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Some things don't exist in real life . these days but you showed me if i . you just find the fit i need to believe . time is possible if you want a bad look . this guy - hi. test your lip . i can see i'm sorry hey what's going on . everybody. you are new to our channel make sure you . hit that subscribe button and join the . family so as you can see patty is back . in action okay baby okay whoa whoa we . ain't got a show huh all right baby we. ain't got a show miss back in action . they get it oh no no no no all right . that's enough ever you pregnant you . don't need to be driving so if you were . new to our channel patty has been out of . commission for a while if you missed it . just the other day ryan and i were . trying to revive her let's roll that . hole yeah we got negative makes a . positive like math class we got i mean . we got it we got it i need this all . right here we go . let's hook up the battery first okay and . then there we go you got that okay put . those on that okay so we got that one . right and now we just need to be careful . bro with that no i just stay there but . when i'm done with it like i'm telling . put the switch turn a switch and then . should start working okay no no that's . how we do it here so this morning i had . to get a professional over here to bring . her back alive actually the only way . to get this golf cart to be working and . so she's back to being in our lives you . gonna start seeing her part to the beach . so she's back in our lives looking . better than ever go ahead and model with . her better go ahead go ahead and do your . thing do a little pregnant thing with a . fine-ass pregnant woman in the driver's . seat hmm . with the belly the speakers you know it . you know it you know it oh daddy looking . good from a distance i see you patti i . see you patti yeah yeah she's gonna on . windshield oh all right family . we're just gonna get right into it today . we bout to get ready to head to baby bye . bye baby . we need a new stroller because we bout . to have two princesses now we just kind . of want to see what we're gonna get . because time is ticking and we got to . get a stroller that fits two babies . exactly so i thought we don't have to . like me brushing two strollers at a time . so we're obviously gonna take y'all with. us so let's get it oh i almost dropped . you guys all right guys we're now here . at byebye baby now let's go inside and . see what stroller can fit two beautiful . princesses here we go all right baby so . what exactly do we need so we need a . stroller that can obviously go to baby . so i'm seeing one right here this is . nice but the thing is is that i kind of . like it when they're like close together . sitting side-by-side we nee one with a . lot of room these are too congested oh . you want one like that that's kind of . cool yeah that's kind of cool i like . that what was that ah i'm good for a . newborn so l will sit up here but the . thing is is that i feel small for l know . she's getting so big . so this is nice but the only thing i . don't like is that the baby would be so . far and like i just wouldn't be able to . see her with this in the way you want to . be able to see both the same time okay . well should we be looking for car seats . as well right now or just rollers i say . we look at everything so we know we're . true guys the car seat we have right now . for al we do not like so if you guys . have any recommendations for car seats . please let us know down the comments . it's just fat as hell for no lease no no . this is the issue with the car seat is . that and you guys can probably relate to . this so when the car seat is facing . towards the front . so sometimes ella's old enough now so . she can actually sit towards the front . of the car and so what happens is this . part here doesn't recline far enough so . she's sitting too high up and when she . falls asleep her heads like this yes . well she sleep and she just we're trying. to find something that has like a little . bit of more elevation when she's sitting . towards like the back we see some more . comfortable my baby because it can't be . having her neck have a creek of her neck . okay so please help us out and the same . goes for strollers if you guys have any . recommendations for good strollers . please let us know down the comments we . appreciate it. you found something. yes so this one is good because look at . this how easy it is . ooh i like that so the baby is facing . you and then elle has her own little . privacy yeah but the only thing i don't . like comfortable and it's like little . garlic yeah is it go all the way back . like this though this is kind of nice . push it let me see you push it let me . see. oh yeah it look nice oh yeah oh yeah oh . yeah you look beautiful pushing it like. that mm-hmm . tell me why kathryn just found the . cutest stroller for elle to push i keep . wanting to say her name her sister okay . this is the cutest shoulder ever look at . this look at this show them show them . i'm ill okay all right guys so we didn't . end up getting anything today because . we're little confused we're so confused . and not to mention when you already have . a kid you already know that things just . work and don't work so we're like very . specific with what we want now so now . it's time to head to probably the most . exciting doctor's appointment that we've . had yet let's go. our ace family so we just pulled up at . the hospital and we're about to go . inside and see our baby in 3d form for . the first time i'm so excited because . last time i was 20 weeks my last . pregnancy i was really able to see like . else features and stuff and just to kind . of see like what she looks like so i . really want to compare her 20 weeks and . then today this baby is 20 weeks and see . like they have any similarities i'm so. excited i'm so excited guys you guys . ready you guys ready to go see our baby . for the first time like this is like . legit like you actually get to see what . it kind of looks like i think people . would say like oh it's still early but . like you could really see like a lot of . like the baby's features so i'm just . excited to see like the difference . is between her and oh so alright guys if . you're ready you already know what to do . you gotta give this video a thumbs up . right now let's do it . alright guys so we just go back to the . car and i apologize we were unable to . film in the radiology room but we do . have pictures so okay ace family we have . to show you this right now this is crazy . show me so should i show them else first . and then yeah yeah