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All right okay the question should you . guys have been asking me so many times . i'm not gonna fight jake pool and the . answer to that is yes i am gonna fight . jake pool. this guy is probably the biggest troll . i've ever seen on youtube now i . understand when we met each other at the . plant it look like i was scared now . to get the full understanding you need . to see our texts i'll show you the text . soon in another video so you guys can . have a full understanding of why i was . acting like how i was the actual . question is am i gonna fight jake fool . and the answer is yes i am gonna find . jake cool i wanna fight jake pool i'm. challenging him so i make the rules and . these are and these are my rules . number one it's boxing it's not mma it's. none of that is boxing number two it's . happening in the uk it's not happening . here in la or wherever it's happening in . the uk no we're not fighting in a park . we're not fighting in your crappy little. octagon in your house for fighting in . the uk i'm gonna get my management to . sort it out and we're fighting in a uk . number three just stop being a pussy you . say yes or no to it i don't want you to . beat around the bush i don't want no . compromise i don't want any of that i . was one of the yes woman it was a yes . i'll actually sort it out it was a known . be a troll and make several videos you . personally you annoy me i think my . brother calls you out and he just and . you just didn't have the dignity to say . no it's literally kitty's kitchen if you . say yes we'll figure out they everything . will be sorted out ray and everything. you'll trade we'll see what happens. i'm cooling you out jake pool and . cooling you out to a fright right now me . tipsy little tingy i'm pulling you out . jake . josef pull to a frame this is what . people want to see they want to see us . play i want to see my face hit your face . sound you're scared okay sign that's . evidence you're scared to box and that's . evidence now i'm literally handing the . rules out two years i've explained the . rules he can either take it or you can . leave it this is just the beginning all . right if you accept then but they're . better to it if you can't do it . say no have the dignity to say no no one . wants to see an mma fight everyone wants . to see a boxing fight all i'm saying is . this meeting you let's actually settle . this in the ring i want to fight you in . the ring let's settle this . me versus you in the ring and we'll see . who's the better opponent i'm not i'm . not waiting you i've never been avoiding . you i was never of winning you i was . just trying to understand what's going . on you were too scared to fight jay jay . jay jay is now moved on now i'm . challenging you to a fight this is my . first time challenging you to a fight. and we'll see what the outcome is you . either say yes or you say no or you'll . troll around i don't know who you're . gonna get next you're gonna get another . box to me you know to be like right here . the fact that fully got floyd mayweather . in your video just just just say . pointlessness it's funny you tried to . fight me in the park what i will say i'm . still sick now in case you can't tell . from my voice i'm still sick with that i . don't care that's no excuse . i want to fight me so this is me . challenging you jay paul are we doing . this or not are you gonna clown around . or we actually gonna do a boxing for it . me versus you because i'm telling you . right now i'm going to train so hard i'm . going to train the harness i have ever . trained in my life this is what people . want to say this is roughly what they . will get me versus you in a fire let me . know jay i want to see you i want to see . in a video i wanna see in a video . you accepting or you declining so yeah . i'm done this has been did she uh yeah . jake fool let's pray . [music]. [music]. .
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