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Bosley's birthday mm-hmm bosley's . birthday hmm-hmm smile boat it's your . birthday. bosley's face when he hears he's five . years old bosley's face when he finds . out five years old it's 35 years old in . dog years oh shit am i gonna hit the . thing ticket like i'm going to the . hospital i don't have to pay for parking . i'm coming here to get healed one . momento por favor and said i got my . ticket okay well you know what pisses me . off actually why our stores and . hospitals and everything open today's . bosley's birthday you're right that . makes me mad how come on other holidays . store their clothes at but today that's . disrespectful to basel he's a legend hey . did you notice my shirt okay but did you . notice i'm wearing this when i see him. bro i'm late to my appointment yeah bro . let's let the doctor know oh we should . go on strike like we should go a little . less you do your appointment anymore . you're like oh i'm only like 30 minutes . late guys i had to finish my video and i . didn't finish it like before my . appointments so now i'm late just car . leaving please go so much but anyways . guys bothers birthday once i leave my . hand appointment me and jay are gonna go . somewhere we won't spoil it yet but . we're gonna go get bosley a birthday . gift. that's all i'm talking about respect to . bosley on his day i love bosley. hey who do you love more my new dog or . bosley mozzie . really yeah i'm loyal are you trying to . throw shade like say i'm a loyal . we don't have time for this shit well . i'm late to my appointment this is my . third appointment or a fourth . appointment for my broken head the first . appointment is when i found out it was . broken they gave me a cast the second . appointment was to see if i needed . surgery or not the third appointment was . to say that i just have to tape my . fingers together for a couple weeks and . now this is the fourth appointment i'm . not sure what they're gonna do today. will you get a good news yeah hopefully . good news is hopefully because i miss . playing bass while yesterday jay had a . basketball game and i went there just to . watch him i couldn't even play but i . just wanted to see basketball so. hopefully good news and what about the. stepping bro you should get something . checked out too i don't notice i notice . you know why my hair sticks up on zombie . you should so i'm in love with these new. shoes jay though doesn't really like . them though i like these what do you . think guys w or l of course seems awp . supports you . they support you too i was about to find. all that double using the comment and be . like oh i told you there dies anyways . guys i don't know why we're still . sitting here cuz they said they can't . take me some leaves so oh wake up aren't . you gonna check out your hair that's six . game okay fine let's take . don't tell me people have school on . bosley's birthday did you people have. school my mother's birthday i'm about to . talk of the president or who everything . because i don't know what i'm supposed . to do and you're not a dog do relax . maybe relax tell me something to relax . me breathe in breathe out i think this . one's are waiting the championship okay . that would not make you oh you know okay . guys so we just took some more x-rays as . you see the hand is healing much better. what do you think it's nice nice bomb we . thank you both cuz you know how you were . thinking to me last night how you miss . playing bass all of me and stuff i'm . like you're gonna go to sleep i was. gonna say like what do you miss most i . just missed the bible on the court ball . oh anthony yeah friendship but we used . to like only pass it to each other and . dennis would get mad yeah we used to . smile yeah like every time we made a . shot yeah they're like slapped each . other yeah and then sometimes like we . would yell at each other but we knew. after the game but we knew after the . game we were still friends so did you . watch the stock there today . you didn't watch liverpool playing drama . brandon how are these retention of his . left hand he still cannot place the . focused finger just to follow crease . that's four weeks since the injury . treatment plan just returned to see me . in two weeks for final point okay so he . should you just like practice like as . the swelling goes down the paint you'll . move it yesterday i like i shampooed my . hair with this one thanks two months ago . okay thank you so much yeah . thank you do you guys do appointments . over like facetime in case i'm late . again orko another quick now the easy . employment only i need to come in or do . i that's it boom how the quickest one . ever oh he probably know this my dog's . birthday she's secure here nobody was my . dog's birthday