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[music]. it's gonna be a weird one . this is just my clothes it's really . insulting when you say things like that . wait wait did you tell the story about . how you went outside the other day and . someone literally thought you were a . robber they thought you are about to go . rob them. i was like i only been outside once in . the last couple years anyways we are . gonna go to target and buy some . furniture he's really upset because the . house is kind of empty i know guys you . didn't know we're moving we're supposed . to house like two weeks before he moved . over claud there's nowhere to sit look . at this there's no chairs. [music]. he's so sad so we're gonna go that we're . gonna get him some bean bags some chairs . and so that he's gonna be happy until we . finally move we'll try to be quiet so we . don't get kicked out where did you go . hello hello. are we playing hide-and-seek right now . [applause]. it's so confusing but there's no chairs . right now look at this yeah nothing . if you subscribe to jen channel right . now but if you don't love epicness oh my . god i have amazing news. [music]. no he's like hiding this is what i know . so many people have always said cloudy . cesario is happening guys so basically . not realized after i mean day i was like . wait i really am bad with names . because i named my first pet kitty my . hamster. hammy my guinea pig okay . what are we gonna do on father's channel . we're gonna surprise him with toys i'm . gonna play some popular and the mo's. [laughter]. like gaming with i've seen toys channels . before they like horrible their life . they like for what arabs they're like . this little flat channel is gonna be the . first cool toy channel because he's. gonna be a cat playing with toys i wanna . see if consumer furby the most savage. can see he must see he has to sit there . all day but we're gonna go to target . [music]. [music]. okay . where are we going we're gonna put him . in these things it's gotta be so happy . [music]. there were people ever think i'm . allergic but hi guys i spent the last . hour putting together this little like . tv thing it's so big we got so many cool . things i think he's gonna be really . really okay this is the biggest thing . i've ever seen in my life we're an . animal no it's not oh my gosh can we go . camping tonight oh my god he's in the . time going camping i'm gonna try to get . in here with it dirty's thing i've ever . seen it's fine it's fine i'm coming down . show the clown okay so you don't want to . other stuff yet oh no so the plan is to . keep this in here but cloud we're gonna . set up some other stuff for you in the . other room so you have things to do in . every room to make you really happy okay . so we got this purple chair thing . go sit down it's gonna be amazing but . you sit right here it's really . comfortable it's probably gonna collapse. no it actually is really sturdy okay . it's actually amazingly high-quality do . you want to go back in the 10 oh we can . do this we can set up this blanket in . there he's gonna be so comfortable he's . going you don't put that in there it's . so dirty but he's excited all right so . what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna flip up . the zebra head okay if it's possibly . incredibly put this blanket down and . here in the corner for him so that way . you can get a super comfortable we got . him a pillow to put the pillow in there . all right so take the pineapple pillow . we'll grab this thing out on the side . and because he's a savage he decapitated . this lion spirits all right so i'm gonna. put the lion head right now okay what . else do we owe the sheep okay sheep and . she's gonna have to go somewhere else . with other stuff that we still have to . play that place down so we've got this . thing right here . i think he's actually gonna want to sit. on this with the sheep no he's behind it . [music]. a piece of sushi all right my suitcase . was in here earlier he was sleeping on . it maybe i'll put the bird wait i've got . more please don't you worry more sushi . [music]. maybe you sit up here yeah maybe help . him out a little right there look at . your sushi think you like things look . you've got all kinds of food you relax . you burger . so happy oh my god . which one's tired nobody knows nobody i . don't know about this one i don't know . what is this even for really gonna have. to squeeze you alright we're gonna have . to see if we can get him going . okay all right there he goes oh no can . anyone fame here i have a brilliant idea . we get him a couple treats all right his . favorite we actually found out he loves . the dental trace oh my gosh he won't eat . the other kind anymore i don't uses . sleeping it was amazing all right so . here's a little bitch you love these do . yeah i left it in there everything it's . in it's in the house when you throw you . gotta go get it . all right he's gonna smell it i don't . know if we keep in there wait he's fine . i think he's too claustrophobic you. don't worry . oh . he's come on inside the igloo such a . savage peaceful but guys i want to say . it one more time . cloud is starting to channel boom your . link down below to cad surprise so swear . to you we'll get all the times for. amazing like even better than these . amazingly they're happy be sure to leave . a thumbs up also don't forget to . subscribe to see more videos like me go . full of his channel it'll be down . billion if i was doing this no just . doing this for fun what are you still . trying to get in please subscribe to me . .
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