium Update, Coral Growth, Fish Tank Feeding, What The Fluff Challenge, In N Out Burger, Life Hacks, Best Buy Shopping, and More!
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- Katherine's Fairy Wrasse Dead
- New Pintail Fairy Wrasse Fish & Octospawn Coral
- How to stop aggressive fish: Blackout Technique
- Aquarium Feeding & Apologize on Ukulele
- New Month: July & What The Fluff Challenge with Gatsby
- Playing with BB8 Soccer Ball at the Park with Corgi
- Cooking Petrale Sole Fish, Green Beans, and Rice for Lunch
- Aquarium Coral Growth Update: Rose Bubble Tip Anemone Split, Monti Cap, Sunset Montipora, Galaxea, Orange Oxide Zoanthids, Finger Leather Coral, Candelabra Gorgonian
- Clownfish facts: all born male and turn female when they get older!
- Opening Fanmail (Hawaiian Shirt for Corgi)
- Leg Workout Routine in Jed North & Young LA
- Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
- Ninebot Segway Electric Unicycle and Lime Electric Scooter with Shawnsecrets (https://www.youtube.com/user/ShawnSecrets)
- Going through the Blu-Rays in Best Buy Store
- In-n-Out Burger & Chips
- Silly/Dumb Life Hacks (Toothpaste Mints, Paper Shredder Jigsaw Puzzle, Jump Rope)
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Caption: Oh no dude i'm sorry a few days ago i . found the catherine's fairy wrasse dead . in my aquarium this fish was so . beautiful i think it retailed for about . like two hundred sixty bucks what hmm . the only thing i could think of is that . maybe it was getting bullied by the . other fish i was still unsure and so . last week i decided to get another fish . a pintail fairy wrasse i had one of . these fishes last year and so i added it . to the aquarium also got a nice big . beautiful . octus pond coral that broad one is too . big for this area . i might actually switch it out with the . torch tree because my torch tree is not. looking that good and a few days later i . found the culprit the african leopard . rest. [music]. every single time my new pintail paris . would swim around the aquarium the . african leopard breast would come out . and just chase after it and attack it . african leopard races tend to be pretty . peaceful which is kind of weird that . it's started getting very aggressive . towards the other fish i was trying to . think of a fast and easy method to get . the fish to cooperate some of the . methods include sticking a picture of a. larger fish against the glass. another method is to remove the fish or . stick it in a timeout the third method . is to just totally rearrange the entire . aquarium i'm not doing that the final . method that my friend suggested was to . just do a total blackout of the aquarium . so it's totally pitch black inside and . leave it like that for at least 24 hours . what that does is it actually resets the . fish's memory why just like in finding . nemo fish have a very very short-term . memory if you keep them in pitch black . for about 24 hours they will totally . forget that they were fighting so over . the weekend i decided to try that out i . hope that the corals and everything are . ok it has been pitch black inside there . you can't see anything . ok wakey-wakey fishes let's see if it . works time to feed the aquarium here's . our frozen mice and swap out a cube to . stick it in some of the aquarium water . to defrost i used like this long syringe . here so i can get into the tank really . easily and feed the fish would you like . to join me. [music]. feed the duncans i'm gonna feed the . anemone there goes see the sky here . [music]. it didn't get bothered by the african . leopard wrath so they just really forget . what i hope the african leopard rest . doesn't remember it's bad habit and that . is your aquarium update let's start the . vlog . [music]. good morning everybody. so people have been asking and begging . for me to do the what the fluff . challenge but gatsby so here it is just . for you guys . [music]. just kidding here's the real one would. you like to go to the park . sunshine. get that we're gonna make some patrol . seoul ice techs them in the refrigerator . to defrost overnight here they are let's . make it with some green beans we got our . fish over here we aren't going to just . season it with some salt and pepper as . well as add some flour to it and that . will help make it a little bit crispy on . the outside we're gonna pan-fry it we're . gonna do it with half butters and have . olive oil let's do some garlic cloves . too . [music]. [music]. there we go let's try it out the lemon . helps to flavour the fish nice leaf . garlic butter lemon sauce . [music]. some of these things. my other rose bubble-tip anemone just . split that either means that it's super . happy or super stressed out i hope it's . the former my pink monty camp has gotten . so huge like as it also if you notice it . got so much darker look how vibrant the . colors are i think it has a lot to do. with me feeding the tank a lot more . there's a lot more nutrients and that . was causing all the coral in general to. bleach hey fishy . my subset montipora it's totally colored . up super nice and orange and green now . it used to be just green and white mike . alexia coral is actually recovering and . it's coming back as i didn't had totally . died off but there were some pieces that . had survived this is our newest finish . our pin tail rest she is still very very . shy all these fishes like get along you . guys we have our zoanthids over here . these oxides are just exploding now you . start off at 