First Day In Singapore! Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands & Gardens By The Bay⎮Singapore Trip 2018

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Hi everyone! Today was my first day in Singapore with my friend and as you can probably tell, I am absolutely loving it here! I am so amazed by Singapore's beauty and especially the gardens at Gardens by The Bay; I am just speechless. It was such a great day and I'm so happy that I can share it with you. I Hope you enjoyed and I will try my best to film as many vlogs as I can on my travels :) Sending my love! xxx
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[music]. [music]. [music]. hi everyone its jazmine and welcome back . to another video and to another treble . blog that we are here in singapore with . my friend. who knew. at around . p. m. say we check into our hotel and by . the time we everything ready it was . thirty hours behind . so we were super super tired. and we wake up this morning . and we are. it is imaginative. plaza singapura. [music]. [music]. [music]. so we are just walking around positing a . flora because it's hard . humid outside but just anything . it's really . but we actually. free so we're going to go in and check . it out . [music]. [music]. so just inside orchard essential now i . think we're going to be coming into a . lot of shopping centers because it's . just so hot and humid outside we're just . really not used to it but we're gonna go . to real food now i can get serbian . flasher to terian restaurant so we're . going to have an early lunch now and . then we'll do some work for it yeah we . have. [music]. so yes you'll be cafe now and we just . got our place i got the sweet potato and . chickpea cake with some . [music]. so after lunch we're planning to go to . the. seshu and also the gardens by the bay . which we are most excited for . i can't wait. bitches . okay just bigger in fates hands area and . or to braid it slowly moment . there is a lot to it around here . so far we are loving singapore it's so . nice . i find that enable agenda a really nice . as well and it's just really clean the . environment is great emcees . trades outside it's only tropical type . of greenery as well so it's just really . really pretty really different chameli . that's what i really like about just the . heat the heat yes it's paid even allowed . to get used to the humidity but i think . by the end of the week will be much how . to stop the car is so it is like a rocks . i'm so excited . i've never tasted such hot . [music]. [music]. my friend just found this a really cute . japanese firmware so let's call it take . your hands and i've never been in one . before i don't think they happen in . australia so it's a real really cool . they have everything here from stage . nation her to myself and it's just super . cute as well so we're just gonna have a . rather round and then afterwards gonna . go over to the immense fashion and also . just such a great way to avoid the heat . as well and orchard road is really cool . and full of shopping malls it's so great . if you want to go shopping in singapore . definitely come to orchard road . [music]. [music]. we are here now at the end of a line pod . but as you can see behind me the amid . lines that she's actually may be able to . see that today but that's okay because . it is for it's like . i think we're gonna study now and . there's instead we found a baby mer lion . fountain it is a lot more humid than it . looks i think my face is really red . right now because of how hot it is . so before we go to your garden spider . babe look and there try find a place is . cool down probably a cafe or something . and then we're going to go to the . gardens which we asked you but after . them but i am literally obsessed with . the via it is just stunning the view of . the river and everything so beautiful so . we're just walking into the shops at . marina bay which is just at marina bay . sands i'm so ready for the aircon . that was a needed . [music]. [music]. we are here in these flower join now at . gardens up ebay and it is so so . beautiful here i just honestly can't get . over it is so beautiful . i don't even think i'll be able to . capture how beautiful it is you have to . really just come here and see . it's slavery . [music]. [music]. as to how beautiful the spices it's . actually this slow overwhelming and very . meaningful day and we still have the . main part of the gardens to guys . really pretty blast i'm just like sided . agents are so beautiful like . [music]. [music]. so we're currently on the super grip . tree rule and it is even more stunning i . don't even know if i can just put into . words how beautiful this whole place is. i know i keep saying it but honestly . it's just yet mind blown it is raining . outside now really really happily but . luckily we miss hara and we were in this . subway station so not only just got out . - now you've got so don't we just . designed out . yeah . five of clubs but we did a bully i think. we cheated about 20,000 varieties but . that's a lot and we need to be. and then afterwards i think we go back . to our hotel because we just have so . much earlier today it's been crazy but . just an amazing ther same thing . sure. so i just got a bit of everything here. like broccoli cabbage beans . yum-yum-yum. hello everyone so we are back in our . hotel now and so basically after dinner . we just came straight back because we're . quite tired from all the walking so we . just decided to rest a bit this evening . and get ready for tomorrow because we . have a lot planned we are super super . excited and i'm super excited to share . with you tomorrow as well so yeah i hope . you guys enjoyed the very first vlog of . us here in singapore thank you so much . for watching if you enjoyed it and i . will see you tomorrow and one last thing . with reiger i just wanna say that i'm . super super grateful that i get to come . on this trip and travel it's been . amazing so far it's only been one day so . i'm super grateful and it's been amazing . getting to travel with my friend . courtney as well as she's such a great . travel buddy so she's just resting at . the moment but yeah i look for you . tomorrow and thank you guys so much you . can see . [music]. .
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