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A bunch of friends went out on an off-roading adventure and we hit some bumps along the way!!
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All right guys we're stuck out here and . we're all alone jc's g plan taking you . guys along this whole thing i think . we'll be shot on a gopro this is the new . gopro so hopefully it works and i didn't. really read up much about it so i don't . know if i'm going to work this right but . gonna be cool i'm taking you guys along . let's see what happens today it should. be fun i miss you boys see you all right . we're out jc's right now and we're . taking off all the doors we got some . jeeps over here everyone's working on it. david's jeep so over here his doors are . starting to come off how do you feel man . i am excited i've never done this before . i'm looking at you for help your body . coming in long toasty out but we got . some door well we got one door off of . mine and jc's is in here this chelsea . texting away oh man . jc's over here you're taking the doors . off be professional all right we're . going right now . all packed up thank you your fee how you . feel friend you scared yeah a little bit . yeah you're in 4k are you scared are you . scared yeah are you gonna have fun so . much are you scared yeah bastards over . here how do you feel and just luckily . have this chris profession taste of an . ice-cold gatorade so far everyone's . scared. [music]. [music]. [music]. already dude . like ten minutes in fanny ten minutes to . go . it's not good i don't know we're gonna . do we're probably about 15 minutes in it . on the sharp rock section black tire big . rock luckily there are spare tires it's . just gonna take a while now i've never. felt a tire every man for himself. yeah you shouldn't run off and get him . working over here yeah it's a bunch of . team work a bunch of team work wait . what's up guys getting some good good . pictures in you brought this so we're. gonna test it out this is just super . speed ball gun i've ever seen all right . well good . load it up a little bit better i was . really looking forward to uh shooting . this thing out here looks like . everyone's gonna try that up all this . crannies doing something over here . [music]. [music]. careful careful. it's your be engaged try it again wait . till we're out here though poor little . baby door little baby don't you be . scared when i'm around okay i'll help . you. [music]. [music]. wow we're almost at the top let's go . [music]. [music]. oh my gosh which is the very top get . much higher than this . [music]. we went to the top baby going back down . drive on the way down . well job baby bobby you got this i . believe is it okay thumbs up or thumbs . down come he said come let's go arrow . buckle dude i'm marina um it's it's hit . me . look right there . no there's no way sebastian it is . sebastian's fault because i said to go . that way and he wanted to go this way oh . bobby's teeter-tottering on a mountain . of dirt right now we're stuck the sun's . about to set and we're in the middle of . frickin no . hi bobby what's happening we're gonna . try to get out of here we got a rope . thanks dad and let's see what happens . all right guys we're stuck out here and . we're all alone jc's jeep left david i . haven't seen him like a while got my . memo of saying trying to find a way . around her they went to look for dave i . don't know basically they're they're off . to go cuz there's a fence right here so . we need to go behind and pull me out . that way but there's a fence so they . have to go around this crazy mountain . thing if there's a way around yeah but . look at this dude look you did it we . just yeah he finally after a while came . back around third you did it what can i . say . okay here we go we're back at it good . job jc yeah we can't find david david . levy can't find him he's not answering. his phone. oh your dad saved your life yes thank . you dad you put this in my car let's get . out here yes . all right see you guys down there how's . it feel to be a hero feels pretty good . [music]. .
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