Beyond the Fire & Fury | January 10, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

While a shiny new book captured America's attention, Trump continued his path of destruction.
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And welcome to 2018 your new year's . resolution is to register to vote . because mine is to kick non voters in . the face anyway . last week was like a perfect storm of . events designed to piss off our . president. it began with something he hates bad. press and ended was something he hates . more women who don't tolerate sexual . assault. oh. she broke laura dern okay the year's . best piece of entertainment wasn't on . sunday night it was on sunday morning . when journalist and research team panty . winner jake tapper interviewed trump's . senior advisor and humanlike casing . filled with wrigley squid tentacles . stephen miller when tapper had the . audacity to bring up the president's . former top aide accusing his son of. treason miller got riled up oh that's . his riled up face all these so-called . political geniuses in washington whether. it be at the big lobbying firms or the . only genius in the last week is the . president but you guys happens to be a . true statement okay it's self-made . billionaire who revolutionize reality tv . and hoosiers the cory's bachchan is . happy that you said that happy so happy . he unfurled one of his precious hair . as a prize the reason stephen miller had . to go on tv and pledged his loyalty to . trump was the new book fire and fury . which has dominated the news for a week . it's insanely popular like an all . slither and harry potter the fun as it . is it's riddled with inaccuracies it's . thinly sourced and full of typos i mean . steve bannon is gross but i don't think . he does anything with mounting ferocity . and pubic venom actually on second . thought that might not be a typo vanna's . quotes in the book ended the trump . bannen bromance and trump got full . custody of the peppe's . steve bannon is out at breitbart well at . least now that he's out of the public . eye he could spend more time doing what . he loves living in a painting and . waiting to fight the ghostbusters fire . and fury is basically the book-length . version of a truck tweet only vaguely . truth adjacent but incredibly. distracting which is too bad because . while everyone on cable news was fixated . on michael wolf's shoddy 9th generation . xerox copy of game change there were . actual things happening like news and . stuff or whatever i don't know mostly to . brown people. so preparations for the 2020 census the . department of justice is now trying to . get census to add an additional question . on citizenship to that census which is . likely to depress turnout or . participation of hispanics . putting a citizenship question on the . census is a real racist win-win either . they get a list of undocumented . immigrants or hispanic people avoid . answering the census and lose . congressional representatives and . funding efficient look you can't just . add whatever questions you want to the . census for your own agenda otherwise . george w bush would have added did you . have a pretty pony painting career we. also missed this teensy little bit of . news the u. s. also formally suspended . security aid to pakistan's military as. president trump had threatened the state . department announced the freeze will. last until pakistan takes quote decisive . action against terrorists but it said . there may be some exceptions that's . right we froze. security aid to pakistan but there might . be some exceptions like if pakistan . wrote some really nice tweets about the . president giving tons of money to a . broken state like pakistan does suck the . only thing that sucks more is not giving . them money cutting them off means . cutting ourselves off from the most . accessible routes into afghanistan which . our military needs to bring our troops . important supplies and the comedian's . we're trying to get rid of this is . complicated not just frontline . complicated like two part frontline . complicated but it matters 20:18 is . gonna be a really important year guys . and we need to keep our eye on the ball . we can't count on pundits to help . they're gonna keep getting distracted by . the nonsense of the day like fruitless . speculation about trump's mental health . the new white house expose revealed even . the president's inner circle has . concerns about whether he is mentally . fit mentally competent to run the . country how mentally fit the president . is in terms of his age and ability to . comprehend information do you believe . the president is mentally fit to serve . as president . well wow now they all have dementia is . president trump okay no he thinks. this microwave is listening to him and . that everything is poisoned but. cheeseburgers but crazy is what the . american people chose yes trump is. easily distracted doesn't care about the . truth and focuses on whatever shiny. thing is in front of him but if that's . enough to get you to claremont aliy . incompetent they're gonna need to build . a bigger asylum we'll be right back . [applause]. [music]. you. .
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