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We got some saltwater koi right here . there's a blue one come here babies you . don't want this dick do you oh that was . so cool oh my gosh the cobia what's up . ruff am so it is my birthday and we came . down to the keys this is gonna be like a . vlog we're gonna go in here and look at . these beautiful sharks right we are at . an aquarium encounter type of place we . might see some cool stuff i have no idea . so i'm just gonna throw this for a vlog . so let's do a real family so i just . walked over to this random dock and i . looked down and i was not expecting this . let's see look at all the pilchards look . at him look at him . alright oh they're like all sitting . there look at all the main groves and a . big parrotfish and oh my god the massive . school of wild pilchard that's so cool . broke that looks like a coil in here . look at that little guy he looks like a . koi the heck nothing's so pretty look at . him look at those colors guys it's just . salt water boy oh bro there's a whole . colony of koi i'm just gonna call these . guys khloe from now on this is so cool . we got some saltwater koi right here so . we're gonna get some quarters and get . some food real quick . and i'll show you guys real quick hey . baseball player can you spit oh there's . a blue one oh my god oh my god someone . please throw some food in oh uh hey guys . look at the lobster oh my gosh guys look . at the lobster come here hey mister . lobster come here hey can i touch you . please mister officer please hey how . about you hey hey buddy . premier hey can i touch you oh wait why . i'm not allowed . oh i'm sorry mr. lobster i love you guys . though you guys are so cool. hey mr. lobster can i touch you guys . i'll touch you guys look at all the . lobster this is so cool i would love to . have a little enclosure like this where . i live can't imagine having these little . pet lobsters they're so fricking guys . these are awesome oh my god this is like . literally my dream pawn right here . you're not allowed to touch it don't . touch the lobster all right ralph m so . if you guys want to see me make a video . of catching these guys in a couple weeks . whenever it's legal i will these guys . are so beautiful hi oh my goodness i . love you so much wait that's what i . could feed though opps alright let me . see. yeah it's a step okay oh use the stick . wait mom you use the stick come your . babies you don't want this stick do you . you don't want this stick take it take . it baby . oh okay well don't use the stick can't . be that's the best part . mom you're always going by the rules. you're so perfect right hand feeder turn . the mom on ventilator walk over here . woman over here which one i can't do any . of these without the glare . [music]. it's coming oh my goodness . fight to the death vibes oh my god . that's so cool mom that was awesome . and feeding lobster alright guys so we . just came over here and they have a . massive goliath grouper let's look at . this guy what's up bro how you doing . what's up buddy . oh my god this thing is so freakin cool . guys were extremely we're extremely . spoiled right now there's so much. awesome stuff at this little click mom . he's gonna get you hold up let me film . mama oh go to the glass by the glass let . me see like teeth oh my god those teeth . are serious mom do it again go low so i . could see it oh he took it oh she ran oh . that was so cool that was so cool thank . you so much hi babies hello look at the . teeth oh those aren't teeth oh it's like . a little like men like girl no one . realizes that you're freaking three feet . wide hello everybody hi my friends do . you want to join the wrong family no i . don't like that don't bite me mom these . guys are so funny if you don't feed them . and they just splash you they're like . you don't give me food bam enjoy being . soaked holy crap . that thing is massive keeps coming up . that's that's papa bear i were in the . wet zone like mr. jaws they almost don't . work oh my you better watch out before i. tell jaws jaws will come over here and . eat y'all you too big boy jaws will . mm-hmm yeah that's what i thought run. away sissy . what the heck is this oh my goodness . look at the yellow tail and the oh my . god a permit there's a cobia look like . tarpon jack or vile little oh look at . the moon fish oh my gosh . look at the lionfish mom you're so right. the lionfish oh my god guys this . lionfish is so gorgeous world record . puffer fish hi hi buddy oh you're so . close is massive look at this short . guy's jaws jaws by cooper guys you see . that little black right there that is . not a red grouper down at the block oh . my gosh the cobia it's not a chiclet yes . it is it's a beautiful mitos aka . chiclets they're gonna fly river look at . the fly river blake it's a male i'll get . his tail let's see if it's a guy or girl . hey turn around hey i think it's a girl . maybe i think it's a girl blake we could . breed yours. it's really short i buddy . that is an alligator snapping turtle if . i've ever seen one yeah . all right babies i'll talk to you guys . later . time to leave buddy see how they kick . backwards watch this i'm gonna scare . this one back into his hole go buddy go . go into your hole kick back . oh no one don't fight them what you do . in ralph am i'll actually kick back into . their holes and they'll have holes like . ten feet into a hole and they'll just . kick back there and be safe from all . predators hey buddy . all right off him i'll talk to y'all . later deuces guys nice seeing you let me . see there's a stingray. all right everybody you guys ready mom . i'm supposed to say on video . dad oh look at the course the blue buoy . oh my goodness dad move your fingers the . thing is gorgeous man who knew that they . had boy in saltwater designs oh you guys . i know i said they've been they've been . protected for over 35 years so all the . talk you're getting the restaurant this . is so cool this punk is staring at me . oh no this is conch chowder i don't care . all fam who knew that there was . saltwater koi that's just crazy to me . and they're just as beautiful as koi . they're actually called parrotfish . they're so awesome and they're so . beautiful we were actually just feeding . them what an awesome day . it's i'll tell you the name of this . place it's so cool it definitely needs . to be on the map because this place is . awesome just so many different aquariums . and places you could feed stuff and look . at stuff and black grouper and goliath . grouper and kobe's and just everything . guys this place is so amazing and i . didn't realize how beautiful parrotfish . were i mean they truly are just as . pretty as a koi i'm like debating what . is my new favorite fish right now ralph . m i love you guys and this is gonna wrap . up today's video i love you ralph m and. if you guys haven't subscribed to yet . again the fastest strongest fish and . family on youtube then out what are you . doing bro go down there smash that . subscribe button and join the rolfe em i . love you off em and i'll see you later . face alright guys so this place is . actually called aquarium encounters this . place is so awesome and if you guys . haven't came to this part of the keys . and check this place out i mean you guys . really show this place is so awesome . they keep they keep very well care of . their fish and it's just amazing just . something i would love to do one day and . something i would love to just come over . here and get a closer look at so i love . your off m and i told you guys i would . find out what the place is called i love . ralph m and i'll see you guys later . duce . .

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