Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Over The Years: Then vs. Now

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Today is a tragic day for humanity for. the people of iraq for the people of the. united states and for the united nations. as an institution. it is also a tragic day for the future. of our planet and for the children. 30,000 of whom in the third world will. starve to death today while we spend. billions to wage this war and. twenty-five percent of whom live in. poverty in our own country because we. apparently lack the funds to provide. them a minimal standard of living. i feel very much that what we said. yesterday is that war and the enormous. destructive power of our armed forces is. our preferred manner for dealing with. the very complicated and terrible crisis. in the middle east. i fear that someday we will regret that. decision and that we are in fact laying. the ground war groundwork for more and. more wars in that region in years to. come. mr. speaker it is incumbent upon us to. do everything in our power now that the. war has started to prevent unnecessary. bloodshed and to support our troops in. the most basic way by bringing them home. alive and well. i urge my fellow members to ask the. president to stop the bombing. immediately and request that the. secretary-general of the united nations. go to iraq to begin immediate. negotiations for the withdrawal of iraq. from kuwait and the cessation of the war. let us do everything in our power to. stop unnecessary bloodshed. thank you this is a very difficult vote. this is probably the hardest decision. i've ever had to make any vote that. might lead to war should be hard but i. cast it with conviction mr. speaker in. the brief time i have let me give you. five reasons why i'm opposed to giving. the president a blank check to launch a. unilateral invasion and occupation of. iraq and why i will vote against this. resolution one. i have not heard any estimates of how. many young american men and women might. die in such a war or how many tens of. thousands of women and children in iraq. might also be killed as a caring nation. we should do everything we can to. prevent the horrible suffering that a. war will cause war must be the last. recourse and international relations not. the first second i am deeply concerned. about the president that a unilateral. invasion of iraq established in terms of. international law and the role of the. united nations if president bush. believes that the u. s. can go to war at. any time against any nation. what moral or legal obligation canal. government raised. if another country tros to do the same. thing. third the united states is now involved. in a very difficult war against. international terrorism as we learned. tragically on september . we are opposed by osama bin laden and. religious fanatics or pet prepared to. engage in a kind of warfare that we have. never experienced before. i agree with brent scowcroft republican. former national security adviser for. president george bush seen you stated. and i quote an attack on iraq at this. time with seriously jeopardize if not. destroy the global counter terrorist. campaign we have undertaken and quote. for that a time in this country has a. six trillion dollar national debt and a. growing deficit we should be clear that. a war and a long-term american. occupation of iraq could be extremely. expensive fifth. i am concerned about the problems of. so-called unintended consequences. who will govern iraq when saddam hussein. is removed and what role with us playing. and ensuing civil war that could develop. in that country will moderate. governments in the region of large. islamic fundamentalist populations be. overthrown and replaced by extremists. with a bloody con. between israel and the palestinian. authority be exacerbated and these are. just a few of the questions that remain. unanswered. if a unilateral american invasion of. iraq is not the best approach what. should we do. in my view the us must work with the. united nations to make certain within. clearly defined timelines that the un. inspectors are allowed to do their jobs. these inspectors should undertake an. unfettered search for iraqi weapons of. mass destruction and destroy them when. found pursuing the past you and. resolutions. if iraq resist inspection and. elimination of stockpile weapons we. should stand ready to assist the un. enforcing compliance. i thank you john i don't think it is it. can be either or. now you know i voted for the iraqi. resolution and it was a very difficult. vote for me. no you know. why don't you want. yeah. situation in iraq do you think that. we're better off without saddam hussein. in power. look i know that there have been a lot. of questions about iraq posed two. candidates over the last week's i've. made it very clear that i made a mistake. plain and simple and i have written. about in my book that talked about it in. the past and you know what we now see is. a very different and very dangerous. situation the united states is doing. what it can but ultimately this has to. be a struggle that the iraqi government. and the iraqi people are determined to. win for themselves. let me ask you this about some of. domestic issues in new york state this. state's always the so the social. beginnings of so much this country. people come here a lot of immigrants the. new york times recently began posting. the celebrations on the love of gay. unions not just straight people get. married but get people who was announced. their unions do you think new york state. should recognize gay marriage. no no okay when you up let's talk about. it. i believe that marriage is not just a. bond but a sacred bond between a man and. a woman. i want someone who is qualified and i. feel like when you're talking about if i. look at all the other candidates right. someone who is for rights across the. board equal rights for women equal. rights for every ethnicity equal rights. for everyone. it is that all the only person i can. look at is you thank you your pretty. shocking doubt the same people that. would vote to cut defense a hundred and. seventy seven billion the same ones that. would put homos in the military. the same ones that would not fund rack. the same ones that would not clear out. no i will not sit down socialist sister. -. the chairman the gentleman you. the committee will learn history of this. event that you want to be your order and. the gentleman will suspend the gentleman. from under flight john washington the. gentleman the general rising in support. of the gentleman the gentleman the chair. is charged as chair speaking. the gentleman from vermont has been. recognized for a period of five minutes. and you may now proceed. i thank the chairman very much would. like the opportunity of the gentleman. from california would respond just ask. them a brief question if i might. now my ears may have playing been. playing a trick on me but i thought i. heard the gentleman a moment ago. say something quote unquote about homos. in the military. was i right in hearing that expression. lutely putting homosexuals in the. military said something about homos in. the military was the gentleman referring. to the many thousands and thousands of. gay people who put their lives on the. line in countless was defending this. country i just got a group of people. that the gentleman was referring to. i'm talking about the military people in. the military do not support. that's not really talking about you use. the word homos in the military. you have insulted thousands of men and. women will put their lives are going to. buy you a little like how they keep. deferring the offense gentlemen would. channel reclaiming my time i go out to. high schools all over the state of. vermont go to the conservative parts of. the state is the kids i said raise your. hand tell me what you think about gay. marriage and kids kind of shrug their. shoulders missing. what are you talking about what is the. big deal which is exactly what we've. always wanted in the first place. what is the big deal . kids that when millions of people stand. up and fight. big win that's it and when people do not. stand up and fight. we lose we got to do several things and. i am you know adamantly against illegal. immigrants i made this exception. basically on humanitarian grounds. because of the individual story but. certainly we've got to do more at our. borders and people have to stop employee. illegal immigrants come up to. westchester go to suffolk and nassau. county stand in the street corners on in. brooklyn or the products. you're gonna be loads of people waiting. to get picked up to go do yard work and. construction work and domestic word i. think the people who are here who are. raising families and working hard and. contributing to our country deserve a. path to citizenship. i have believed that for many years i. have argued that in many different. contexts arrives this afternoon to say a. few words about the immigration reform. bill that as i understand it. we will begin discussing our next week. and as the son of an immigrant somebody. who came to this country at the age of. 17 without a nickel in his pocket and. was able to send his two kids to college. needless to say i support immigration of. our country is unique in the world our. country is great because in fact we are. the sons and daughters of immigrants and. i think we should all be very proud of. that and this is a really serious issue. we have more people in jail today than. any other country on earth your moment. we have large numbers of lives that have. been destroyed because of this war on. drugs and because people you know we're. caught smoking marijuana and so forth. i think we have got to end the war on. drugs. and you don't look at what's going on in. colorado and elsewhere. you know but i am not unfavorably. disposed to moving toward the. legalization about would you. it's been more than a year since you. said that are you ready to take a. position tonight. no i think that we h
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