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Caption: No i don't have some tarantulas yeah . i've got i got some big orange needs . arrested about that size wait wait how . big about that size across there's like . a small dinner plate welcome to my vlog . guys yeah this is a tarantula on my face . if you can't tell we're about to prank. team ten and erica my girlfriend before . we get into that we came up with a . really really dumb idea allow me to . explain we are professional idiots . correct it is currently pouring rain . here in los angeles check this out los . angeles los angeles and we are bored out . of our minds guys if we even have minds . that's arguable so chad comes from you . this morning and shows me um this video . how did he come up with debbie drunk it . was like 4:00 a. m. i'm not walking down . this hill that's okay he didn't want to . walk down the hill basically what we're . doing right now is we are going to . replicate that video except we're . raising the stakes we are putting $5, . on a drag race we currently have two . trash cans in the back of this pickup . truck and we are going to find a giant . hill and drag race down it honestly . jahna stupid my people i'm currently . trying to find like a steep hill but . that like eventually flattens out so . that it's not like completely youtube . channel on youtube if you're new here my . name is jay paul you guys are in the . jake pollard's and we keep it lit on a . day to day to day to day basis by the . way nathan like you know the other day. when i when i broke your rubik's cube i . felt really bad banned and i actually . like personally went to the store and i . got you a new rubik's cube buddy is that . the same one that you had sorry what is . our life right now this is what we do . when we're bored and not yo i'm gonna . just let you be not a little bit of a . secret right now okay so the secret is . is that i had a giant giant tarantulas. coming to the team ten house right now . and i am going to prank team 10 like . with these tarantulas i'm gonna take it . up to nick crumpton you're not scared . nick crompton gates come on i can only . imagine how he's going to react when . there's a tarantula in his face guys . like i said what most late youtube . channel so if you haven't already give . that subscribe button a little bit about . punch kick and if you're really feeling . lucky you can give it a little bit of a . real if you smash the subscribe button . you will lynn lynn lynn win win the . lottery tonight i never thought that i'd . be riding the rest of youtube's merch . down a hill. get it trash on the real though this . march is like the softest march like the . joggers are combined with the hoodie . like the mindset hoodie it's it's it's . not only waterproof which is why the . rain doesn't affect it at all it is also . punch proof and i'm just really hoping . that it's like pavement proof because if . i go flying off of the trash can there's . only one way to find out if it's baby . the good news is is that i got this blue . trash can like my lamborghini ah man i . go fast and use the guy who made that . video bribing the trash came down the . hill i just want to say your alleged . [music]. so can i be the flanker yeah you can . totally be the flag okay . wow i want . how's the mostly thing i've ever done in . my life we should probably leave . i don't have to train for this fight me . this kid i think it's a joke is it too . late now to say sorry. okay um erasing trashcans 4201 dispatch . that is correct the complaint says they . were racing trash cans down a hill shut . up and unload the goddamn trash cans out. of the back my goddamn truck the winner . $5,000 cash all i had to do to win this . money is drive a trash can down hold on . put your coffee down wow feels good to . be rich anyway since i do have all this . cold hard cash i decided you know why . not be a good friend i'm broken nathan's . rubik's cubes two times now i went out . to the store and i actually got you . another rubik's cube jake i hit that one . you i how do you still find that one . yeah speaking of like topical things. like that i have a couple up dates for . you basically you guys saw my third . brother it was definitely not me my . third brother logan my third brother. yesterday xavier paul ii hacked my . youtube channel super sorry about that . if you haven't seen the video go go . watch it and also turn on your post . notifications if you're not watching the . video that one yeah dylan today's post . notifications shadow it goes to samuel . frank from iowa samuel thank you so much. if you want to post them begin shadow . all you have to do is turn on those push . notifications the comment that when . you're done however also mini jake paul . is here yo i got you a lamborghini and. this is how you're gonna treat me do you . like spiders just random questions you. do you like spiders okay see you later . buddy. thank god titus likes spiders because i . have it however guys another update yo . the tour tickets are selling like i got . church and there's seven like charges . they haven't even gone on sale to the . general public like let yet there's . literally not that many tickets left and . they officially they officially go on. sale friday at 10 a. m. so like make sure . you guys are ready like i'm not even . joking do you know how the merger sells . out the mindset structure which are. almost gone so go and have yourself some . of those if angela backs well your mom . and the two tickets are literally . selling like a got church so friday . 10:00 a. m. marketing your calendars . that's when like everyone is going to be . able to buy them guys i really want to . see you however it's tarantula time so i . hired a professional animal trainer his . name is jules yo just my guys jules guys . put your black belt i get ready for this . tarantula video do you remember last . time we were together . had a whole bunch of snakes logan i had . a rough patch yeah it was cool my ears . have not drunk a hundred words of that . tongues utterance if my heart's dear. love i gave it's making hissing noises. don't worry i was just as a girl it's . fine no i don't have some tarantulas . yeah i've got i got some big orange need . to ranted about that sighs i got to fake . ones okay guys the plan is to have the . real one i think you're gonna hold it . you'll hold it like and we'll walk up . we're gonna walk up to the team ten . members and then i'm gonna have the fake . one in my hand and they're gonna think . it's real because they see him having . the real ones there and then i'm gonna . come up behind them and like throw it at . the team demo this is what its gonna . look like he's gonna have the real one i . love the road one hit the practice shot . right this theoretically it's gonna have . like kind of an undercover angle we're . gonna get chance and anti-gaming first . we've done it's a tarantula twitch . anymore oh jack we're top 20 get this . thing out of here. [music]. grab chance grab chase no it's not any . turns off . it's a flying. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. it's a points my life have you ever seen . a spider it's nice right pretend oh well . he's the only one that's scared of it oh . you want to see a real one you want to . see a real one. so you said yeah then no so what do you . want to see yo these are two good guys . while we wait for erica to get here i . think it's time to do a tarantula photo . shoot i'm gonna put the real tarantula . like on my face like this and then model . like nathan's gonna take the pics . all right as they lean back a little bit . so that that's ranch that can rest on my . face have you done this before on the . last guy didn't look so good but i mean . he'll be fine this is down starting . right beside you definitely have some . hooks. there is in my ear that was nothing i'm . terrified of spiders that's not funny . i'm terrified of you but i'm sorry do . you want it like your photo shoot . actually would you would you do a photo . shoot with it on think about this thing . about this kind of still in a bikini . with a sweater with with a spider yeah . on my italian couch you can do photo . shoot i put it on my face no there is no . me to hold your hand yeah it's a girl . just so you know yeah it's a girl . tarantula so yes ago time so you don't . know be like a bob i don't know erica . hold your hand hold your hand until it's. ready huh i think i think she likes you . i think it's okay. [music]. definitely got a thumbnail high-five . teamwork jerrica guys that is the vlog . for today thank thank you so much for . watching guys smash that subscribe . button change your mindset on life think . positively think like you're gonna win . set goals for your life get your tour . tickets friday at 10 a. m. and i will see . you tomorrow because every day roadies . join the everyday pro movement people . and calc your self some of the hottest . urged in the game go right now because . the take collars sell everything out and . slash no subscribe button and join the . most lit youtube channel on youtube i'll . see you all tomorrow . [music]. .

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