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Mini Ping Pong! This was a lot of fun! Ryden surprised me so much with this. Forgive me for my hurried and often confused ping pong rulings haha. As I edited it I realized a handful of calls that weren't correct. But it was all in good fun! hope you guys enjoyed it
Right in your dude we have a fun video . to film don't you think something . probably running away . guess which hand yeah clearly what is . this . yeah we're gonna play some ping-pong . right it's portable ping-pong it was a . toy or gift at target i think i was like . many ping-pong yeah that sounds like an. awesome video so we're going to set it. up on fridays play table in his playroom . and we're gonna play some ping-pong he's . never played in his life . so this is gonna be interesting . everybody take long yeah all right let's . go do it. alright give me your best impression of . captain america protections pretty good . i saw your arm looks like you're holding . shields is captain america ticklish took . up in this pussy cat america having this . is kinda cool presentation this what . paint look at some pain that's just the . color red bag we got a bag . heck yeah okay hold on yeah that's the . net on hold your horses horses if you do . hold up right here the paddles . oh wow but the handles it doesn't come. with balls in here they better be okay . just one set and has a picture of . ping-pong balls it has to have to be in . here they're not in the bottom are alert . that just people that closed . we got ping pong balls for got pink on . by . yes we do so yeah we'll go to inside and . hopefully not lose this area . yeah this is pretty cool . oh elbow me in the face . locked and loaded alright playing . ping-pong with dj play let's do it and . that is too much so when you click this . because it is how you play ping-pong . ever seen my pink ball until you do it . all right where's the ball get the ball . no we go . oh good okay that man glad that you care . about me so what you gonna do . trying to hit its going to balance on . yours and then bounced away without you . getting it back to me okay if i do that . it's a point i get a point . i don't actually remember all of the . rules specific recipe popular to go with . this you just hit and flies past me it . does not count. so i'm gonna serve it and i got a hit on . yours and goes over you ok i would have. got a point right there you go to land . your toy singing okay yeah okay but . you're trying to hit on to mine okay . right . that was good this is many ping-pong is . actually really hard to make have. already that that's good you hit huh . yes that was a play that was good right . it officially served it that was good . for you wanted me in so i can serve it . to you that would have been your point . that when you're going dude let's be so . not been the next 10 all i think that . was a point right i think it that yeah . goodbye 14 running all right i'm gonna . be gone one point me that would be me . two points right . wow three points my child my . four-year-old being impinged on one . point maybe reflection five points game . you want to get like that yeah i think i . got one will go with that just keep up . two points. dad you like ping-pong yeah it's fun . isn't it. we should get an actual table is like. much harder the real thing oh 3 points . that that was a really good serve four . points down i'm one more point away ryan . anthony i just want to know who you are . you're right. what you trip over there do you remember . nothing over here you want to take over . you ask for that . alright so that's a really cool set it's . really hard to play mini ping-pong here . on a table and i don't expect writing to . do much with it i was actually super . impressed they did that well but let's. do some ping pong trick shots so we have . a little longer fun video we lost the . ball it's because you threw it across . the room. through a narrow cable that said let's . do some ping pong trick shots right you . want to use the box . okay we'll put it right next to it on . the grill and you can wear that hat . you're gonna try to hit into that all . right almost all that was close . oh my gosh but it's just try to aim . right here okay . yeah and what he yeah you would . okay you can do this one but you want to . try to get into here inside this body . there's no way i'll give you a candy bar . you landed this is gonna take you all . day and then five everybody heard you . had you'd have it when i was pretty . close. you hit darth vader the facebook like . buttons together get a candy bar turn . back and get you should you showed me . didn't you . what oh oh my gosh . [music]. mm-hmm . where did i always incredible that was . so good. saying that was one of the most. incredible things i've ever seen this is . i'm not going to do it a trick shot as . good as riding just did so for mine is . not going to be nearly as hard as book . did but i'm gonna hit off-the-wall to go . over me and into this box over me i'm . gonna hit us in the head . i'm gonna open my home yes you do come . on call you back yeah haha just like . this haha oh no balance so we get ready . okay o. o benny's that was a ripoff . [music]. yes. you kicked the box and then you called a . picture. alright well i did it his was not as . cool as mine now completely backwards . mine was definitely schools his i'm so . proud of him for doing that for getting . the idea and then actually doing it i . mean granted and there's highly lucky . but you know that's how you do things . like try things you don't think you do . and then you doing sometimes right so . there you go there was father-son . ping-pong many ping-pong whatever was . but that was really fun and trick shots . were super close maybe we'll do a little . father/son ping pong trick shots video . but either way i hope you guys enjoyed . us playing with the ping-pong set we do . with video similar to this over on our . channel culture between time this is my . skate channel and goof off channel i . just kind of whatever i think is . entertaining but turbo time is all about. toys and hanging out with this dude and. the link is right there just popped off . over next to ryans head and i click it . or in the info the end this video and . check it out. we actually upload the video today as we . put this up now i'm wearing his head . right bottom . what kind of like a diet it's not my . head haha i'm gonna be the base dude you . wouldn't . oh are you okay president of the . pokeball like erupted and pikachu jumped . out of it like a real pokemon thing come . on get over here but i do videos here . every single day so i'll see you guys . tomorrow hit the subscribe button if you. want to see more and i think i said you . two before we go . and you're here is because you all can . watch you fly. oh i love you comical better you do . tomorrow also as your head cause . what if you hit count drac don't use of . the face that you would you hit count . dracula the ping-pong ball . mmm yeah i'm i get out of how you hit a . ping-pong ball and like get out right . now in our house and moral these . injuries of vampire would be like . .
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