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Ah so in my last video i asked you guys . if you wanted to see my text well jake . poole actually get 150,000 likes you . guys completely smash that don't pretty . much i'm gonna show you the text i've . talked to lawyers numerous warriors they . said it's flying to show these texts so . you know what i'm gonna show them who . started off from when we decided to meet . it was on monday the 12th notice the . time it's 508 yo g you wanna link at . 7:00 i said yeah . still down for seven basically we were . meant to meet at 3:00 but instead we . couldn't meet because backs wanted to . come at 3:00 he didn't want banks to . come this i don't know he's scared of . banks uh uh i don't know he's scared of . a guy were broken hand anyway yeah you . got the address. and i'm like tell me bro and he gave me . an address to a shop called ralph's or. something are you saying you're going to . meet up or just randomly bump into each. other just like from that he was people . trying to plan what we were gonna do by . that's what i'm trying to say that he . was coming at me with some friendship . like fully understanding the situation . obviously i just said meet up because . i'm not gonna randomly bump into you i . want to know what the situation was okay . and how do you want it to go like a talk . or what i said yeah talk i wanna talk . and then he said how do you make it not . boring all right already. english clearly isn't his first language . the reason i'm showing these texts is . because he came at me somewhat . slandering me when he's the one who . punched me just from these checks you . understand. and he's punch he punched me if you . watch the video bad you'll then be like . wow he actually punched them i said yeah . let's meet here bro not rouse i gave . them an address and we'll just talk . regarding care sly and boxing let's meet . at ralph's it's more secluded that . address is right in the heart of . hollywood there could be paparazzi and . shit that's as an extra 15 minute drive. from me and i've already been driving . for 40 minutes i actually know a party . that would be good i said coming . he said routes opa but is probably even . better and then you know he names a park . and then i'm like where are you trying . to me cuz i'm not doing there i said why . not. i said too far if you're coming from . hollywood it's closer where you're . coming from our house the park is 45 . minutes away . no the wrong one let me send me a dress . my bad then he sends another address . that's where we actually meet and then . he said that that's good yeah going now . cool we're here blah blah blah and then . that's how the cookie crumbles really . that's why i'm saying he came at me with . some french i'm not trying to slander . his name i'm not trying to do anything . under saying this right now . he came at me with some friendship and . he clowned me i've already called him . out to a boxing fight i responders i . think i evidently shows that he doesn't. want to fight it doesn't want to fight . cooled him out publicly . instead he plays fortnight with his . girlfriend so you know what i'm gonna . leave it there i showed you the texts i . don't know you guys in the comments you . say what do you think i'll check out . what you guys say and yeah pretty much . done done and dusted . [music]. [music]. .
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