10 and i don't know if you . can tell but there are so many oh balls . crazy a finger leather coral which has . grown so much since i first got it it's . super nice for filling in an empty space . and the clams if it grows super fast . this new octus one-call is just so . beautiful i think i'm gonna have to move . the gold torch very soon we also can't . forget a candelabra gorgonian in the . back it looks so happy all of the dead . pieces have actually totally recovered . and i notice little branches are growing . after having added more fish and feeding . the tank more regularly i noticed that a . lot of those problems went away i . actually don't have to dose the tank . anymore because i've just been feeding . the tech more so then the coral has some . other nutrients i can consume in order . to grow seems like the fish are doing . pretty well right now i mentioned this . before but did you guys know that the . clownfish is actually born male they can. change into a female when they get older . if they are around . clownfish the more dominant fish just . becomes female and can't have two . females because the female clownfish are . the more aggressive and dominant fish . if you see two clownfish in the aquarium . the bigger and older one tends to be the . female one and that's just one random . back for you. [music]. here you got let's see what you got from . rebecca from brooklyn new york mm-hmm . you and gatsby always make my day and i . just want you to know that i appreciate . everything you do you're so cool this is . a fetch and shoe durable toy yeah and . now it's time for me to cross to the gym . getting some legs today together . [music]. [music]. hsp it's cleaning neato is cleaning the . house for us back to charging itself . filled with fur again especially . surprise nick good shot . we found it this time i was gonna ride . that why i ride my ninebot . [music]. we're at best buy what's my favorite . movie this one definitely not a wrinkle . in time . definitely not i've seen that and put it . back down okay . look you can get the incredible nice . artwork oh i saw i saw red sparrow wait . you didn't watch sherlock gnomes. definitely not top of the garden into . the great unknown i like this i actually . did like this a lot and i like to eat a . rabbit also the taken collection taken . one oh yeah i like taking one and i . actually like taking two but taking . three i thought was absolute trash if . you like gangster films looking at these . five film collection gangsters i've . never heard of any of the movies but the . departed that was that was like my . favorite movie one assume the lizard she . died in the second one spoilers well i . mean in real life she does spoil it for . a great value and more bonus get the . blu-ray combo pack but don't buy this i . love it like that that was good i have . not seen oh oh you guys wait it's on . sale maybe i should buy it you haven't . seen this movie it's really really good . don't watch the trailer because it makes . you not want to see it because the . trailer was really bad i almost cried . like 20 times in the movie i like that . yeah this one was good i i cried in this . one at the end yeah . oh sean your favorite movie and espanol . this is a blu-ray see patrol wow shine . it's not that's my nova no no okay we're . leaving . who's that. it's nick we're going to grab some . in-and-out burger for dinner i haven't . had in a while i didn't i saw a video . and i was like i'm craving it let's go . and get some you don't know in and out . burger is a huge thing in california . look how delicious that is oh my gosh . i'm so hungry i can't resist i kind of . want to eat one right now i didn't order . fries this time just because i have . potato chips if you guys never had a . burger with potato chips the consistency . of eating a burger with like a crunch it . is just so good oh that was so delicious . in and out guy like my t-shirt cat speed . yeah i want to thank these fans over. here for getting their merchandise from . cory on fleek comm make sure if you get . your merchandise to tag me hashtag cory . on fleek the past few days i was . laughing so hard at these life hacks . apparently these were published inside . of a magazine and i just i don't know . star tip if you're hosting a dinner. party and don't have a lot of cash make . alternative after-dinner mints simply . freeze a tube of toothpaste then cut it . open and slice the contents into water . thin pieces to produce their very own . treats what carly says this is a bad . idea just make sure you only eat one oh . my gosh these are so bad make your own . tricky jigsaw puzzle by shredding. unwanted family favor shred like all the . same way and she's putting paper like. sideways if you're short on space when . exercising indoors simply cut the rope. off your skipping rope and just use the . handles those are some pretty useless. life hacks. that's gonna do it for us for today's . vlog thank you so much for watching i . hope that trick four is the leopard . dress the pin tail rest works seems like . it's working pretty well right now see . you guys in next video i recently saw . the incredibles 2 and solve it pixar . short called bow i was really inspired . to make some i've never made any before . and luckily the creator of bow actually . shared her mom's recipe so i thought i. would follow along and see how good the . bow and the movie actually taste let's . get started. domi's mom super does . .

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