so this is l at 20 . weeks old in my belly this is her . profile you can see that so that's . ella's profile right so to me i feel . like she looked a lot like me at the . time um she's like a very strong jaw . like i do and just like just the same . features and then this baby she looks . exactly like you think so . katherine's swear she looks at you she . looks just like austin she's austin's . like twin twin twin like 100% it's hard . to tell. that's your profile tell them something . alright so before i show you i just want . to say she has big eyes . does she not look like austin please . tell me you guys see that she looks just . like austin i mean look this way all . right now show casey oh look this like . oh my god like you guys have the same . feature we do yes that's you that's your . nose that's your lips that's your chin. that's crazy - that's you so obviously . she's still in the beauty salon you know . getting ready for the world . so her features aren't complete just yet. but you are able to get a little gist of . what she kind of looks like and . katharine said she looks like god . elle has like my exact like bone . structure she's got to be watchful . epping alizee year twin personality-wise . and she looks like me okay she looks . like you two i think she has a lot of . similarities with austin obviously he's . her dad but i really feel like the new. baby looks like he i'm probably gonna be . like me really okay damn that's gonna be . a quite some mixture right there she's . so cute. you're the big lid and that's for the . profile guys and that's at 20 weeks . gestation gestation i think it's amazing . that people are able to see this yeah . let me show you album again just one . more time okay so hold that one right . there and i'm gonna grab this one side . by side wait like that one yeah there . you go they're different i think the new . baby's arm is up higher so you can't . really see her chin as well but you get . the gist our ace family so be expecting . a girl version of wha . actually i don't like that because she . may look weird if she looks just like me . no it's gonna be like a mixture yeah i . mean i'm just so excited to see what . they look like because the girl version . of me i always i it's gonna be like a . mixture every it's like 50% me 50% . austin exactly so i think that the baby . is gonna have you know a little bit of . both - it's not gonna look like me cuz . that's a little weird but sometimes kids . come out looking exactly like one parent . or sometimes it's like skips a . generation she may have blue eyes your . dad his dad has blue eyes . my brother has blue eyes cuz my. grandfather had blue eyes hey so you . never know you never know what gonna. come on you never know they can add all . can come on a dog all right guys it's . getting hot as hell in this car she gets . to be probably in her sweating no it's . all my boy just hit me up and he said . that at his dealership they just got a . new car in because he knows that calf . and i are looking for a new family car. as you all know katherine wants . the new long-wheelbase range rover . because has a lot a room in the back . seat come on we saw the other day in one . of our videos yes yes yes but he did . tell me that he got a brand new car in . we don't know what kind of card is yet . he just said come through check the car . out and tell me what you think so we're . gonna take you guys with us and let's . see if we like it all right family so . i'm here with my boy hayden and he's . about to show us an exclusive bentley . it's a bentley right yes veinte go which . is the suv for bentley so so been taken . and supposedly it's the only one in the . country it's orange flames so you'll see . no other spec like this it's a black . edition so all the chrome is blacked out . 22 inch wheels . the outer part of the window is blacked . out and with the taillights and. headlights it's got this carbon fiber . spoiler along with the bottom . check the inside black interior with . diamond stitch oh to match the exterior . got the sunroof all glass opens all the . way what you think that'd be nice it's a . little small in the backseat we do let . the car seat see if it yeah we can test . it check the front out. it's like an airplane in here . this is nice. you like it yeah she said yeah let's get . the car seen and see if it fits back . there with with it has to fit with extra . room correct yes so i don't want to be . like all the way up here guys ain't . gonna lie this is pretty and it's funny . because he just sent this to me the. other day he knows i have an orange . lambo and he did wasn't to be funny guys . this couldn't match dream this could . match dream katherine this will be yours . and then i have dream are a family is . the real test . and we gotta fit two of those not just . one . so it can't be too congested . all the way all the way yeah the way you . got a new boy we got a two-year-old boy . wait wait they need to recline the neck . i need to reply their neck call me since . china. not bad it's not bad so look tight so . you see it's almost touching yeah these . badass car seats yeah of course he's . gotta be sold out back . but it what is nice though it's . definitely nice . a family of four kind of tight to babies . tight breastfeeding in the back on its . side so katherine i would have to agree . that the autobiography long-wheelbase . range over a lot bigger than this so as. of right now guys that takes the cake . so we're gonna have to pass on this . there's also another one that's white . that i'd like actually a lot more than . this color. definitely too small for a family of . four all right family i hope you all . enjoyed today's video we're gonna go . ahead and close it out right here so . baby before clone on today's video we do . have to give our pulse invocation shout . out to hope . so today's supposed certification shout . out goes to valerie gomez shout to . valerie thank you so much for being part . of the hayes family you already know we . love you whoever else like a pulse on . vacations shot out all you do is. subscribe to the ace family hit that . subscribe button turn our pulse on . vacations hit that bell button and once . you do those two things all you do is . coming done obviously if you liked . today's video you've got to give it a . thumbs up give it a thumbs up if you . think the new baby looks like mom and if . you don't think she looks like me she . looks like yeah still getting a thumbs . up so like comment share and subscribe . and like me and my beautiful pregnant . queen always say with that be more . videos peace . .
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