$825K Beach House Vs. $14.9 Million Beach House

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"You could break up and still coexist in this house because there's two of everything."
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Now that's refreshing. yo stop the drone . i hope i want in on this you want to . give it a try you want to get refreshed . cheers . now that's refreshing. where's it good style big houses it boys . been history even in the house top . because we're doing the house thing . today on one sit lifestyle we're gonna . be trying three beach houses at three . drastic to different price points to . find out which one is the most worth it. and it's price worth it reason why we . have benjamin michael coleman because he . actually grew up where we're shooting . today long island's my old stump what's . that building right there that is the . bank and then got the police station . right here careful there are cops all . over the street so drive safe ran we did . see your uncle matt last time i went . left out roll tape ben's father is my . brother and then i would babysit it's . surprising we still here with us but . today we're seeing another special uncle . of yours christopher coleman he's right . there he is a real estate agent out here . in the hamptons and he knows . area better than anybody i know i'm . chris coleman i'm a real estate agent . out here in montauk and here also ben's . uncle that's correct my brothers and i . used to rob heavy loads of candy off . when his parents run around all right . well let's talk about the house what is . a beach house just clarify i like this . is not right on the beach but i can see . the beach from here to me a beach house . is proximity to the beach you can ride . your bike you're down the block it's . easy living this is a beach cottage it's . a ranch set up the lot is 50 feet by 130 . feet it's two bedrooms two baths i . merrily use this in the spring summer . and fall which is the top this one's on . for 8:25 this is great it's very open i . like to me sight line is really cool . like i can see what's happen in the . kitchen i can see what's happening out . on the deck we have a winter fireplace . for days like today you get the morning . light that side all midday light and . then the end of the day the sun sets . that way. oh here's the kitchen the flow is out to . the front patio normally when i try . cooking with my girlfriend it's like a . war because we're all i got top of each . other ear that would never happen . because you got a lot of room it's well . water it's not tap water it's a well . water that's tap water oh i just drink . like sewer water this is the bedroom . yeah dibs on this room this is a very . serious thing so i can't contest' that . this one has an ensuite bathroom and at . walk out you have the closest access to . the beach this bathroom is i would say. it's cozy and the most important thing . plenty of lotion so this is the master i . love this like little nook it feels very . cozy separated from the rest of the . house you're living here together you do . on the other side you can still hear me . you think you know i'm try benjamin . michael so i'm here having fun and just . like doing totally appropriate . activities can you hear me . i hear them loud and clear oh after you . your highness . my childhood just coming back to me . i found stevens bedroom oh hey no this . is alex's room there's so much room for . activities saying being amongst the . trees this is what it's all about . all right so we got the house right here . the beach is just right there so you're . gonna see how long i stick it there yeah . first beach house $800,000 uh-huh pretty . pricey if you have that money and you're . already paying for a place in manhattan . you want a place to just shoot out to . over the weekends did you hear that in . the wind please you see that island way . over there that's gardiner's island and . that is one of the largest privately . owned islands in the world one man owned . that piece of land that's doing it right . like screw this whole beach house thing . i want to get my own i'll oh my goodness . so the middle price range is the upper . million we're excited to see what i'll . never achieve but maybe you'll get the . beach house one day and i'll be able to . live in it maybe you can live in the dog . house there by the beach so i'll be . happy right yeah the cars that way . hi officer how are you baby 1959 before . going up the hill it's 40 mile an hour . zone darn it . are we filming we rolling sound you're . not gonna want to hear what is this it's . 3:25 shut up nothing says welcome to the . hamptons like at 328 dollar ticket 325 . mansion thanks i know you gotta take it . i'm sorry alright i got you there go all . my dreams of owning a home like this no . broke can you imagine like pulling up . you got your family your kids walking . out the dog like guys come on going into. our beach house woof woof all right . we're in culloden point as you can see . it's a bit more fancy level huge house . it's an upgrade this is 5,700 square . feet we have four bedrooms with like . extra rooms and six and a half bathrooms . put up so you have more bathrooms and . bedrooms you can start your poop in one . bathroom huh and like finish and another . just just to like switch things up it's . like a really erased you can't passing . the baton this is the dream what makes . this location attractive this whole . subdivision that 26 homes in here all . have an acre and a half and the water is . actually right on the other side of this . driveway and basically what's here is . gonna be built here so there's gonna be . no further development how much does . this place right this is on the market . for 3. 