Dear YouTube, We Lost A Family Member… (RIP MacKenzie)

All Adsense proceeds from today's vlog will be donated to MacKenzie's family to help with any arrangements and celebrate her beautiful spirit. She touched us all and will never be forgotten.
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Caption: Jake pollard's i i don't know how to say . this but like we see it's going it's . going. oh down i'm yelling timber but actually . though party people is going down puts . your vlog about son i got my seatbelt on . albert's in the building shout out that. on the meters it's another day of . dynamite energy kids say what's up yeah . that's good and you know that the early . bird gets the worm party people i'm . telling you the squad is here in new . york and we have a huge day ahead of us . this is my big day man albert's i'm . going on tv buddy i'm gonna be famous . dude we're a billboard times birthday. what i told you bro it's a dynamite . december where's the billboard honey we . need to see this billboard today yo i'm . going on tv we got a billboard i'm doing . interviews with like 900 people today . it's going down i'm yelling new york . bunch a cheer from ohio . except me love me and most importantly . respect people like i said guys put your . vlog belts on you guys are now with me . for today's journey quick little . flash-forward up i'm gonna show you guys . this billboard i don't know apparently . we have a billboard oh oh that's where i . don't even know i haven't even seen it . yet but my flash-forward sigh that's . pretty doable no guys it's not about the . destination it's about the journey you . guys are long for it now yesterday was . absolutely insane private jet. literally lost or forgotten we forgot a . six-year-old i do uh something now we . are in new york albert's in the building . it's going down i'm yelling timber oh . it's time in my december and less . flipping through that time like i said . guys today is a day of interviews first . one is with people magazine we want to . talk to the people but i love magazines . because they have these like little like . cologne things on the inside you don't . even i just so i'm good dude . and i'm also gonna be on this tv over . here so you know hashtag i made it mom . you smell that yeah it smells good huh . it does yeah . [music]. yeah already off to a great start bro . and yo i just love new york because . there are so many giant christmas trees . literally everywhere you go there's a . giant christmas tree so i'm starting a . christmas tree counter right now number . one two three four five six seven eight . christmas trees it's been like 10 . seconds bro i also love to be or because . they have spinny doors i usually get. kicked out what i have to do it yo . that's alliteration and uh christmas . tree 9 christmas tree 10 like to take . palmas and guys my boy albert's back in . the building. you got them hater blockers on now. though i see you with them hater . blockers on if you don't know what hater. blockers are you just put on the . blackshades kid and you say honey no . it's still going down i'm yelling timber . but guys it's actually still going down . we have interviews on interviews on. interviews on interviews on the . interviews today it's that big new york . business we go on these podcasts or . whatever they are and we take all of . their fans and convert them into jake . pollard's it's like a simple simple . equation i've said it before i told you . it's live like and subscribe goodbye oh . i have no friends jesus i'm good new . sleep bro hey mom . she just pranked me guys my old mom . calls me and pranks me forever vlog good . morning pam stirs can you believe this . good afternoon stir mom you need to get . a life okay you're having a midlife blog . crisis yo do you need a manager i'm here . i'm here for you pam what is life when . it's 9:00 a. m. and your mom calls you . and it's a prank you need jesus mom guys . we are here i heart media and you know . doing interviews but instead of i heart . media's my heart doughnuts and christmas . tree number 11 new york baby . like albert and i said guys it's going. down we're yelling like we're . legitimately still getting interviewed. right now look at how serious of an . interview this is bro all of team ten is . here in the streets of new york. it's knicks first time in new york and . i'm kind of bummed because i'm not able . to spend it with them but what i am . going to jingle ball later with erica . and sunny so that's gonna be dope like i . said guys we are here at the pop-up shop . and this is the first time i've been . able to vlog like from the floor of the . pop-up shop and it is sick . we got like huge video screens we got my . boy steve right here there was up steve . however guys we're getting ready for the . pop-up shop like just take a look at all . this merch guys we got cotton candy . we got the exclusive team ten . merchandise we got rain bro we got . everyday bro new york i'm gonna see you . in the next couple of days but i feel . like we need a motivational speech the . people of the pop-up need to get . motivated everybody i just want to say . that jake ballers are starting to line . up outside and this is gonna be the best . damn pop-up shop that's ever happened in. new york . you guys remember why we're doing this . it's for the jake paulo's okay it's . about the merchandise . it's that fire let's get rowdy. thank you for all coming . [music]. [applause]. [applause]. guys the jig haulers are lit i see . another christmas tree over there you . see it i see this christmas tree . add it to the counter guys this . christmas trees everywhere look guys i . had to flex on new york you know what . i'm saying hello and we got a giant . billboard in the middle of times square . so we're in times square right now so. the billboard is like right here guys . but we haven't looked at it yet . ron york in times square this is like . dream it's like team ten everyone is on . it their little dis chat know that it's . a prank on him and we didn't put him on . the billboard look at how giant this . billboard you see this look at my name . goes all the way up there bro that's. giant who what who those people on the . side why am i not on the billboard oh no . wait wait where's the billboard go what . is this where did i go there's like a . random people on it - that was not me i . don't know what that was why am i not on . the billboard i pranked you with that . one no jen why would you do that bro . because row i mean know you're there bro . you're there that's not me you're yeah . it is bro your face is on it you know . what jake at least i'm here in new york . city i'm four five i mean you're right . there you don't see your face jake you . don't even know how bad i'm gonna get . you back for this we made the mistake of . putting all of the team members that are . on team ten on they're fired there's . literally jake followers everywhere that . we. tell my boys got the boys my boys got . the merch it's everyday . brandon city's literally though it's in . like the dopest spot on the corner this . is where they dropped the ball on new . year's like there's all these giant . billboards oh it's me oh my teacher said . i wouldn't amount to anything and now . i'm still not know do you see that where . is that greg pause there it's greg paul . and his new girlfriend . she's hot for a good job great god who . showed iru that loser on the billboard . someone's getting fired it was that . unique or who was it if it was me . wouldn't be a problem it is really cold . but you know what keeps us warmer the . taxi dance baby like this sexy today . hey hey hey texting texting texting . texting i'm trying to go somewhere fast . i'm gonna jump in a jackson whoa texting . accident texted ends i almost died dance . i will die dance i almost died dance . like albert and i said it's going down . i'm yelling i only think we kill is the . game baby yo you know as know i love. drake he said taller vs. you'll see what . we mean. oh no . it's so dope it's so dobro look at how . giant this is well who did this name . goes to this to the stars i'm gonna be a . star nick crompton apollo's on it apollo . mate yeah but seriously they put those . other guys out there i'm gonna team 10 . in the building screw you mrs. clarke . the omen seriously guys come to the pawn . shop it's a big day today are we saying . andy or hyundai i say handy hey guys . were on a rooftop in new york i got a . bloody nose bloody noses like my song . every day bro guys the new york vibes . are so learned bro - littmus it's . dynamite december and because of that . i'm giving away an iphone every single. day of the month this money today's . iphone winners go to tracy stick me from . manhattan beach christopher brandi from . concord congratulations guys thank you. so much for subscribing if you guys want . to win an iphone all you gotta do is . smash that subscribe button and turn on. my post notifications that comment done . when you're done brah . guys i'm still gonna be on national . television in a little bit doing this . thing called the jingle ball i'm like a. presenter or something but the new york . vibes are so uncle cate here it's gonna . fly this drone guys oh we're in a no-fly . zone i got a way to overcome this ready . this is a secret hack that'll teach in . high school you know teach you the no . fly zone how you gonna fly it in a . no-fly zone i've been in a no dad's own . before but still dad . you fly here no cool i'm gonna say let's . go jingle you know it's buddy go down . when they hear things right now guys . first thing puff could literally kill . somebody i can think as i'm introducing . julia michael has know our song issues i . have a lot of issues like kind of ironic . i would have killed her with a spoon. no you're gonna kill sonny boom boom . this next artist always speaks directly . from her horn oh the hit single it's . everyday bro please welcome to the stage . jake ball . [applause]. [music]. jake pollard's i i don't know how to say . this but like we uh . lost a member of the jake waller family . today i don't know if you guys remember . mackenzie who we did a make-a-wish with . but she's like the sweetest girl ever . [music]. should today she yeah she passed away i . don't know how to like i've never gone . through something like this before so . like i don't know how to cope with it . but it's insane to have been with . someone and then like as such a young . age and then less than like weeks later . like they're not here and like she was . such like a amazing girl and so nice and . sweet and and positive and she's a she's . a one of us for us she's like a jake . paul there and i i'm sorry i guess she's . in a better place now she deserves . nothing but the best i know instead of . watching the vlogs now she's gonna be i . mean i feel like she's here right now . watching over us as we vlog she was the . perfect example of someone who lived her . life to the fullest everyday and . smiled every day no matter what was . going on in her life and it's like so . true it's like that's what we represent . and like your guy jake paul or your girl . jake paul or like whoever you are like . feel free to get emotional like dude . like don't hold back your feelings and . like all you can do in life is smile and . get better every day . hi as you break it down i have all the . things in the world i have a house out . of cars whatever it is and like none of . that matters it's all about like your . friends and family and having fine no . mckenzie just wants us to remember her . for like the amazing girl she was and . her smile and her red lipstick and all . the positivity she brought in the light . she brought into the room and i'll never . forget her i'm sure you guys won't . either kenzi . [music]. recipes. you. [music]. however jake pollard's been dedicating . like today to the mckenzie and she would . just all want us to smile and the apple . and the haters i guess . but i don't even want to sit i don't . want to fuck anymore but i'll see you . guys tomorrow it's everyday bro peace . [music]. you. [music]. .

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