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Welcome to 2018 maybe another year of . netflix and chilling another year of . jake paul vlogs and another year of . unlimited possibilities we are here this . decade that we're living in is currently . the best time to be alive as a human and . that is a fact however before we get . into 2018 we need to take some time to . reflect on 2017 some of the smartest . people on earth say that reflection is . the number one way to learn and to find . happiness and i couldn't agree more so . without any further ado shall we reflect . jesus see what i did there. reflect like a mirror actually guys . though there is a ton of stuff for us to . reflect on let's hit it . so good morning jake pollard's let's go . chief and put your reflection belts on . and get ready to recap the best damn . year of my life if you're new here i'm . jake paul i'm 20 years old . and i keep it lit every single day bro . but yo i think we should start the . reflection here what do you think yeah . in 2017 i bought my 7 million dollar . dream house. [music]. but yo that wasn't enough for me so i . installed a mini ramp in the front yard . hired a team to install a basketball . court a 600 gallon fish tank a music . studio turn the gym into an iron . paradise bought a $45,000 bed built a . giant team tent office inside the house . turn to the pool into a we're still . working on the pool but yo jake hold on . wait wait one second aren't you just . copying the video that logan just made . 100 percent i copied in we're brothers . that's what brothers do he's my biggest . competition in fact he's my only . competition okay so so get used to us . copying each other literally i built . this merger room inside of my house and . then two weeks later all the sudden he . has a mushroom we're the best there is . baby figures to it and while that may be. awfully cocky it's true and like logan . and muhammad ali said it's not bragging . if you could back it up back to it guys . after the house i bought the car of my. dreams the 2018 lamborghini oticon . perform on tay and us may know him as . smurfs fire because she spits flames and. i also hit 190 miles per hour in smurfs . fire what . guys were so close but that still wasn't . enough for your boy i had to get the . other cars of my dreams so i got a tesla . p 100 d also known as blood shock . i bought a lifted pickup truck a team 10 . sprinter van i bought a giant military . truck that i'm turning into a merch . truck here's a sneak preview of that . uh-huh yeah it's going down then i . bought a regular car and turned it into. rain bro you know i couldn't just buy . myself stuff that's selfish bro so i . bought my dad the harley of his dreams . for his birthday my mom a rolex for . christmas and donated over two hundred . thousand dollars of my own money to . charity that's lit cuz for yo i think . it's time to speed things up a little . bit i got my own billboard in times . square one two teen choice awards then . fell onstage at the teen choice awards . then won a radio disney music awards . source the streets of los angeles after . the flood went base jumping in mexico . went to italy with the squatted jumped . in the venice canal flew on dozens of . private jets finished up my second and . last season of the disney channel so i . could focus more on other acting jobs . went racing in vegas with need for speed . and made it into my first video game . stayed in a . got fake married in vegas hashtag . jerrica got haunted by a ghost named . eric bought in a professional mma match . i almost crashed my tesla into my house . rode my dirt bike into a pool in a . carpool karaoke session with 21 savage . and we the jake pollard's also became . the fastest youtube channel to grow 10 . million subscribers we did it in 317 . days grossing over 3 billion views guys . you do the math on that that's like 10 . million views per day and the biggest tv . show in hollywood does like 15 million . in episode one time per week. sorry hollywood but uh mr. savage and . the jake callers are dropping bombs on . your old ways why well because. somebody's got to do it but see you guys . all of this is so crazy to me because . four years ago . i was falling asleep in class not . knowing what i was gonna do with my life . see. i have this small belief that life is . about doing what you love with the . people that you love yeah i have all of . these material things and yet i get more . satisfaction out of hanging out with my . friends team 10 on a day-to-day basis . and filming it that's what makes me . happy and so if you two are feeling lost . right now or you don't know what you're . gonna do with your life find something . that makes you happy and go go go go go . i literally think i have one of the best . jobs on the earth and i think a lot of . people will agree with that i get to do . what i want where i want with who i want . and make a lot of money doing it and so . i wanted you guys to be able to do it . too exclusive exclusive so in 2017 guys . i spent hours and hours and hours . developing something i call ed fluence . influence is a course that you guys can . take right now on line how to do social . media secrets tips tricks how to be a . youtuber how to grow your channel all . things that have taken me years to . master you could even potentially be . able to join team ten if you take this . course so if you think you have what it . takes guys go to ed fluence calm right . now i spent a ton of time in 2017 . working on it i'm launching it right now . today the first day of 2018 i'm super . excited to share with you guys go to ed . fluence calm right now. however guys it's time to speed it up. again in 2017 i also got a cute little . puppy named apollo found the miniature . version of myself and became best . friends with them made a song and music . video in one day called it's everyday . bro and it now has over 170 million . views and got to number two on itunes . then i remixed the song with my boy . gucci mane then made a country song . about ohio fried chicken and that has . over 50 million views then made a love . song that broke into the billboard hot . 