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Today is 2018! and we look back at some of the things we did in 2017. Thank you so much for sticking by us all year :)
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!
Hello hello hello welcome to 2018 no . it's a new year dude it is a brand new . you know it's 2018 know yesterday was. 2017 i'm pretty sure the whole world. knows it you're wrong . eat it hey welcome to the new year korra . is sure your little girl you're gonna be . crawling you're gonna be walking you'll . be running gonna be playing me ripping . gifts open next you ready . welcome to the vlog guys it is current . date it's 2018 happy new year welcome to . our first vlog on the channel of the new . year baby . today is gonna be completely different . than most of our vlogs because we are . gonna look back at some of our moments . from 2017 some of the things we did some. of the things we went through and that's . what we're gonna do right now thank you . so much for being a part of our year . let's roll 2017 . [applause]. [music]. [music]. he's coming home soon okay . [music]. [music]. oh. [music]. we have four more weeks exactly is it . gonna be a boy is it gonna be a girl you . just did you're ready stomp grandpa not . doing well they're a little puffy . looking out that window that's a lot of . lights my friends . [music]. back inside here zeus where is flat flat . [music]. yesterday we hit three billion total . views on this channel which is uh yes . one you're like a super dork right now . that would suck society dude this . [music]. you sure you sure you still wanna go . skydiving mom stop she has like . relentlessly asked me we're going . skydiving right when are we going. skydiving. she turns 80 we should go for your . birthday that's amazing . [applause]. [music]. you're gonna have a little sister yeah . [applause]. [music]. her little heart . [music]. britain 26% yep boy you're not the . biggest animal in the house no more all . the bags at toy fair are slop ball all . the bags the zeus has to like literally . has to go to the vet right now it's okay . baby. i'm in even new . so he said it's either cancer or a lung. disease i love this dog i don't believe . it it's the worst it's just the worst i . [music]. thank you guys enough for the just . overwhelming support of the from. everything from tweets to comments to. advice to email this is probably the . hardest thing for me to look at and . they're everywhere tennis balls i know . that right now zeus is i know he has . infinite tennis balls right now . and he's he's chasing our seas. just miss them guys so much . is the best dog oh here it is best . friends come into our lives and lead paw . prints on our hearts . zeus 2010 2017 thank you so much you . have no idea how awesome it is to us . and it's living in our house that love . it straight my office . dude this is am evan evan thank you so . much for this flash but remember him . do you remember him this brody what's up . brody what is n i love love could have . saved you you would have lived forever . that is so cute . [music]. [music]. [laughter]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. everyone's round in rocketballz rakim . midget we all look awesome in this photo . mama happy new kitchen table dude looks . like hamburgers. [music]. [music]. [music]. the clothes did you see a man . [music]. okay if you see behind me we have almost . filled the entire wall is this something . we wanted to do when we built this . building all of your artwork everything . you guys have made all the way down and . by tomorrow this is done okay the full . wall look at that i love it stop it . [music]. [applause]. [music]. oh my god can't breathe oh that's like . pulse that doesn't feel good that's like . a lecture she's officially again on the . belly. [music]. let me settle minute thank you i enjoyed . [laughter]. let's go you dodge the water . [music]. but what is going about in here . are you ready baby's first mud run go oh . like nothing. how cool is that i got here little boy a . beautiful red car take this car smash it. that thing is up there. flash atwood oh my god you are so fucked . don't even act like you in a notorious . boy. [music]. [applause]. [music]. look at this look at this place look at . this place we're gonna be performing . something here that's like i don't think . i've ever seen any use you were ever try . to do. [applause]. do you think they're gonna do it. ah. [music]. just listen to it . the noise of it . [music]. [applause]. [applause]. [music]. dumb what is it new this can't be good . there's no. [music]. [applause]. and you gotta get into character. [music]. my dad has made me take it inside do the . whole house or the whole roll inside . [music]. [applause]. look like willow trees. [music]. [applause]. [music]. yeah . [music]. so yeah something you really like it. sounds so creepy to say this but we have . some updated baby pictures today this is . our baby girl and she's coming super . soon so look at her she's in there just . gonna have this baby and it was gonna be . our next video and i keep basically . fishing vlogs back so that we can make . this baby video and it's just not. happening first words out of her mouth . was we're having this baby today and i . think what . [music]. was moving around enough to wake you up . i just done i'm patiently waiting on . baby. last night britney was a toughie thought . it was on this morning . she sucks she's so grounded she's . grounded i love baby girl i know i know . it's discouraging it can't be much . longer. [music]. she is passed out she's got the biggest . cheese i've ever see she got chunks on . her eyeballs you cross your feet right . there cross your feet late yeah . kane brought you balloon baby girl cares . check her out. he's like wait is he really here . [music]. well guys we finally get to come on this . vlog and tell you guys that our baby is . here our baby girl is here i love . [music]. because we finally have our baby girl's . name and it's kind of a fun easter it's . kind of a crazy story like we're . originated from it was the daughter of. zeus which is crazy because we did not . we did not know that . okay guys her official name is cora co . our egg are you doing cora are you doing . girl oh it's perfect . good job little girl man she is back . tanner what does it ever drip a full . size . no . [music]. no no . seems like she's loving it into the mega. joke . [music]. [applause]. my yacht wiser to nitro and tux . [music]. yes look at this thing's the coolest . thing ever. [music]. go time it's good time . [music]. [music]. [music]. john felt like the best way to order . drive-through . [applause]. [music]. oh my god . [music]. [music]. honor . the god's honest truth country is never . driven a street bike note neither of our . ever. [music]. [applause]. [music]. all my never never see no doubt of the . [music]. nine-year anniversary to this beautiful . girl are taking a gigantic atwood flesh . smith family trip . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. do that roof is awfully close oh my god . [music]. meet holden he is a rock star he's gonna . kick these things but and i gotta show . you all the these basically fan letters . okay this is just from yesterday not not . [music]. [applause]. me what we're doing for these families . these kids is absolutely amazing and i'm . proud of it . [music]. [applause]. [music]. oh my god . [music]. don't know what no poor girls like you . 24 years i do . [music]. [music]. [applause]. oh oh my god hey boys what are you doing . what are you doing huh . you guys trying to pick the locks huh . you got the gold chains just picking . locks what hey are you ready for the new . year 2018 that means that means another . birthday . that means cool stuff that means another . christmas that how you guys ready yeah . you'll be picking locks by 2019 boys no . you ready for the new year . oh yeah all right guys so that was our . montage of events from 2017 and we are . about to see the ball drop it is about . to be a new year 2018 incoming huh it's . not working it's not i didn't touch . anything that balls about to drop guys i . didn't touch it i didn't touch it ain't . touch it i dare you i double dog dare . touch it touch it see what happens a . little rebel nothing to happen huh it's . dropping it's dropping . 29 28 27 pieces . cora's asleep where's the secret guys . quiet it already says midnight happy new . year eight seven don't wake up the baby . [music]. [applause]. there's my boy i love you guys happy new . [music]. also it is some sparkling apple juice . get your new vlog channel no more apple . juice alright so that was our entire . 28th of my boy oh boy . 2017 we are whole year in about 20 . minutes that's that's that seems like . our year right there's about 20 minutes . long it's what it feels like to be here . we as a family all of us we cannot thank . you enough hi baby . she's really watching you vlog right now . hi baby. you'll be crawling soon yeah totally . we cannot thank you enough for being a . part of our year let's keep the vlogs . rollin keep them uploads coming and . let's stay positive guys keep smiling . more we love you you're beautiful you're . one of a kind smile . you. .
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