Emily Blunt Finds The Idea Of Mary Poppins A Little Creepy

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'A Quiet Place' star Emily Blunt discusses the enjoyment of playing Mary Poppins, and the strange feeling she gets when thinking about the character.
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Caption: >> very nice music. very british. >> stephen: well, we want to. make it nice for you. >> right at home just then. >> stephen: how have you been . so good. >> stephen: you're a. delightful person. >> well, that's nice. >> stephen: and you and your. lovely husband john krasinski --. he's okay. you're really the draw, let's. face it. we know you from "the devil. wears prada," girl on the train,. now you've got a quiet place and. of course mary poppins. >> yes, down there. >> stephen: down here. ( applause ). >> slightly glittery eyes. >> stephen: a little glittery. eye. >> a bit sinister. >> stephen: i always thought. mary poppins seemed a little. sinister to me. >> she's creepy. >> stephen: she is. she comes unannounced. she takes over the house. >> yeah. >> stephen: she supplants the. father figure. >> absolutely. >> stephen: boom!. she's out of there. >> she doesn't even say thank. you and she's gone. >> stephen: yeah. but i loved doing it. it really was awesome. >> stephen: the disney lawyers. are walking in behind you now. >> i'm about to get blow darted. by them, yeah. >> stephen: some people who. saw you in edge of tomorrow said. i didn't know she did ac action. movies. off long history of training for. action movies because as a. child, is this true, you did. something called hamster. rescues. >> yes. >> stephen: what is a hamster. rescue . a british thing we don't know. about or --. >> one thing, you have to be. really jacked for a hamster. rescue. >> stephen: how old are we. talking . >> eight. i was jacked at eight. i enjoyed dramatic role play. games that my friends say that. sounds lame. i had a lovely hamster called. tellinger who probably died. before he should have because of. what i put him true. we would hide him under a sofa. cushion and we would pretend the. roof was coming in. get tigger, the roof is falling. in!. i would dive and rescue tigger. and tigger would be just,. like -- it was awful. >> stephen: were there adults. watching you do this at the. time . >> my mom had four kids. >> stephen: okay. he was, like, they sound. like they're okay. >> stephen: because torturing. animals is one of the signs of a. sociopath. generally we get those kids. medication now. >> i know. >> stephen: well, i totally. get that. >> you get it. >> stephen: and your friends. did or did not like this . >> they kind of went along with. it but i think they thought it. was strange. >> stephen: okay. which you do as well. it's okay. >> stephen: no, anything you. do sounds charming. ( laughter ). >> good. >> stephen: you're working. with your husband. he wrote and directed a movie. called "a quiet place" which is. a horror film about a vaguely. future place where there are --. >> species. >> stephen: -- species,. monsters that are just snatching. people who make any sound. >> yeah, they are highly acutely. attracted to sound, so if you. make noise, you're dead,. basically. >> stephen: uh-huh, uh-huh. and are you good with horror . >> i mean, i don't particularly. love horror movies, but i love. this one because john wrote it,. number one, and it is amazing. >> stephen: yeah. and it was --. >> stephen: did he write it. with you in mind . >> no, because when he pitched. me the one-liner of it, because. he had been offered it as an. actor, and i thought that was an. amazing idea, you should direct. that movie, that's amazing, and. then he wrote it, and then i. previously suggested a friend of. mine for the film, and then i. read his script and i was, like,. you need to fire her now. you need to call her and fire. her. ( laughter ). >> stephen: we have a clip. where you're being silent in a. bathtub and why . >> because i'm in labor and i. can't make a sound because. there's some kind of hideous. creature coming. >> stephen: outside and if you. make a sound they will snatch. you out of the bathtub and your. newborn baby. >> yes. >> stephen: okay. jim . ( labored breathing ). ( stairs creaking ). ( whimpering ). >> stephen: that -- that is --. no epidural or anything. >> nothing!. >> stephen: wow. this is an apocalyptic world. we're in. >> stephen: on the plus side. you didn't have to learn any. lines. >> isn't that great . yeah. >> stephen: you were cold on. day one. >> that scene was funny because. crew members were slightly. disturbed by it and they were,. like, male crew members who said. this is not something i need to. see and women were crossing. their legs. >> stephen: are you going to. allow your kids to see this . how old are they . >> four and almost two. >> stephen: the four --. he's ready for it, right . ( laughter ). >> stephen: totally. the things they learn in. kindergarten now. is she off at school now . >> she's at school. talk about not being able to. protect your kids like we do in. "a quiet place," forget it. >> stephen: they go off. just when they're toilet trained. and great company, schools go,. we'll take them now. >> exactly. i was, like, she's so. delightful. it was sitting with her and. having a chat and i was, like,. it's a nice older child time,. some bonding time. we were talking about ponies and. sweet things and she just looked. at me and said, i'm going to. smash your face in. and i went, what . and i won't say who taught her. it. let's just say his name is. bobby. >> stephen: observe. that's what bobby says, dad. well, bobby clearly has not. learned any manners and he makes. bad decisions. but it was so sweet. >> stephen: if she starts. abusing the hamster just get. help. >> yeah, she's on that. she's on that. ( applause ). >> stephen: were you allowed. to see scary things or. inappropriate movies as a kid . >> my dad was always -- he was. sent off to the video store and. would come back with the most. inappropriate films. >> stephen: the movies he. wanted to see. >> and he would come home with. "jaws" and "pretty woman. ". i was 9 or 10. it was so inappropriate. >> stephen: what did you think. of it . >> i accepted it as that's how. people interact. and the scene where she offers. him the condoms, you know, when. there are so many different. colors and flavors, and i was,. like, why -- oh, that's so cool,. she's, like, giving him sweets. to choose from. and my dad would be like, yeah,. yeah, absolutely. sweets. and he can choose which one he. wanted. >> stephen: so he wasn't going. to explain what donned ms are. but he was fine with you. watching a movie about a. prostitute who's bought for the. weekend by a billionaire. >> totally fine with it. he was explaining it to my mom,. it will go over their heads. i was disturbed when i watched. it later on in life and, oh, the. condoms!. >> stephen: yeah. it's an odd movie. it's not as strange as --. >> it's so good. >> stephen: it's so wonderful. it's so good. big mistake. huge, love it. the best. the best. ( applause ). so good. >> stephen: yes, yes. well, this is the part we'll. edit out. ( laughter ). ( piano riff ). we won't . we won't edit it out . that's also a disney movie. "pretty woman" is also a disney. woman when disney went from. princesses to prostitutes. ( laughter ). so nice to see you again. good luck with the flying. "a quiet place" is in theaters. april 6th. emily blunt everyone. we'll be right back. .

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