I Got Into A Fight With CloutGang At My Hotel..

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Here's what happened.
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Caption: So i kind of got into a fight with with . klout gang i'm at this like youtube . creator summit thing right now and . there's a bunch of like other youtubers. here and you all know that there's like . beef with like team tan and klout gang . and just like with like the deji like . sort of fight in general like dead g and . i met up at a park we're gonna fight . blah blah at the park there was there . was a guy named wolfie you want to talk . walk the walk he's talked smack about. like erica before and like just team 10 . in general like it's all just like . internet drama but we're at this greater . summit here at this hotel and they . happen to put wolfie and i on the same . floor basically i came out of my room . people are like blowing up my phone cuz . of this thing right now yeah yeah yeah . every everything is good i'll call you . back basically i come out of my room and . like wolfies like walking by or whatever . and like i forget what even said i . basically was like yo like what's good . lemon i like i like i wanted to confront . about it like i'm not the type of person . that like strays away from this stuff in . person like on the internet like yo. that's cool whatever but like if you're . gonna talk person then like i'm from . ohio dog like this is how we do it like . same thing that happened with chance and . anthony and rice come like they saw him . in person bryce come tried to shake . their hand it's like not not like that . we started to get into this like . argument in the hallway. nathan started recording it on his . snapchat just like i feel like just like . i don't know just in case if you punch . you or something . so you're sorry fella i didn't even know . he was filming this like whole thing . happened for like four minutes i i . didn't think like i didn't say it like . no one was there no one else is there i . didn't think like if anything was gonna . happen . i told like the members of team 10 that . like everything happened they were like. yo yo yo like what did you film it . nathan's like a film i filmed it . he went to go send like the to the team . tent group chat we have my instagram the . video i accidentally put it on his story . fan pages got it i don't know like . obviously then it like started getting . like spread around and like the video . clip is already out there do you haven't . seen it like i mean i'll just i'll just . i mean it's already out there i'll show . it to you i mean it got more heated but . it's all just like us yelling at each . other. they only posted 15 seconds it's like . three minutes that's what i'm saying. right it's long nathan made a mistake . but we love you i guess we love you i . guess it's okay it happens like we were . we went and like vlog in in new york. city like if you guys are jake colleges . you came to see the vlog today i'm gonna . continue to talk about the fight in a . second but if you want to watch the vlog. here's the vlog morning jay paul herself . i'm sure those the most awkward inchon . hey guys how you doing . sorry to bother you guys comforts and . chick-fil-a - yeah if you're new here my . name is equality you guys the jig . mothers are what we're mostly you can . chat on you put your blog about . something get ready for today's . adventure yeah new your . yo we should just like see how popular . things can get in an elevator with . people good i think you're here . [music]. super awkward cuz i love putting myself . into awkward situations like where i . just don't know what to do what's up oh . just your elbow your . is it fire have you heard it's everyday . bro yeah we have here live . will you freestyle for me are the . artists how much is it any tip in your . heart any tip in your heart man that's . what we ask i don't have money you don't . have any no so you must that one minute . what what's not those who wanted me to . say for you i do thinking about of the . world sometimes it feels . hey pam jake. [music]. sometimes. today magic logan paul my name is logan . oh speaking of awkward things and like . people confusing logan and me like it . happens all the time it just happened to . logan roll the clip oh it is just an . awkward day in general you're even . standing awkward. doing good how about you well let me. help you then it's all the jig palmer . cho go to family like kovacs let's shake . paul and get yourself some of this waste . oh there's nice words oh man i love this . city yo everyone here is so nice look at . hey man. it's just such an awesome city . bro i'm telling you you got a free style . bro. all right listen man listen i'm trying . to get it i'm trying to get it make it . hit hit a brick a switch you know how we . put the new york swagger got him like . mick jagger looking crazy in the face . she'll be chasing it please you haven't . heard of its everyday bro though yeah i . know blonde shots guys name is jake paul . oh literally there we keep on getting . distracted there's so much that happens . here in new york like it is just the . most lit city in the world. i say though we have a couple