so i think he knows he . let me go early point two miles i don't . know at this point j i'm mad guys i'm . driving all happy you know we're about . to get bosley his birthday gift and even . hit you . didn't even hit me till like right now . how much was that one minute appointment . it was $150 $150 for a one minute . appointment that all he said was okay . can you close your fist i said no not . yet i said all right see me in two weeks . you don't ask took longer the liverpool . game he was asking about the soccer game . i said wait there's a $150 for a . freaking 1 minute appointment there will . listen to me goes he goes wouldn't mind . paying 150 for a doctor's appointment so . we gotta get you know their mind said . are you ready to get molly's birthday . gift yeah let's do it . god i was stressed i was struggling . trying to think of a gift to get for . ballsy like this is bosley's birthday . it's more stressful than what i get . brian or any of my friends a cupcake . from sprinkles i guess they have dog . cupcakes i never knew that and you guys . all know bosley he's one of the fattest . dogs on earth so how much would bosley. love ain´t dot what does it may not have . like steak and chicken or what i have no . clue you want to try one . we should get with me what you imagine . title something eating a dog cupcake . he doesn't like toys bosley boz is old . like i said he just turned 35 i don't . know any 35 year old who plays with . little toys so we're gonna get him a . cupcake . now i know why jay wanted to come here . you act like it was for bosnia they have . vegan cupcakes . if you know it what's inside with dog. cupcakes these are cupcakes dog cupcakes . i wanted smells like bro bad it looks . good honestly bro maybe i'm just hungry . but just joking. we'll make bosley try it first and if he . likes it then we'll try it is that fair . only if it's a vegetarian no you were . supposed to say of course body's gonna . like either dog okay guys so i was about . to go see bosley and give him his . cupcake say happy birthday you know all . that good stuff and as i was leaving my . house i noticed booker my other dog he's . teething like crazy and you could just . tell he's in pain so i'm about to go buy . a book or something for his teeth you . know to make it feel better . and then i'm about to go give the. cupcake to bosley i got to take care of . these two dogs i gotta be a i gotta be a . good dad father duties man i'm telling . all you guys out there do not have kids . too early having two kids when you're . only 22 years old like me life is tough . i would get this little dog hat for . bosley but his head is too damn big this . shit's not going over his head bosley . maybe a couple of years ago when you . were in your prime but right now bosley . shit's not gonna fit your head bro so i . got booker some teething toys right here . so i'm on the way to see bosley right . now and my mom called me and said hey . bran and we're actually at the old house . i said mom what are you doing there why . would you go there and i guess her and . my dad wanted to make a video there i . told them not to go but i can't tell my . parents what to do so i don't know i . don't think it's a good idea but . bosley's with them at the old house and . that's what i'm gonna go see him and . give him his little birthday gift bosley . i love you bro i can't wait to see you . you know what right when i see bosley . i'm a freaking hugging kissing yeah this . house ain't that scary when it's daytime. and your mom and dad are here god i'm . such a mama's boy i swear hey bosley . happy birthday okay . bosley i need to take off my clothes . thank you . hey you hear that justin bosley you're . gonna have some ice cream okay guys . let's see how you like let me take the . wrapper off hold on okay oh yeah easy . bosley the frosting too you gotta put . your vacuum mode on and eat all that. this is your birthday . okay bosley easy you're gonna need some . water okay how about water break and . then the rest he needs water did you . like it look what you did to the floor . clean it up bosley and now bosley is . gonna poop the cupcake out so what was . the point of eating the cupcake you're . gonna poop it out bosley back to my . second son but i got to a new toy for . your teeth you want this okay good boy . well actually let's see okay come here . okay oh my god this is what he needs but . come on new toy yeah you like the t-rex . oh don't do it on the floor doing over . there citizen flight okay here let me . help you oh once again shout out to . jackie because she helps me take care of . him so much there's no way i'll be able . to take care of this crazy dude by . myself. come here bud oh no that's the worst . news you could hear as a father the best . news is seeing that they fell asleep the . worst news is right when they wake up . from a nap oh oh . time for brandon to be evil i'm sure you . guys all remember when jackie pranked me . by putting mayo inside of donuts i . thought it was frosting or a custard. whatever it's called she filled . doughnuts with mayo well i've not . forgotten about that day i can't even . eat doughnuts in peace anymore . every time i bite into a regular . doughnut in my head i'm like oh shit . what if this has mayo in it of all . people to pregnant it was jackie i was . so excited to eat doughnuts that day i . swear when she brought a box of. doughnuts i was like jackie oh my gosh . thank you so what we are gonna do right . here jackie's at the house taking care . of the dog right now i know what a good . sold at the house taking care of a crazy . puppy little does she know that she is . about to get prey weird . why not keep it in the theme you know . we're talking about puppies and dogs so . why not keep it in the dog street theme . so dog treat in burger crane you want to . fill my donuts up with mayo how about i . fill your burger with dog treats . hey so here's the burger and oh that's . it. lol okay so i gotta break down the dog . treat and sprinkle it all over the . burger oh that's nasty . oh i gotta find something to break it . with oh i'll just use my teeth just . joking you damn dog treat three two one . ah okay this shit's no break i gotta go . to my hands damn who invented dog treats. i almost broke my other hand trying to . break the tree it's so hard okay so here . it is let's see how it looks when it's . closed hopefully not too obvious . perfect i just got to get rid of these . green things or maybe i could tell . jackie it's the st. patrick's day . so they made green i don't know whatever . oh and don't worry you guys know me i'm . a nice person you know i'm doing this . prank but i got jackie a bunch of other . food to make up for it so i'm a good guy . actually you know i'm a so i got bosley . a cupcake for his birthday i when i got . my puppy a teething toy that i went i . got jackie food i'm a good i'm a good. guy swear drop a like on this video for . me being the good guy guys i gotta go . get this burger to jackie we don't want . it to get too cold he's like do you . think i give an f how fake is know yeah . this is not how he acts off camera oh my . god oh my god it's so cute he's like jay . jay is a vegetarian on camera and once . the camera. she fell asleep for real she needs to . just learn how to pee or poo outside . that's the only thing do you miss the . boss squad and like you want potty . really why you don't say that what like . what no there's nothing i got you the . st. patrick's version of the burger they . had a st. patrick's special let's just . say you tried to kiss the dog right now . he's gonna go crazy . remember mayo and donut prank or no do . you remember . it's like um like a treaty like she does . not give me dog treats i never so much . for dogs. it's treats can i die . hopefully not thanks are you gonna . finish it i didn't get you another book . do you smell that . wait how did you actually swallow the . first bite god i thought as soon as she . finishes gonna be like and spit it out . no she bit it she actually ate she. freaking digested the first bite and . then the second bite she noticed why so . many first of all okay you filled a . whole doughnut like a swimming pool with . the mail it was flooded the mayor was . flooding out you know what i don't like . these pranks box because when i do is . fun it in like when you do it it's like . extreme i'm joking though i got you . another burger i got a lot of food . actually. okay you just inspected it okay so you . want me to have some of your burger . you've never let me have any of your . food before so you make me share i never . want to share but you make me swallow it . swallow it this taste i could feel it in . the back of my i think you should kiss . him cuz he smells the thing because the . breath is like ah no no no the breath is . coming all the way but what did we do to . jackie no those are the freakin petrol . ones it's like a petco bakery tree there . was a tree not food it was a tree no . food no guys thank you so much for . watching this video i hope you guys . enjoyed i cannot wait to get back on the . basketball court i only have one more . hand doctor's appointment left and we're . just a couple weeks away drop a like on . video if you enjoyed subscribe to the . channel if you are new brandon aka bruh . wadis i love each and every single one . of you guys and i'm out peace . i could never ever find the right word . just even there's no way this is real . life there's no telling you're the right . girl so i can only say that it feels . right it feels right . .
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