Amateur Chef Vs Professional Chef: Raid The Fridge Challenge

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Can an amateur cook beat a professional chef in a cooking competition held in someone's home?
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Amateur versus professional in the hey . guys my name is day i worked at buzzfeed . my cooking list is a little short i'd . know how to make mac and cheese . chocolate chip cookies like when it . comes with the dough ready already i . have a slight cooking background i . actually used to work at chipotle my . whole college career making burritos . making quesadillas making salads man oh . let's kill in the game i'm alvin i'm a . tasty brew suit here in buzzfeed new . york i've been cooking for a while i . love food and i love cooking i believe . that food is super beautiful it really . focused on making food that i think is . presentable as well as delicious i feel . super confident going to gets alvin you . know this guy might be the tasty king . but i like the lemonade king you give me . anything and i can make lemonade all i'm . saying is maybe the best cook win we're . gonna find out. [music]. everyone's bridge is very different when . i go to my cousin's bridge what they . have their first completely different . than what i have in my fridge 30 minutes . is not a lot of time to make a meal . especially because you're a new kitchen . you're not sure what you're working with . but i think i can make it work you rate . this yeah let's do it all right it's on . we're coming for your ass out we're on . our way to to tara's house maybe she's . out of the fridge i have no idea i feel . like tara lives right on 34th street so . like she's around so many restaurants. what would you have in your fridge let's . go see this house it's empty with how's . it gone we eat right here we're here for . the 4 this is amateur well it doesn't . matter we're coming in hungry you better . be i got 5 minutes to check out what . food we got lying around what kind of . equipment we're dealing with the special . ingredient that i brought smoked paprika . i brought it because i think it adds a . really nice flavor to a lot of foods . that could really take things to the . next level. so open the fridge and not knowing what . to expect i see eggs i see cheese i see . maple syrup i see bacon pears got some . leftovers here this is broccoli i could . totally use broccoli that's like a . breakfast thing broccoli goes with eggs. things are starting to work it's easy to . sort of follow a dish when you know what . angle you're going for so i think i got . something going on some sort of omelet . over maybe some bacon stuff with some . cheese sounds pretty good to me because . i am the master of all things wrapped in . tortillas it's only right that my . special ingredient was tortillas man i'm . just gonna take whatever is in this . fridge and put it in this wrap and make . it taste good let's check out what's in . this fridge. she has onions cilantro she has the . lemon juice and the salt those are . really the only three ingredients i use . a lot. most of my foods oh we got avocados girl . all i need is i'ma cut over and we get . this glowing outfit i got pico de gallo . and guacamole i can make a vegetarian . burrito i really want to make one with . meat and i was going through the fridge . there weren't too many leftovers but . there was this little tupperware of. chinese food it looks like some rice for . some carrots a little bit of chicken we . see oh this smells like it'll have to . work guys i know burritos . he knows tasty let's see what that looks . like verses each other we're going . alright here it is i don't know if all . my cooking techniques alright so i don't . know they're gone down jade we're going . downtown after i whoop your ass . nicole oh you cutting the red onions too . it's gonna make you cry someone cool the . waterworks. oh no like red onions are the most . acidic all that onion gas is like going . in the hair and making her cry and i . felt so bad i started cutting those red . onions the teacher started falling and i . could not make them stop it was really . really bad . it's gonna be such a beautiful victory . you know a bit if you dance while you're . doing it i guess we're into it i don't . know if it helps everything's i . personally believe it does but that. might just be me talking it's the part . where the syrup goes in and it gets all . glazed look at what he's doing okay i'm . gonna get this nice and sticky hey it's . hot though be careful oh come on it's . gonna be a bed for the omelette oh i now . got to use my secret ingredient this . little paprika this avocado is really . hard so i have to slice it and dice it . before i mash it so that i'm not sitting . here all day mashing this . krusty's simultaneously little lemon . juice. i put jalapenos in my if you could a guy . on bro come on but because you don't . have hot videos i saw some jalapeno . pringles i think so i'm gonna mash these . down go for turns into sauce. and now i gotta have the leftovers so . it's this broccoli cheddar mix and i . kind of like put on the side of the . omelet . i think the moment i rolled my omelet i . kind of knew i'd take it at home he . really thinks he's gonna win his . confidence is here and i'm gonna need . him to come here this guy thinks that . this is a tasty video that's my boy . right there . whoa the hell was that elvis almonds . over here with chips and he's making . some kind of chip concoction and he's . calling it and garnish there we have it . let me make it an even playing field and . let me make a breakfast burrito as well . so instead of using the leftover rice . and chicken as like a dinner kind of . style burrito i'll take the chicken out . of the rice and then put that in some . eggs make a little omelet put the omelet . in the burrito with some pico de gallo . guacamole success on the platter bitches . are you trying to copy me that's what i . do when i cook i just throw . together whatever in front of me that's . what's going in we're just gonna cook . some bacon as a snack go ahead and throw . these eggs in there i like my eggs . cheesy doing i ain't copy you alvin get . the hell out of here you're using kraft . singles - what that's the only cheesy . exercise i know for a fact it wasn't me . that set off the fire alarm i'm 100% . sure jay set the fire alarm off there's . no way i could do it now back to what i . was doing then i lay that guacamole on . the bottom you know pico de gallo next . you know what my chipotle experience my . rolling skills are impeccable so that. burrito looked immaculate after i rolled . it . [music]. i've been sitting in my room for what . feels like forever cuz i've been . smelling all kinds of different smells . some good some intense some fire alarms . but we have two beautifully presented . dishes today i'm gonna start with this . one i can see there's some doritos on . top got some bacon on the bottom oh oh . look at that cheese ball that is so . number two put like some toppings but . it's a burrito so i'm just gonna kind of . like saucer also really there's a lot of . different flavors it looks like we have . some of my leftover chicken which has . been in there for not really sure how . long but i love the creativity in that . there's some eggs or some pico de gallo . there's there's a lot though both dishes . were really so good but now i have to . choose a winner . so let's bring in the chef's it was a . really hard decision and you guys are . both my really good friends i'm gonna . have to go with the bacon and egg on way. the bacon cheese pull keep saying i'm . gonna have to award you okay no i wasn't . finished foot in that you know that . bacon does look good . you should try it and use it . [music]. [music]. .

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