Gourmet Chef Makes A Big Mac Super Fancy

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It's your good ol' McDonald's Big Mac, but like you've never seen before.
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James Briscione
Oh my god i forgot ketchup caviar . i'm james percy oh director of culinary . research here at the institute of . culinary education today we're gonna . make your big mac meal fancy so we're . gonna start things off here with a . little french fry mousse . we took our large french fries blended. them with a little bit of hot milk which . makes this beautiful creamy potato puree . and we're gonna load that into the . whipping canister here that's gonna . create a beautiful silky potato mousse . [music]. all right so that's potato mousse now. ketchup caviar i love ketchup on my . burger ketchup can look a whole lot . better we're gonna start here with just . a bit of water and agar we're gonna take . that and whisk it into the water and . you're like a guren stead of gelatin is . that because it will stay gelled at warm . temperatures where gels is gonna . dissolve really quickly so the agar and. water mixture has come to a boil now we . just turn that down and add our ketchup . let that ketchup and anger cook together . for just a moment so agar and ketchup . mixture in the squeeze bottle this is . where things get fun we've got a bath of . cold oil so this is oil that's been in . the freezer and is now sitting over ice . so it's super super cold we take our hot . ketchup agar mixture and we're gonna. drop it into ice-cold oil so if we add . it drop by drop we're gonna get perfect . little pearls of ketchup really cool . little trick you can do this with any . kind of liquid fruit juices and and . really anything you want now we just . scoop these guys up and drop them into a . little water to rinse there it is . ketchup caviar. i think we're ready to play so here we . go we got our big mac when in grab a . plate of just some extra kind of typical . burger toppings pickles lettuce tomato . onion we got our mustard and ketchup. we're ready to go we're actually gonna . start here a little bit of ketchup and a . little bit of mustard all right you know . you need that on your burger right next . to each other and then gonna take a . paintbrush and just run that right . through nice little base there we've got . our french fry loose just going to kind . of drop a little bit of that down around . the plate that's gonna just kind of set . up the frame for our burger . now our big mac take this bad boy apart . i've got one patty with the cheese and . then another paddock so we're gonna put . take those two guys slice those and just . kind of frame them up and they're gonna. rest right here between that french fry . move so now we're starting to set up a . little bit of framing a little movement . on the plate bun is gonna give us some . nice little texture so i'm gonna take . that bun actually tear it into pieces . and just drop it right around here so . now we're starting to kind of fill out . this plate we're getting a good look . that right around there then our . little garnishes here so we've got our . pickles and just drop some nice pickles. right in there . the love pickles so we're going with . lots of these a little bit of onion tuck . those right in i love these little rings . right here now a bit of our tomato just . cut it up into some small pieces get . some different shapes happening so they . tuck right in and then finish it off . with some nice fresh lettuce here get a . nice little shape on the back just like . this drop three of those around there . i'm looking really good so our burger is . plated and then we finish it off with my . favorite piece that ketchup caviar it . would just grab a little bit of our . caviar there and now we're going to drop . it right in there . [music]. and with ketchup caviar there it is the . big mac meal transforms. [music]. .
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