Britain First carries out Christian Patrol in Islamist hotspot Bury Park, Luton

Bury Park in Luton is an area notorious for Islamic extremists, ISIS fanatics, hate preachers and terrorists.
It is perhaps the worst hotspot in the whole country for Islamists.
In response to the recent imprisonment of an ISIS supporter (who is from Bury Park) Britain First carried out a "Christian Patrol" along the High Street and encountered ferocious hostility from local Muslims.
What followed was a shocking look into the Islamisation of our beloved country.
Our activists were attacked and pelted with eggs. Verbal abuse was rife. Muslims claimed they have "taken over" Luton and the UK. This is the future of Britain.
Genesis that we takin over while you're. not saying i don't know do you guys. . . think about the fucking let's watch it. on my go to anyone. . . whoa. . . jada can you tell us where we are today. we're very talk today. . . just walking down the high street is. that about 20 or so of us giving out. . . newspapers are christian crosses and we. are going through a town center already. . . have a possibility but we're marching. through is the british town. . . we're proud to be british. . . time to go. . . to me he's a shot with your country's it. . . yeah. . . chris christie and change your country. contrition likes me just say is being a. . . christian friends. . . ellen degeneres that we take you know. what you're not saying you don't like. . . what we generally will take another ball. . . yes why don't take united with how are. you take my life away with it because it. . . somebody help me get you my life like. what you've got people scared you don't. . . have a scared no not me to take her to. town. . . hello is your country you've taken my. mind off enough for them. . . it's cause it's full profile what do you. see when you reach it i don't like the. . . shadow muslim symbol you won't say. anything. . . remember the woman didn't want me there. is nothing you. . . that's what do you know what to do. . . whoa whoa stop by. . . what's wrong next comes tomorrow great. . . my box you're here because you're very. kind of trying to get your hair done yet. . . you should be able to do you have got. right. . . you have to register and one of the. reasons we want everyone because every. . . time you come over now school. . . what you walk me to my question is why. not jump. . . oh my. . . free country yeah. . . yeah. . . i don't know. . . i mean really really really white car. you need to be right out. . . jacqueline. . . there are you fucking black one. . . thank you stop him and can you give us a. little idea of what just happened. . . so we are now getting things thrown at. us and we will walk you through very. . . park high street campaigning we've got a. christian crosses with us and we just. . . literally got modest person came out. from every angle is mrs. thomas that. . . they've taken our country we're not. welcome is not a christian country. . . they'd taken over and we need to leave. . . they were threatening violence people. tried to attack me people friends with. . . tactical golden people try to pack our. activists they're throwing things this. . . is a british town. . . this is britain this is a christian. country i'm british these activists of. . . british so we will walk through these. streets. . . we have every right to without being. threatened. . . the english people as you can see there. that van they're they're very supportive. . . of the local english very few of them. here but the ones that are here they. . . have been. . . it's highly prized oversight about. thanking us for coming and what could. . . you tell us about what some of the. muslims have been saying about this. . . being their town their country their. taken over they've taken over and this. . . is no longer out. . . no longer britain the table drive us. british people out and take over our. . . country. . . they said it's not a christian country. it's now in a climate country they said. . . that i should cover up their women are. covered up there. . . some of them are some of them are hiring. abuse you know it's just it doesn't. . . resemble britain anymore and you can. just see that the very small minority of. . . the british people left in this town are. just just in despair and you can see. . . that. . . thank you i you know she's out of town. . . this is our town what your crown this is. our town. . . this is low turn this is britain england. . . let me start walking. . . oh my friend are right you are the most. in my life. . . reject the false prophet muhammad and. follow her to shave her of the world. . . jesus christ our lord i what. . . now i'm not shutting up hey love. . . that's what did not reach back reach. your folks preacher preacher this. . . preacher but id black preacher but. watching bye. . . preacher first bridges burn frigid. frigid. . . dream. . . well be back not to worry well be why. we've just walked through berry park. . . given that newspapers as you can see why. like twenty twenty-five acts with us. . . today and we walked down the high street. and walk back. . . that was our intentions and we have been. subjected to an enormous amount of. . . hostility from the local muslims not. support from the local english and i can. . . see why some of the things that these. muslims are saying that they're going to. . . take over this country the morning taken. over this town and all sorts of frets. . . calling. . . jada exploit its exceptional so. . . this is things like this operations like. this have to be done. . . i have to be done we have to show these. people that this is still england. . . this is still better this is still our. country and we have had enough. . . i'll be treated like second-class. citizens in our own account. . . yeah. .
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