100 then made a whole entire christmas . album that turned christmas into a . litmus the best part about all of this . is that i have never made any music . reform on life like literally lol the . jake pollard's are out here cows and . then. i made a song with my boy jimmy from ray . sherman then went on some tour stops and . sold every venue that we went to . including 12,000 people in hershey. pennsylvania got haunted by a ghost . playing with the ouija board got invited . to the white house then slept overnight . in the white house then the secret . service came to my house then i started . putting trampolines everywhere i could . think of including the bottom of a . helicopter then spoke at the forbes 30 . under 30 conference because they were so . impressed by my business skills . forbes wanted to learn about my. number-one goal which is become the . world's first social media billionaire i . want to pave a new path for people on . social media to turn their ceiling . youtube channels into billions . i talked to forbes about how i invested . in over 15 startup companies in 2017 and . how we the jake poehler sold more . merchandise than any other creator . online and i also told them about the . pop-up shops that we we shut down the . city . [music]. you know the pop-up shops got so crazy . it is the hottest merch in the game with . over 175 countries repping jay paul . merchandise i truly truly love you guys . and yo since it's a new year it's a new . me and we got two new backpacks for . y'all and royko back slash jay paul . check out these new backpacks 2018 is . gonna be a little asian i also talked to . forbes about being the ceo of team 10 . the world's first ever social media . label where we have helped dozens of. creators launch and start their careers . and in 2017 team 10 went from 30 million . followers to 70 million followers making . us the strongest team of creators on . line period and that number still stands . even though a few members have left the . team which brings me to my next point . guys because i've been listening all of . the great things but 2017 had a lot of . ups for me but it also had a lot of . downs it started when i made a savage . yet dumb decision to jump on top of a . news van that was trying to interview me . this event along with a few other . mistakes created a ton of bad press . around my name a ton of hate like i had . never gotten before death threats people . were pissed that man jake paul has a has . eight and a half million followers on . youtube as neighbors though say that . he's been filming dangerous stunts and . he's putting people in danger. we're the top 10 reasons jake paul is . hated he's the guy you love to hate but . you might not know why well i'm gonna . give you the why these are the 10 . reasons not to act like jake paul and at . this point guys i was literally banned . from being able to film in my own house . and being a 20 year old that i am i . continue to make more mistakes and . people continued to hate jake paul this . is olha from . to deal with it felt like i had a target . on my back and every little tiny mistake . that i did wrong people would criticize . me for and i'm not saying i didn't . deserve it . however it was a lot to go through at 20 . years old . and i just continued to get dragged . through the press continued to get hated . on i didn't know what to do i didn't . know how to feel people who didn't even . know me for making assumptions . i felt misunderstood i felt like it was . just a regular kid making stupid . mistakes but everyone in the world was. watching and judging the sad part about . this was that i didn't really have . anyone to go to for advice no one in my . family had ever been in hollywood before . i wanted to give up but that's what a . coward would do and at the end of the . day you know if what these people are . saying about you is true or not for me . less than one percent of it was true i . had to believe in myself and not in the . hate so instead i took all the . negativity and turned it into fuel and . drank and turned it into fuel and drank. every damn our last bit of fuel and kept . on doing me apologize for my wrongdoings . and and just stayed focused guys because . it's not about how many times you get . knocked down it's about how many times . you get back up baby and the jake . parlors always get up maybe that's just . how we do it but you see life is hard . and this type of thing wasn't easy to go . through at all but i believe you learn . more from your mistakes than you do from . your wins so that's why i'm so glad that . most of my mistakes . been at the earlier stage of my career . career coach see i'm still making . mistakes guys but i can only go up from . here. however guys sometimes the beauty of . reflecting is leaving the bad things in. the past and that's exactly what i'm . doing but enough with the emotional to . be honest i forgot to mention a couple . of things your boy starred in a youtube . read tv show and one night i got my . first tattoo and then i got a couple . more . i drove 22 hours at houston during . hurricane harvey and helped pull out . over 50 people from their flooded homes . i was over five of y'all's make a wishes . and between houston and that y'all . seriously changed my life . outlook i played in a celebrity soccer . game and scored a goal then played in a . celebrity basketball game and almost hit . the game-winner look a giant snowboard . park in a backyard and snowboard it off . the roof starred in the youtube rewind . video which has like 200 million views . drove in a nascar race broke into my old . high school and confronted my teachers. and lastly over 2017 i pranked my . friends way more than i should have . roll the clips no that's real your . grandma paulus yeah this is my worst . nightmare. what a year and the craziest part is i . haven't even told you everything yet the . craziest part is that this year is just . the start for me at 20 years old i feel . like a basketball player in the locker . room who just laced up his shoes hasn't. even warmed up yet hasn't even played . the game yet and i want to thank y'all . because without you guys none of this . would be possible and i cannot thank you . enough for the support and if you have . been already joining the jake paul train . get on now we're going full steam ahead . into 2018 . however . was definitely the best damn year of my . life and i'm doing everything i can to . say the same thing in 2018 . so i'll see y'all starting tomorrow. because it's everyday bro peace what's . up jake pollard's listen guys i want to. be able to give you guys exclusive . updates on merchandise news things i . have going on in my life if you guys . want to be able to communicate with me . text me talk to me do with all of these . amazing things then go to next jake paul . me text jake paul calm which is gonna . give you guys exclusive discounts . exclusive march exclusive text message . it's literally that easy so go to text. jake paul calm right now and we're gonna . be chatty deb's every day bro make sure . you're subscribe to keep up with my life . on the daily basis and if you want to . see more content check out yesterday's . vlog because it is super lit plus i have . a second channel jake paul to which you . guys can subscribe to right now and if . you want to see more content from . everyone in the house . our group channel is called team 10 . check it . see you guys tomorrow oops . .
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