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Struggling to transition away from some of your fav foods??
Well this videos makes it super easy to swap for some healthier alternatives to your favs! Let me know if this was helpful i love knowing my videos help you all!
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Caption: [music]. hi everyone and welcome back to my . channel and i have chrissy back with me . so today we're doing a different video . it's not recipes its food swaps so we . always get asked on our social media . channels i really love this ingredient . but i know i know it's not the best is . this something i could swap it for so . we've combined combined our whole list . of food stocks i think you guys are . really gonna love yeah and it's . definitely good to feel like you're not . missing out maybe when you start. transitioning to like a more balanced. healthier lifestyle yeah no never want . to feel deprived or not be able to go to . a bar cura birthday party and not enjoy . things or even when our kids have . birthday parties i still want everyone . to be completely satisfied with the food . but if there's something that i can stop . it would to be even healthier then i'm . gonna do it absolutely absolutely . there's such easy swaps as well like yes . cool all right let's get started . pasta i'm not saying to never ever eat . pasta again pasta is delicious and it's . a meal that i know myself and my husband . were brought up with so kind of brings . back emotional memories of our childhood . but there is healthier options that you . can have and i find pasta is a very . heavy carbohydrate and it's very hard to . digest compared to a vegetable so we're . going to swap pasta for this so you're . swapping it for zucchini pasta so. basically this is just plain zucchini . spiralized to look like pasta now you . can do this with sweet potato you can do . this with carrot loads of vegetables and . you know you're getting extra fiber . vitamins and minerals into your diet . instead of something that's quite hard . to process. things that are hard to digest in our . body can make us really bloated whereas . fiber it's going to help keep things . moving and like i said it's really good . for you so that's an easy yummy healthy . swap next up is cheese now cheese's one . where if it works for you then that was . amazing and for my daughter she had . cosmic protein intolerance so i had to. get creative and think about what i . could have and what she could have that . wasn't cheese a really good option and a . swap for cheese is this nutritional use. this is one that a lot of people perhaps . haven't tried before it's not a . substitute for binding so if you've got . a recipe that requires cheese for a . binding purpose it's probably not the . best option but this is a really good . like nutty cheesy flavor i love adding . it to like pasta. to sprinkle it on top of salads like . it's really versatile and the best thing . about it is because it is a like . vegetarian the vacant option is also. really high in b vitamins what gonna do . so a good option as well up next is . chocolate of course we all love . chocolate we all love sweet things but . at the end of the day we know it does . not hold any nutritional value it does . not make us feel good . floats us it's not easy to digest and . there is better options out there so i . want you to swap chocolate for this my . clean treats there are so many flavors . soldier caramel chocolate chip comb . almond dough literally all of the . ingredients are 100% natural refined . sugar-free gluten-free and dairy-free so . if you have allergies or you just don't . want to be eating playing chocolate . because like i said it's not very good . for our bodies this is an amazing swab . that tastes so delicious the roche air . flavor which is like a hazelnut flavor . tastes exactly like the real thing of a. ferrero rocher so you can't go wrong . with these bad boys next up is chips of . course and these are really like common . party food but there are so many amazing . options and place of chips or even corn . chips as well and chips really don't . hold any nutritional value whatsoever so . a really good option to swap chips with . is this tortelli red so you want to do . is like slice them into little triangles . and then pop them into the oven you can . really lightly spray them with coconut . oil if you need to i love putting mine . in the george foreman or like a sandwich . press and then once pick once they're . crispy you can see from them if you want . to you could even use nutritional yeast . and then you've got a really nutrient . dense or more nutrient dense and chips . option foot chips . up next is soft drink or fizzy drinks i . feel like everyone grew up on these but. they really like instead of with other . items there is no nutritional value full . of sugar. full of crap and they're gonna make you . feel so bloated and horrible i would not . give this to my son i don't drink it . myself . but there is a healthy alternative so . you can swap all fizzy drinks for this . this is just sold in my local woolworths . and it is a busy . coconut water and it's got natural . flavorings in it so this one is a . blueberry flavor i'm pretty sure you can . get a lime and coconut flavor even. mineral water is another great option . and you can add your own fresh fruit . and next up is ice cream i know this is . one that feels so comforting when you . eat it but afterwards it can often it . makes you feel lethargic tired just not . great i'm and also ice cream again the . once again doesn't really have a lot of . nutritional value for you a really easy . swap for ice cream is office banana ice . cream and this is one that we made in a . previous video so you can check that out . to get the recipe but basically banana . ice cream is a really good option . instead it holds so much more nutrients . so it's packed with fiber potassium like . vitamins minerals antioxidants and it's. just so much more nourishing than normal . ice cream and also just tastes as good . like just as delicious as well so this . one also has has added greens powder . which i just think is like a huge. benefit as well you can basically add . whatever you want to your own ice cream . and make it suit you . up next is two-minute noodles now i . looked in the back of the ingredients of. this and there's 22 ingredients in there . whereas you can swap two minute noodles . for this . this has three ingredients so the . determinant noodles there's loads of. sugar . there's gluten there was weight there. was preservatives it's so processed so. once again if you don't like feeling . boys it's probably not gonna be the best . thing for your body it's not something i . would give my children or even my . husband rice noodles pure rice tastes a . lot better easy to digest and it's gonna . feel leave you feeling nice and full for . longer alright next up is white rice . again i fell asleep a sincere is a good . time but there's just not as many . nutrients in white rice sauce a rice . shouldn't be eaten again this just . options for healthier alternatives i . know i feel best when i'm swapping rice . for this cauliflower rice so this is . super simple to make at home you can . basically just grab a hit of cauliflower . whip it and be like if you've got a . firmer mix we're just to blend that well . you can even just finely chop it by hand . and then you can add it to things like . fried rice you can steam it and it's a . really good option it's obviously a . vegetable so there's so many nutrients. in vegetables and it's just a really . simple alternative to making the rice up . next is a chocolate milkshake chocolate . milkshake is something that i grew up . with and i loved but i'm also now very . intolerant to dairy it bloats me and . makes me break out i feel very lost . after i've eaten and i find a lot of . people these days most people i speak to . really cannot digest dairy very well and. even a lot of our young children a lot . of my friends have kids and they all . react to dairy and if you find that . you're saying to watch a lot of health . documentaries the one food group you'll . see most health experts recommend to cut . out is dairy so i want you to swap . chocolate milk for this so this is a . chocolate greens part of this is amazing . my son loves it it's got so many green. nutrients in there and it tastes like . chocolate so you can mix this up with . coconut milk almond milk mix it in a . smoothie add more raw cacao if you like . or just simply have it with water it is . amazing and knowing that you can still . have that chocolate here but get all . those green nutrients and therefore your . energy for your moods for your skin for . your digestive system it just does your . body wonders so this is one of my . favourite swaps next up is salad . dressing this is the one that i . personally found the hardest to . transition from i would have like . massive salads with really nutrient. dense ingredients and then i would. absolutely smother it with dressings. like these until i read the back of them . so many of them are filled with refined . sugar preservatives artificial flavors. flavor enhancers and overall they're. just not really adding value to your . salad so i love to swap my store-bought . dressings for this apple cider vinegar . and then whatever seasonings i want to . add so i often sprinkle a little bit of . episode of vinegar on crack a little bit . of like salt or even like garlic salt. chili sold and there's my salad like it . is such a good option to add it helps . with your digestion in terms of having . with stomach acids as well so it also . can help you break down your meal or . just eat like help your meal digest a . little bit better as well so when it. comes to sources i this is probably the. thing that i really struggle with the . most when i was transitioning to a . healthier lifestyle most jar bought . sources or bottled sources are full of . preservatives so much sugar really high . in sodium and they're not going to do . anything for your waistline for your . health or for your energy so when it . comes to making homemade pastas or. stir-fries or anything like that i like . to swap this f

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