6 million all right check out the . house i'm sorry this is beautiful this. house was designed where we have all . these windows because of all the light . we get when you're in here you kind of . feel like you're outside as well this is . kind of the main foyer off of the living . room we have kind of a formal set up . dining room here i'm all about the mold . and like all the detail in the walls and. the ceilings come on there's more . there's more this kitchen yeah wow . two eyelids wow you talked about how you . and your girlfriend can fight over a . space she could have her own island to . stay the hell out of my business . just two dishwashers what'd you use your . own dishwasher i'll use mine i'll be on . my island over here you can break up and . still to exist in this house because . there's two of everything . holy oh look at that now that's . refreshing this is what i dream of you . wake up you have breakfast with the sun . coming in oh there's a pool yeah and i . see a fire pit down there too so let's. check out the basement oh oh say we have . a little stadium there whether you're a . met or a yankee fan and a whole hangout . with a ping pong wine cellar here and a . place to try the wine and to relax and . smoke a cigar they're all here right now . there's like a secret freaking lair here . one game of ping pong winner takes the . house i haven't played in a while . all right ready playing it was just one . one one point get ready . yeah. come on up let's check out upstairs now . all the bedrooms have on suite bathrooms . oh wow . let me show you the master oh my yeah oh . this is what i'm talking about. come on talking about haha governor . month off we have an outside deck here. and the master bath here . welcome to ben's big bathroom breakdown . we've got a jacuzzi tub . steam's that's a steam shower the toilet . we got some serious smell separation . stephan style this is the biggest shower . i've ever seen you can have a serious . festival in there dance party . [music]. weird this bathroom gets 10 fingers up . this is the house all right . well this is the beach right now my . house oh check that for a horse crossing . it's 9:00 what's having a horse is also . part of the dream it worked . hey chels back jay-z and beyonce owned a . property out needs to happen guess how . much it cost 10 million 15 million . million 46 million u. s. dollars the . house is on the bay she better go buy . beyonce oh hey on say well we are not . going to the beyhive but we are going to . our last house out here in the hamptons . we're gonna get a taste of that life of . luxury oh yeah oh yeah this is the . beginning of my rat video dude we should . do a rap no no wreckfish lunch dinner . brunch . everybody likes when it's time to munch . no welcome to cloud nine wait is that . the name of the house or the nickname of . this house cloud nine juna came it that . the people that stay here and make named . with that for serious reasons okay . here's about six bedrooms six and a half . baths the whole south side of the house . is glass you'll be able to see ocean . throughout the entire house so each. level has ocean views that's correct. you've seen gardeners bay for palm bay . that looks like the atlantic ocean that . is the atlantic ocean or the biggest bay . no it's not a bay you can see all the . way to rhode island but also be able to . see all the sand on all the beaches in . town. total the house is about 9,200 square . feet with the patio. index right now it's on the market for . fourteen nine fourteen point nine . million okay we got some work to do . you'll bring the 14 i'm bringing a . knight down here is the guest suite . junior suite we'll call it okay you and . your sweet junior give me a break that . view windows from the toe the top that's . the light do you guys do a sitting room . or office here this is where i'll just . chill and watch you work . cuz you made all the money to buy this . house i'll be i'll be at a nice house . husband you know so you need been hey . guys who's that oh that's my house . husband steven so here we are here's a . dining table i want to have a big fancy . dinner here if you just move like a . little bit to your left. sure does this help it's such a just a . serene feeling like you have a look at . all that water. oh yeah this place is lit whoa . all that is the tv of all tvs in the . kitchen yes we're at it again with these . double islands here what does these are . electrical outlets whoa no oh cool i . didn't know i needed that until just now . this is so fancy that i don't even know . how to use it. oh wait um sync on this work guys so . here we have a fun bathroom chalk walls. so you can end right at the same time . duration dude oh . spiral staircase okay this is the cloud . nine upper deck lounge let me bring you . outside is there like a more affordable . cloud anion like you know a good plowed . 4. 5 so now we're in the master no wow . there come on check out the master . walk-in closet oh it doesn't end this is . the biggest closet i've ever seen and . it's got lotion no and now we're in the. master bath what is that so that's the . rain shower and then if you wanted to. slide this open you have a double shower. in and out this is for the theater this . is where we watch worth it we have a. little nanny quarter or a little napping . area play with us oh my god that gave me . chills uh-oh hey it's a gym this is . legit oh god i'm so weak oh what's up . bro you want to hit the pool sweep whoa . this house literally never ends we're in . the basement and we can see the water . let's open to the heavens this is it i . feel like i'm in the wolf of wall street . i just won money so the whole vibe of . the house is walk out to see water on . water you can see block island you can . also see some of the east coast famous . beaches in my. talk 15 million 15 million i've never . seen an infinity pool up close what does . it an infinity pool mean it means when . you're in the pool and you look out it . goes on infinitely thank you so much . chris thank you to appreciate it . yeah you chris thanks ben it's been . awesome you maybe have like a nephew . discount system something we could work . out we could get something going here . all right yeah yeah so now there's this . matthew mcconaughey lincoln ad where he . is in a suit he jumps into the pool it's . pretty badass i've always wanted to do . it we're gonna try to recreate it and . i'm gonna freeze my ass off there was . ice on the pool before i got here we . broke the ice before you got here so . it'll be a clean drop . now that's refreshing. i was not worth it . holy crap that was cold i give it to you . your commitment to worth it is beyond . mine i don't know what's wrong with me . why i do this which beach house was the . most worth it to you i'm gonna go with . the wills point house three point six is . a lot of money but now i want to work . towards having a place like that someday . all right so you visualize yourself in . the 3. 6 million house i'm going to . realize myself in my worth that winter . house the epic cloud9 mansion wow . visualize myself in the house with my . friends throwing out a party all right . that does it . that's it that's the season finale what . i want to thank you for coming along on . season finale. every time thank you alex for all that . you have done for the show what get back . up here the editors you know thank you . to our cast and crew but most . importantly thank you . so are we good here or what we're good . you can go to dry off bye guys . this is one reason i want to do season 4 . on of the chairs what is with you you . really want to know about expensive . chairs comment below really comment . below. .
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