of goals . today number one we're trying to get . some dope swagger number two i have this . like little secret training thing that . i'm doing for boxing and i think i'm . gonna show you guys a little bit about . it like i might give them the sneak peek . into my secret training tactics smash . that subscribe button your post . notifications on and get ready for an. awkward day here and new . oh the music didn't queue i told you it . was gonna be an awkward day i gotta go . harder new yo i was just wondering if . you guys have any swagger here hey do . you guys have swagger here i want to be . dressed in the dope swag like all the . cool kids i want to be a like a like a . like a swag mobile there swagalicious . let's shop as did you see a pair that . you liked what kind are they are they . swagalicious hey hey hey change it not . the march is your merch . picking my merch erica rad erica . not the elevators all right which one's. these in blue we came all the way back. for those hey let's get some shit let's . get some shoes let's get some shares . let's get some shoes let's get this shit . no now you want to get choose some shoot . no it's a song we roll the clip oh my . god shit your whip steak carrying a . person yeah exactly and what happened to . standing right there in the street you . just let her drag you relationships they . said it would be fun it's not easy jake . good just in a relationship with back on . the move now guys it's a jericho . sandwich and it's time for me to show . you guys my secret boxing technique okay . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. look at it just freezing you own putting . my body inside of this whole entire . thing . oh my god jg you're going down bro i'm . about to be as i see as lou got cash's. watch oh i see is it a oh come on come. on erica catch a minute half but the . ones in la aren't this called this a new . york fruits . [music]. as that is it for today's video cuff . yourselves i'm not hottest merch in the . game you already know join the everyday . drugs going to mit smash that subscribe . button we will see you tomorrow because . it's every day broke bars i finished my . vlog whatever we were like chillin like . around new york come back to the hotel . like a little bit later like and then . this whole situation happens like . everything everything got like blown out. of proportion i think in like we were . both like heated and like in the moment . i apologized because like violence like . or just like those types of things . aren't it's not being mature but . sometimes like your emotions can get the . best of you and like things get like . super heated the whole drama between . like the two squads has been like . building up and like i'm surprised it's . like this type of thing hasn't happened . already and like everything just got . super emotional and like there's like a . lot of personal involved with it and . like again i apologize because i . couldn't been handled like that and like . especially not here at this like youtube . like creator thing after that like well . like wolf we talk like wolfie and i . talked we like cooled down like and like . ever the situation is cool like it's no. longer hostile and like we kind of . squashed it a beef just like a little . bit which like i wish it i just wish . that like that that first part didn't . get out there and i was hoping i . wouldn't have to make this video but . it's like 1:00 a. m. now and like . everyone already has the video so it's . kind of too late . and like i felt like i needed to explain . the situation because like everyone's . freaking out about it i've kind of like . got a lot on my mind right now and like . i don't what i mean it got more heated . but it's all just like us yelling at . each other guys comment below if you . think what do you think i should do if i . should post it or not i think i'm like i . don't know . like i'm gonna get hell of use it let's . address the elephant in the room they'd . get hell of use if i posted it the only . post is 15 seconds it's like three . minutes. i guess i'm gonna pull it old-school . youtube trick if i get 50, . subscribers today i'll pause the video i . have so many emotions right now like the . whole situation is like intense my . adrenaline's going still like i think . it's funny i'm normally not like that . serious of a person. i feel like embarrassed kind of too . because it's kind of like embarrassing . if i get to 2,000 subscribers i'm gonna . that'll encourage me posting the video. if i get like a hundred thousand then . i'll probably post it but that's super. trolly of me i'll ask wolfie too if he's . like fine with putting out guys during . that everyday bro movement cop your . social game fans are that kovacs that . shake paulo subscribe button comment . below if you think i should put the . video up see you tomorrow because every . day bro peace another day in new york . join the everyday bro movement people . and copy yourself some of the hottest . forged in the game go right now because . the take cars sell everything out and . subscribe bye and enjoying the most lit . youtube channel on youtube i'll see you . all tomorrow . [music]. .

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