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Skatepark Fort Adventure!?! Yes! Ryden and I had a blast this day! AND He totally landed something he has been working on for a long time. I'm so proud of him! Wait for his setup video coming soon. I do videos all the time so stay tuned for more randomness!
Right right i have a surprise for you . okay so what is in the where in the . skate park all right they're big games . here yes but there's another surprise . okay come on. do you even uh find out you turn no no . no oh yeah okay that's all i said though . right wow okay okay . hold on hold on what's locked . oh my guess our keys it's because it's . locked. wow what's up guys yeah a little. surprise for right and it's gonna be a . fun video but i want to say what it is . cuz i don't want him to know but what . are you doing can you get up there run . up it and jump up no get up here watch . it's like a mario jump okay do that you . got a kick off the wall we gotta jump . that way a little bit a little bit so . when there's like when there's a wall to. wall you can like run around it's pretty. cool don't try that though what's going . you know like you gotta use your foot to . boost you away don't go near to hurt . your foot but so when you get you there . jump back. [music]. here i was a little better all right . let's go man all right hey keep your . eyes closed okay come on no hey can you . cover your eyes seriously no peeking . dude okay there's the big chair you're . talking about do what no if you peek all . right open them it's a fort . okay i should know i'm too big to be in . here is it awesome we get light in here . dude put the door up put the door up you . can click in place yes you there now you . got a door awesome or what dude what's . this thing do is this a chimney this is . so cool hey open up no you put you just . open your door the wrong way open it . this way there you go what do we got in . here you have a poop emoji that's . awesome i think that's just that maybe . that's your chair . look over here it says turbo toy time . i'm gonna knock on your door and i'm a . bad guy and you're gonna get me with a . nerf gun okay hello my name is bill i'm . actually a bad guy yeah i'm that guy my . name is bill so that's a pretty cool . secret skatepark fort mizanin this emma . built this yesterday what say thank you . to emma. yeah that's a terrible nerf box no all . right well we need to get we need to do . a else you can't be jumping on this look . how this fell down we need to build it . back up so you can have your own photo . yeah we got to be careful let's get the . guys they catch you pride play with this . just a little bit more go get to go get . two swords okay oh no i'm not gonna i'm . not gonna put you in the chimney you are . not santa sir dude can i please . can i please knock on the four door with . us word yeah all right let's go be . careful with those those are pretty hard . plastic anybody in there i'm trying to . steal your treasure these things are not . like play swords we all watch out with . these you know i'm saying oh i'll have . no one won that one everyone everyone . got everyone got beat up are you okay oh . anybody you in there oh my name is jack . i'm trying to sell you a fruit basket oh . my gosh you'll take one . oh look brian's getting the getting the . photo ready you get a brand new board if . you land this so bright names that you . can do it about you a pikachu like a . real live pikachu if you enter right . here you haven't done it yet bretton . [applause]. it's a it's photo time are you ready get . your photo taken well where'd it go it . goes on top on the very top okay buddy . this thing is it's really cool but you . can't shake it around too much okay . jerry yeah if you if you're calm it's . not dangerous but you got to because . we're gonna be watching it for you okay . so carefully walk up okay and put your . butt right there all right can you get . your ear elbows up okay now can you put . your elbows right there yeah but you . gotta look mad he make your eyebrows . look look at look at dad does this does . this with his eyebrows just like that . look angry okay and bryan ames doing the . magic got some good ones here help me do . it our instance does him stand up going . this . they make it a furious faceook a pyre . let me see it yeah those your muscles . yes good ones and he's back in the fort . the skate park fort okay i put a carpet . down this is the perfect situation lay . on your first shove it okay i'm even . gonna i'm even gonna do a some here i'll . hold your body alright now you really . spin that no no no no okay you want to . put you want to put your foot at the . very edge so you get a bunch of leverage . okay all right let's see it push down on . that tail oh my gosh that was it you try . to inward heelflips all right lean back . on that oh my gosh dude today's the day. oh my gosh you like actually pop that . right in you've got come on lean back . and feel it hey the mort . there you go dude you're gonna do it . no that was you fell off dude that was . it how did that feel all right now you . got to step up and do it on concrete . sometime right dude . congratulations i cannot believe you did . that he came close and then for a while . you just weren't coming close they just . did it okay i love you buddy . i'm so proud of you oh my gosh oh the. guys really you just breaking the news . without me there kevin hey this shove it . shove it my son my son just did his . first shove it did yeah yeah okay well . finally after all year of trying to . shove it you landed it i know it's on . carpet but that's the first step to . doing it down a set of stairs right one . day you finally get a new skateboard . you've been working hard for that maybe . you'll get a set up video from him but . let this be a lesson to you guys not . only to play with awesome forts that's . exactly what i was and you didn't and . you did it you wanted to give up at . times and then you kept going he made it . happen . i'm proud of you i love you thank you . guys for watching this video i do videos . all time a lot of skateboarding a lot of . lifestyle i do a video here on this . channel at least once a week with him . and we have a blast yeah so hit the . subscribe button right down below you . guys want your own skateboard right over . there where you were getting high fives . is our online skate shop where you can . get your very own skateboard . yeah there's we have a beat i own with . the bearded dude revived skateboards . view the local skate shop we do want you . to support them they can always carry . our skier but if not the strike force . trama here for you and either way go out . there and do something creative today . guys have fun. - have a great day thank you for . watching and uh . we'll see you very soon if you want sky . parity but i already said that i think i . said that the battery died mid clip so i . don't know what i said skateboard . skateboard success you can snap you. officially can stab . [music]. you put the poo in the window. [music]. .
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