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Vlog #1418 - Today, our dog Lazy has passed away. Goodbye my friend.

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All right you ready oh my gosh it's way . below is already coming off of . [laughter]. [music]. [music]. what's going on you guys can't be on the . camera here bridge of us right there . [music]. this sucks. [music]. i mean you can probably tell by the . title of the vlog and if you're . following us on social media . lazy passed away today. [music]. there's a good boy . [music]. and you lived a short life . you know i know i said some jokes on. vlog you know he hates me and i hate him . but you guys didn't see behind the . scenes you know i pretty much would end . up going to sleep beholding him every . night you know i always woke up but he . was there and i would check to make sure . he's alive. oh he took me on that bed dude i had . like this much bed were just lazy yeah . he always took mine. tomorrow's actually his birthday yeah . i'm getting so dry i'll leave man. [music]. how am i gonna sleep with now me you he . was a good boy he was a boy he was he . was our sweetest dog you know bella. sometimes is a bitch you know why the . old quad sweet yeah . but lazy he was just so pure and he. never left bridget's side what about me . lazy you took her from me okay you took . her from he was the first that i really . loved and had a huge interested it's . gonna suck i just hope he knew how much . i loved him . oh he knew virgil i hope bro he you did . so much for these dog you still do i . took him in you know and i searched i've . it down the street he's just looking out. the window happy he's happy he was he. knew bridges and lay do you realize what . you rescued him from you were asking him. from certain death he would have died he . would have and you rescued a man but . it's just so short eight years eight he . was nine and a half years . oh no ten years don't know about ted . bridget we gotta meet about a year old . we've had him for a year so he was nine . i just want to go back in time . you think i don't think about that every . day i would love to go back in time and . just go chat with dad . i know hold please . [music]. he was your first little baby too i know . you like to make jokes but i got a . lovely you got picture proof yeah i love . lazy r and he hated me today i know you . bridget wow . okay i got a call saying lazy went into . cardiac arrest and they're trying to . bring him back to come in as soon as . possible . and i like i got dressed i was bawling . my eyes out and i almost punched you and . kim in the face yeah i'm out of my . frickin way yeah you were very angry i . can see and then we got to the vet's . office oh that will you were going to . hit us there oh it's gonna hit the . doctor it's not his fault bri it's not . and i know that and i feel bad for the. seeming so cold oh come on . like he said there were a bitch yeah . that's what he's doing right now . you know all i was doing to live her in . the news pitch he's not thinking about . that bridget okay he's done so lazy . today had to get some dental surgery had . to get a tooth extracted and he died . instantly they he just they use . heart-friendly like anesthesia x' and . they they knew about his heart problem . but he just went instantly yeah i mean . it just it blows they really freak it . blows we shouldn't have done it i know . but i had to think about it though you . know it was a pain i had to do it yes . bridget the thing is that you have to . remember us like you know he had the . hard problem if it was that bad then the . next six months would have been misery . for that dog it's true i mean if it's. hard had to be like super freakin weak . if he's gonna die seconds anesthesia. we'll be back you guys we want to talk . more about this i love you lazy . i miss you you're a good boy i miss my . friend. [applause]. [music]. hey guys. [music]. hey and she said why you feel me what . did i do wrong . hey girl they don't know do they can. they tell they'll probably get the idea . when you know they don't see him ever. again you be carl hi hey you hop on up . glide what up buddy you guys hungry . you know brigitte we were gonna give . that food to lazy tonight where's . birthday. [music]. sorry this feels so close we have two . dogs in one . you too big for this guy . [music]. you know we got lazy when july 4th . weekend and that's what we always said. his birthday was july 4th so we were . celebrating his birthday tomorrow july . 4th guys just really sad . bridget rescued lazy from the trailer . park and she gave him a good life happy . birthday. [music]. you can unset the top or the side i'm . like a weird like sense of fate . weirdness one door closes the other . opens we get oh not us but kim has a new . puppy today hi mark break in the next 12 . years hi what is that you're holding . a little puppy eat up eat up lunch . that's gonna be it for today you guys . thanks for watching getting out of here . i realized it's a short vlog this is . coming in at the two minute mark and . we're gonna talk for another like a . couple of minutes here but this is a . hard day this is our second really hard . law since december it really does suck . lazy was a member of the family . bridget's best friend ladies better . friend than i am. [music]. worried about you i'm worried about . bridget folks . she's well she's this close to snapping . worried about her this does suck . you know i saw some people on twitter . like oh it's just a dog it's not yeah i . can say it to me it was just a dog don't . get no fights or judge we no lazy was . more than a dog yeah i know he was our . friend he was just a great boy he was . great. i just hope wherever he is that it's . happy and not looking for me or . something you know i have a my my theory . is if there's an afterlife when you get . there you're not worried about surface . shit you know worried about stuff from. earth if there's an afterlife i believe . that too i feel like once you get there . you're like oh man fuck all those people . you know yeah you say you know he's up . there with dad right now and dad's . destroying the heaven you know the . heaven kitchen and he's barking at him. you know he's uh he's gonna be missed . he was a great boy he was. [music]. ya know. [music]. what we got to do is . all we can do is just keep going on . he'll never be forgotten he will never . be replaced. i've never even seen a boston terrier . that looks like him either . ever i see millions i've seen somebody . that looks like lazy that lazy lazy . everywhere no manny look different he . had his own uniquely he had a little . gray tail kind of like a distinguished . man you know kind of like you know . richard gere you know like he he's just . as handsome like salt-and-pepper haired . like man you know he pulled it off he . pulled off salt-and-pepper better than. me you know but he's gonna be missed . he was a great dog he was a great friend . he was her shadow sometimes when you . wouldn't see him on vlog it's because . he's right below bridget's feet yeah . lonely with two dogs and no sister . brought over a puppy well life continues . president you know now this is their . puppy their animal their friend yeah . don't be angry about life not you're . bitter right now you're i ain't know it . yeah you are oh i'm not i'm fine doesn't . she seem it folks we're gonna get out of . here thanks for watching you guys love . your animals you know they're more than . they're more than your pets or your . family they are man they're your friends . are the nicest they don't judge you they . love you unconditionally they don't care . if like i punched that hooker in the mad . you know they don't care about any of . that they just love know i've always . just loved all my dogs you know . [music]. .
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