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Now finally understand what a lot of . people here j pool hi so this was all . planned all right well i think this was . planned we just plan to talk like legal . issues i won't show you the texts but . i'm gonna read you the jackpot four . words i would love to show you these . tape but i don't have the right to . that's why i'm gonna read you read it to . you word for word like this is 100% true . so he said to me he sends me a message . at 5 or 8 yo gee what a link at 7 and i . said yeah still down for several bla bla . bla then this is what this luther's . gives me an address man you saying . you're going to meet up or just randomly . bump into each other then i respond by . saying heat up i mean let me just start . off by saying that this was planned . again he said he wants to me out stuff . like that we would eventually see each . other face to face we just decided that . like finally meet each other now my . expectation was for this for the tour . that was it but honestly you know jake . and you know there was not gonna be any . talking. all right i thought maybe we can . actually talk man-to-man but it's it's . jake cool camera a bit fool sorry my . voice sucks yeah i am actually quite . sick i'm not sure long tables in the . post middle whatever but here's my . expected oh what's happening so this . understand i came to see this guy at the . park just to talk white men all right . obviously i'm gonna have people with me . it's that and i don't know what that's . going to do finally wrong today the . world we were meant to meet at 3 or . something and he had like 4 people with . him . that's why i thought made me other . nation before meeting with him again but . no he didn't i saw his precautions i . don't i don't know what it's like to do . obviously we make each other at the park . at 7:00 he said it was 12 or something . he lied about the time obviously i'm not . gonna fight about a public platform fans . watching me they maybe even took . pictures with some of them . don't understand what goes on in his . head what all i'm saying is this whole . situation is immature was fuck i hated . them before and now meeting them i can . tell you right now i i hate this flight . with the greatest intensity in the uk . you say waste man this guy it's the . biggest waste man i have ever seen on . the whole platform of youtube reason why . i wasn't gonna fight is because i'm a . little fight at heart if i was ever . afraid i will fight him in the ring okay . like a real event not at the park the . only reason why he wants to do it at . this time because he wanted the title . for the next video he uploads so there's . ways to fight like my brother he trained . for his fight professional fighters they . trained before their fight. i'm not gonna fight you apart cuz just . because you need a title for it when . you're you know no shit video my brother . he's done with you he can't even be . asked to even talk to you anymore he . knows you're just doing this disturb . drama just to try and make you look good . alright yo guys why i came to la for . finally happening jake wants for me you . actually want someone to protect you. that's why i'm here ah easier for . comedic relief i'm actually here to . physically protect you because in life . it's not about fighting lee gabe is . coming to a small french boy so i can . possibly edit for jake look i just woke . up in case you can't tell jake is . heckling me saying yeah that's me i . don't know what it's about. he wants to meet we're gonna talk see . what the song would assume about . actually we're actually gonna meet . fucking jay paul so you know what that's . my dad right there . well he's my dad all right one route to . see jake it started raining so i don't . know if that's a bad sign or good sign . i'm not scared. i feel like jq like played with the . wetter so that you guys can kiss under . the rain because you know he's cute he's . romantic i'm saying this right now what . we've arrived and this is mad sketch and . lately arrived i've never been in one go . down do drugs but it's what you feel . movie is right there as you guys can see . man sketchy . come here come come here yeah wait he's . got something in his hands man . you know i don't know you plan this bro . oh what you wanna bugs . these guys are clowns you want to box me . now. come on dog they want you in a books me . right now . walk the walk the one who books me right . now you're talking the talk brah i just . got me and me and young uncle nathan . carlo you want to fight me right now why . don't you fight cancer be honest i . wanted to thing broke because you . brought yourself into this so i want to . handle you and then i'll handle chaos . how about hangover won the challenge did . bro i'm challenging you right now yeah . but just what i've been that training . bro i haven't had a trainee right now . i'm about to go to a business dinner i'm . wearing tim's kind of off wait tim i . haven't even taken the tag off to this . guy this guy is nuts it . i'm so serious low-key boxing gloves i . put an octagon in my living room dude . i am not fighting you know okay fight . fight kids right if you're not gonna . find me right now then stop calling me. the p-word the ol or no deal . how about this listen to me i will. listen to me listen to me . well i'm here with you right now . yeah i was i i wouldn't be talking about . you okay. well fight cancer you're not picking can . size battles bro can i say he doesn't . want to fight anymore yeah no it's . because you're messing around . i'm not bro i bought gloves to a fucking . park at midnight cuz how about how about . okay all right please dude dude dude . dude did i listen dude i really don't . care what you're doing under saying . fight cancer i'm not the one who . challenged you and i'm challenging you . cuz you're challenging me here's what . i'll do is i'll do. and you stop calling me the p-word you . can't called me a few word and then pull . up with boxing gloves in front of you . road yeah i'm acting so cuz i don't. wanna fight right okay . right now i have tunsil isis i'm so . fucking sick i was puking the other day . right now i am i'm in no condition to . fight it's not true have i been in bed . the whole time oh you can't do that . kids this is a message for you you can't . call someone a keyword and then just . like i mean i knew this was gonna happen . i knew you wanted to fight i knew i'm . not so this doesn't surprise me at all . fight the one fight the one who . challenged you i'm standing up for my . brother's just saying oh he's irrelevant . ah blah blah blah then you want to do . mma the fact where he's irrelevant. wait yo my man is pulling movies the . knew i was here relevant wrong cuz he's . made he's made double the videos but i'm . gonna talk about how israel he doesn't . lose though he hardly ever uploads no . bro this is kid sure this is too cheesy . y'all know what the end the senior side . brothers don't want the hands good my . man thursday no all right okay . so listen here alright because i said . this is boring lena are you gonna fight . cancer or not this is my last video on . you i can't be us here's the proposal . why i fight you you train however long . you want and logan for its chaos i . wasn't you wanna fight him bro i i will . as i'm saying but like why they were . known if he doesn't want to make that . compromise then he's just being soft . just like you were until you're scared . so your scares everyone . keemstar team zeke roll on it exposed . csi brother exposed. i mean you know you know his name and . you keep calling him csi the fragment . you discern disrespect like you either . literally annoys me for real my butt all . right well right well well this was this . was one big waste of time . thanks for the 30 minutes it was a waste . of time it was what get yourself some . jake palmer right here there's that's. yours take that home with you man drew . and i go back to that's jake paul csi . brother exposed i'm going to a business . dinner. wow cars this way peace out g remember . all of you are soft . pull up squad deep pull up squad deep . y'all are all stop this is sad bro . this is sad i'm not the one who . challenged you when you views are down a . you need to fight yeah you know i mean . thank you yeah i don't want your fucking . shit when we say in the uk it's guys . always around is a tool i hate this guy . i now finally understand one will hate . this guy before they just painted him . was his clinch leave a like on this . video if you're supportive of jake pool . and you'll subscribe to me cuz i . unsubscribe now i thought i know when . you associated with me if you're . associated with that prick but fucking . be subscribed to me i mean it was the . craziest thing i've ever seen i find . this like cringy on the internet . see him in person he is so cringe he was . it was camera take the whole time we . couldn't even have a conversation off . camera but i was walking past him he was . like rollin rollin rollin. just walking past this car he was . sweating rollin rollin that i thought . you can't have a conversation with no . these are free he is either free . [music]. [music]. .
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