Do I Have ADHD?

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Just something I've been thinking about for a while.
How to Know if you have ADHD
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I am very lucky to have found myself (and gotten myself) in a situation that is well suited to the quirks of my personality. But I still find myself sometimes unintentionally hurting people, annoying people, or letting people down even though I often know the exact mistake I am making.
I'm not saying that means I have ADHD, I just want to continue to understand the mistakes I make, that I am prone to making them, and develop habits to stop myself. This channel: is full of tips I find useful, and there are a number of habits I've developed on my own.
Finally, here's a thing I didn't say in the video. I've struggled with worrying that if I get diagnosed, I will blame the disorder instead of myself and let that excuse my behavior. I know that's dumb, because if I'm being impaired by something, I should know and take the steps to reduce that impairment. But part of me always wants to believe that I'm strong and smart enough to handle any curve ball I get thrown without letting myself or other people down.
I think that might be a pretty destructive way to look at it, which is why I'm glad I've allowed myself to get support from friends, family, and professionals over the years.
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