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Good morning why my viewers know i'm . outside i know right don't know why i'm . outside lovely gray england weather oh . gosh it's so amazing i mean jeez anyway . i just wanted slide say a few things . jake pools that name alone annoys and . the jet full unloaded a video and he . said this jakey and then log in our . training for the ksi deji fight and . that's not the case i literally probably. don't even have to train for it . literally don't even have to have to . train for that easier fighter by all . means don't train it just means i get to . break your face even more oh and . fouseytube. wants to fight dude i don't want to . fight you. i can't be asked to fight you i don't. want to be a bully i really don't want . to i don't want a bully because i would . bother you my son i would buddy even . though you're bigger than me and . everything put on weight that's easy but . i'm just saying that i don't the same . all right now honestly what i'm trying . to say youtube your cool guy i like you . i've never not liked you you alright i'm . just saying vitali would beat you in a . fight like you don't have to get angry . over it he just he would body he would . smash you that's it you're a cool guy. you're a nice guy i'm pretty sure you're . a nice guy i would love to meet you . sometime but i'm saying this right now . you would get you would get slapped up . you get slapped up like your leg would . end up being correct also on that note . of egg stealer all those old freaking . songs something kind of like messed up . in an in a way humpty dumpty sat on a . wall humpty dumpty had a great fall turn . around someone dying got punched by a . russian yeah i'm gonna i'll show you . that my coach is you wanna say i'll show . you that right guys so she's russian and . she's gonna punch me that's what you. need to learn . honestly you guys say oh you got beat up . by a girl oh you got beat up by a girl. listen man first of all she's russian so . already she's got strength everybody . knows when russians are born they don't . drink milk they drink vodka all right . definitely i'm pretty sure she could . beat you up too so don't even say any . why am i outside i'm going inside what . why why am i outside you don't liquid . teeth. [music]. give me all your money because you know . they do this in rocky and all that so . it's much why do you kill my baby you . take one side my heart a sponge that's . sick thing is i forgot to tense now i'm . cleansing long punch made in a lot of . parts you're next thank you bike so now . that is really pungent if i eat the . weakest in our family say are you okay . for you . [music]. [music]. .
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