Can Chefs Make Broccoli-Haters Change Their Mind?

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Will these picky eaters finally eat broccoli?
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Knock knock who's there who there me and . this can broccoli that i'm about to make . you eat no . [music]. i hate broccoli i hate everything about . broccoli i hate broccoli my parents had . to serve me broccoli in a bunch of . different ways and at the end of the day . as soon as they left the room i would . often just throw it away whenever i go . out to eat with friends and i get . broccoli on my dish i always give it . away to somebody else i went on a date . where a guy told me he was gonna cook me . dinner and it was a nice steak which i . loved and then a huge side of broccoli . which i hate do i eat the broccoli and . hope i don't throw up or do i not eat . the broccoli and then i'm the 22 year . old who still won't eat her vegetables. so i ended up just pushing it around my . plate never saw him again so i just . think there's no way that anybody can . make me like broccoli . there is nothing any of these chefs can . do to get me to like broccoli it's been . tried it's not gonna happen i don't . think there is anything you could do to . make me like broccoli my name is ross . panetta currently the junior sous chef . over at pig and cow they're cooking . professionally for about three years now . i'm happy healthy latina aka chef otte . aka the vegetable slayer and i'm . bringing that plant-based natural . caribbean flavor to all the cooking that . i do i think i've been cooking . professionally for about five years a . lot of the work that i do is actually . with children and so i'm constantly . having to hide and tuck vegetables and . blend them and deconstruct it and bring . it in some way i have to be a picky . eater since growing up i've got a lot of . allergies you kind of grow around it and . you learn how to suck the two things . with my experience with picky eaters. it's a little bit difficult sometimes . not gonna lie at the end of the day you . got to make everybody satisfied with . what you do and what you cook oh y'all . picky eaters out there we try and meet . y'all come see us bring us our victim . rolling it down we're ready to make . believers we hear that you're one of . these people now that don't like luckily . why is that i don't like the taste i . don't like the smell i don't like the . texture i don't like the color i don't . like the gag reflex it gives me . okay i think it's the texture mixture . just like the little fuzzy bits on the . top of it for us we learned something . new today . i don't understand how you're supposed. to eat it it confuses me do i eat the . top do i eat the bottom don't use it all . at the same time our taste buds like . change our palates develop and change as . we get older i think you have this like . scar with broccoli but you may not you . may not have lots of scars emotional . scars hmm i think the only times i've . ever been presented with broccoli it's . just been steamed and it's just that . well this is what i'm always talking . about it's not that people don't like . vegetables is that they don't do the . same things to vegetables that they do . let's say to like proteins season it put . sauce is on what are kind of things you . do like to eat spicy food like savory . things are your basis okay like savory . like spicy i dance when i'm happy yeah . so like you're saying things that i like . so like savory spicy they're gonna be in. the situation ship with broccoli okay . today not a relationship just a . situation shit one nice them odds be . ever in your favor. i think they're gonna go from hating . broccoli to elliot mildly liking it or. possibly loving it who knows what is . going to happen i cannot wait to mix in . dominican and caribbean flavors into . vegetables i decided to go to chains on . this broccoli i'm gonna make it two ways . and i'm gonna deconstruct it first i'm. gonna bring it into a broccoli corn and . black-eyed pea fritter and then i'm . going to do a charred broccoli . chimichurri sauce on the bottom i don't . think that they're expecting some heat. some spice some savoriness i'm bringing . sweet corn into my fritters to balance . out the broccoli taste but my . chimichurri has sofrito in it which is a . dominican caribbean green spice blend so . that's my kind of different little take . on it a little trick i must see you you . the more to be making. is a corn aioli with a chimichurri . mixing people are always like scared . about the flavor of broccoli the char . adds flavor and disguises up broccoli if . you like barbecue like anything charred . you know i think that introducing the . corn with the chimichurri will make it . over the top so much broccoli matt . broccoli right matt broccoli done they . said they liked spice they like herb . enos they're like brightness so i got . jalapeno to get all up in your face i . got some chopped cilantro for the . urbanus i'm coming back with the zester . so we've got some broccoli corn fritters . here over a charred broccoli sofrito. chimichurri with jalapeno fresh cilantro . and lemon zest garnish we came to slay . the broccoli game so finally finished my. plate what we have here is a charred . broccoli charred corn aioli with sirloin . and a table rock a chimichurri on top . [music]. ready okay yeah it's not that stronger . brothy taste it all there's a lot going . on yeah. if it were not for the color i wouldn't . know that there was any like green . veggies in here i think that slight edge . is gonna go to the veggie dish i like . the bass spicy jalapeno is going on this . is really hard just like both of them . were really good and they were both . super flavorful thought it was . interesting that both dishes also had . corn i think the corn masa the broccoli . tastes really well but i feel like i . prefer the appetizer dish or the steak . dish appetizer dish was had so many. different flavors and when i was biting . into it and i was thinking about how . many vegetables were in it i was just . like so shocked and steak dish was also . great the fact that it had like . vegetables and broccoli on it but i . liked the appetizer dish dare i say do . we have some broccoli lovers a little . bit about if it was did you love the . broccoli today i'm not a broccoli lover . per se but i'm a believer now that you . can make broccoli taste good if you have . some bomb-ass professional chefs prepare . it for you my mom would be smiling . really proudly right now maybe crying so . do you think we slayed this challenge . teamwork make the dream work baby lit . [music]. .

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