Amber Sherlock makes Julie Snook change before TV appearance

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Newsreaders are usually all smiles when they're on air, but it seems they're not always the best of friends once the cameras are switched off - as this outrageous video reveals.
The extraordinary footage taken in a 9 News studio shows newsreader Amber Sherlock having an epic meltdown after realising she, a fellow journalist and her guest were all wearing white.
She descended into rage after spotting 9 News presenter Julie Snook and psychologist Sandy Rea sporting similar dresses to her moments before going live.
Directing her anger at her colleague, Ms Sherlock demanded Ms Snook put on a different coloured jacket, creating an extremely awkward situation for their guest.

Speaking to her producer, the presenter said: 'I need Julie to put a jacket on because we're all in white. I asked her before we came on… Julie you need to put a jacket on.'
Ms Snook defended herself, insisting she had not had time to change out of her

Her fellow 9 News reporter apologised and said she had been 'flat out' and had not had time to switch into a different colour.
But a furious Ms Sherlock had no time for her apology and continued to demand she get changed before going live.
Psychologist Ms Rea, who was by this point looked very uncomfortable, offered to find a jacket herself, as she was wearing white.

But Ms Sherlock told her to calm down and pointedly remarked that she was fine as she had made sure to mention in advance that she would be wearing white.
'There can't be three of us,' the newscaster flatly said.
'If it's an issue I can get on out of here,' Ms Snook said.
'It is an issue. Go and grab a jacket,' Ms Sherlock coldly replied, adding: 'I wasn't saying it for no reason. The wardrobe girls will be furious.'
Ms Snook tried to claim her dress was actually blue, but she then agreed to put on a black jacket that was lying around in the newsroom.
'If there’s an issue I can just head on out and get back to work. I’m flat chat. I genuinely forgot,' the reporter said as she left her chair to find other clothes.
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Caption: Unneighborly put a jacket on because . we're all in one afternoon i asked . before we came on julian a to put a . jacket on what i had time to someone you . know i told you i told you two hours ago . we know my room this is not so i'm sorry . i've been flat-out well i wardriving . will get something yeah if you give me a . second if we can ask i'm not sure how . your lineup is today if there's just a . jacket floating around out there is. gonna come unless you want to run them . see if there's a jacket now you're right . night . you're right we could you told me it's . fine sandy but this can't be three of us . know and i you know i've made this clear . two-and-a-half hours ago and but if it's . an issue i can get on out here was . initially you go and grab a jacket i . jenny someone someone over to grab your . jacket please. if it's an issue i didn't i wasn't . saying it for no reason the water girls . will be furious downstairs i'm wearing . blue 41 and brother i'm gonna think it's . like it it's someone that jenny get . someone inside producer i told these two . and a half if there's one hanging out . outside the control room just get it on . there's a black one hanging out as a . black one hanging up on the bed if . there's if there's an issue i'm i can . just head on out and get back to work. because i'm i'm flat out i genuinely . forgot i'm eyebrows . i made this i told you if it's an issue . i'll just jumping out on this land jump . on out . that's what you'd like to do come on. wearing a jacket is not i asked you two . and a half hours ago it's not the . hardest request and bar plays this is . not the only thing i don't know yeah . there's one hanging on the rack i know . there's 2i look i know it's not your . issue but i did only two-and-a-half . hours ago . no that's fun yeah as long as that . mike's working forever on . i'm going for their time now to head . into the chatroom and joining me today . is i call it a sandy ray in melbourne . and nine julie smoke in sydney of being . welcome to both of you thank you for . joining us. good afternoon. .

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