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"Why didn't women come out sooner against sexual harassers?" Well, because of questions like that, plus fear, shame, and a very dumb corporate mandate. Sam talks to Gretchen Carlson about forced arbitration.
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[applause]. to the show a lot of congressmen really . suck but did you know that a lot of . congress women are doing a pretty . awesome thing last month a bipartisan . congressional coven teamed up with some . of the few men in congress who don't . panic when they hear the phrase there's . been an accusation to introduce an . exciting new bill the name of our bill . is ending forced arbitration of sexual . harassment so what is forced arbitration . besides what i assume is a thrilling usa . network drama in its seventh season it's . something we pay even less attention to . from day one of many jobs that . prioritization and silencing of those . who come forward begins new employee . onboarding materials as you heard often . include these mandatory arbitration . clauses that employees don't even know . are their mandatory arbitrations . silences victims it limits opportunity . it protects powerful men and it breaks . the leadership ladders that we are all . working so hard to put in place to help . women succeed but remember ladies if. you're gonna climb those leadership . ladders make sure you don't wear a skirt . forced arbitration is a legal strategy. that allows corporations to bypass the . court system when companies do bad stuff . they can force accusers to use a private . arbitrator hired by that same company . with little chance to appeal when the . hyper trader rules in favor of the . company which it usually does just about . anything you do can be subject to forced . arbitration and you might not even know . it because it's buried in those terms . and conditions you don't bother to read . before downloading that app that tells . you which fish you look like you've . likely signed away your legal recourse . for any disputes that arise if you got. overcharged on your uber or got kicked . out of an air b&b for sleeping while . black or tried to get identity theft . protection from that company that . basically told hackers hey here's almost . everyone's personal information go have. fun you probably didn't even notice the . forced arbitration clause at the. beginning of our show saying that by . watching this program you agree to . arbitrate any complaints about trauma . caused when we make you picture mario . batali's penis having a pony tail just . like the one on his . you can't legally show it to you but . just know that it has the beard and the . crocs to first arbitration literally . takes away your legal rights it can . circumvent the courts on claims based on. the civil rights act the americans with . disabilities act the family and medical . leave act and the fair labor standards . act. not to mention that don't touch me act . the i'm a human being and it would be . nice to be treated like one goddammit . act and the jesus this is a job not . jabba the hutt's pleasure barge act . forced arbitration often mandates . non-disclosure agreements not only does . that keep stories from getting out to . the public he can also prevent employees . from sharing information about mutually . feared creepos and that enabled monsters. like roger ailes to continue subjecting . women to his genitals which might i . remind you one of his victims described . as looking like raw hamburger which is . the more disgusting mental image roger . ailes is raw hamburger john kerr mario . batali's penis ponytail cast your vote . on twitter hashtag genital bomber. gretchen carlson finally ended roger . ailes his reign of terror when she sued . him for sexual harassment prompting his. other victims to speak out with their . stories and since leaving fox with a . reported 20 million dollar settlement . she's become a high-profile activist for . ending forced arbitration in sexual. harassment cases and though she can't . appeal directly to the president on this . issue because she's no longer on fox & . friends. she can't appeal to other lawmakers by . going to capitol hill sexual harassment . is not partisan because women from all . walks of life and politics are targeted . it's time for all of us to hold hands . across the aisle and get something real . done for women that would be amazing . now listen you guys might not think of . gretchen carlson as an ally but on this. issue we agree so she graciously sat . down with me even though we made fun of . her for 12 straight years at my previous . gig you tell me what happened to you i . can't tell you any of the details . unfortunately and that's because and. that's because in society we've chosen . two ways to resolve sexual harassment. cases and they're both secret one is . settlements where the women can never . tell you what happened and the other is . forced arbitration which is also a . secret chamber so women can never tell . you what happened so the first rule of . forced arbitration is don't talk about . the forced arbitration but i can say . hypothetically if a woman's being . sexually harassed in the workplace and. she has an arbitration clause she's . screwed because see we've been fooling . our culture into thinking we had solved . this problem since an ada hill because . we don't hear about these stories but . the reason we don't hear about these . stories is because they're going to one . of two secret chambers you can't tell me . the details of your story but i'm going . to react as though you're telling me . your story based on what i know about . roger ailes okay . oh oh oh . [music]. is that about right do you speak to me . about the bill that you're working on . what i've been doing on capitol hill is . trying to get a bipartisan bill passed . to take forced arbitration out of . employment contracts on this issue i'm . very happy to say that in december i was . successful in getting a bipartisan bill . in the house and a bipartisan bill in . the senate to be introduced oh . rare bipartisan issue those are in . danger these days . very much so i hope don jr. doesn't try . to shoot it so people can get involved . on the local level they can change laws . locally they can change laws at the. state level they can call their members . of congress you can also be proactive . within the confines of your own . workplace structure you can get together. and say you know what maybe we should go . as a group and talk to hr and say we . don't like arbitration clauses in our . contracts you can have a voice inside . the workplace if there was ever a time . to do that . the time is now collectively our voice . is so much stronger than just one person . at this time of unprecedented discord i . think what will save the world is women . coming together across party lines . because they don't. [applause]. [music]. you. .
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