Get Off The Bike Now!!! (Highway Patrol Australia)

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Riding 60km on the foot path in front of a busy GP....not too smart
In the busy pedestrian area of sunshine. west-leading senior constable dean . mcwire has spotted an unusual menace . tearing up and down the footpath the. trail bike gang under foot path on the. right hand side they're going to give it. a go. there's no mistaking the sound of a . two-stroke engine. get off the bike can i read whose bike. is at once it is fixed it why you're . right it down the footpath stand idiot . all right find somebody for me okay all . right well i got here is this young . bloke he's riding this trail bike he's . come roaring down the footpath now . helmet the bike is obviously. unregistered he just thinks he can roger . in destroyed what's your name early how . old are you 26 all right the bike . registered no no i wish i put over. understood gerald 11th no clear . unlicensed the bikes unregistered you. got no helmet on and you're riding on. the footpath it's silly in it year ago . i've got a girl % fuck off some of the . guys i like there's bald ass let me see. caesars it got 8000 just fucking pissing . 14 is it stolen nah dean can't give. bradley the benefit of the doubt and . goes to check who really owns this bike. what we've got here is wearing a busy . street we just had this young like we're. not young is 26 years old you've got an. 83 trail bike that's obviously never. been registered and come puffing down. the street doing 60 70 page narrow . footpath what i think is he might have . had a couple of drinks i'm going to give . him a breath test and see what the go is. you been drinking one drink i've watched. three how long ago very adaptable only . one came for the day yeah bradley says. he's only had one drink but that's not . going to help him no license means no . alcohol at all the result of the . preliminary breath test indicates that . you bite contains alcohol i require you. to come to sun shining i read this you . prepared to do that well you make a . wheel the bike employer and this bikes. only fit to be wheels because it's . completely unroadworthy if you have a. look here is you're making me from there. for your rear brakes he's what no rear. brakes on the bike over but it up the . prop rakes work really well but it so. he's only got front brakes on the bike. he's got no rear brakes front tires bald. to resize ball this bikes it's a recipe . for disaster so why did bradley take an. off-roader onto a footpath i was sat on . and took off and i've been think teen . takes photos of bradley's defective bike. for evidence this young man is looking . at more than one offense we just have a. look over here there's a medical thinner . car parks full is obviously people . coming and going from a medical better. he's gone pop that on the foot part that. is 50 60 70 an hour just no regard for . anyone at all if someone had to walk. down there if they've had to be non . thought if you had a running on nicholas . driving on a foot part river trail bike . bradley is back at the station for an . evidential breath test just take one. deep breath to display knots and . constantly into irts toppings . they've gone take down take down take. down that'll do yes that's fine thanks. it's only just over the 0 limit but it's . more than enough to land bradley in . trouble his choice of t shirt isn't. going to help him either i'm freaking to. thank you on the side of the place while. by the bouncer at regard or fraternal . baker and doesn't i see it beating up on . cops maha teacher says sonja legal . should get caught and bradley's joyride . is going to cost him dearly he's just . lucky no one was injured he will what . happened with bradley today one point oh . three two so he'll get a court i don't . know friendly learn his lesson today but. we'll wait so maybe you will writing in . my wife. [music]. .

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