I Think My Dad Is A Russian Spy

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I finally decided to investigate my dad's secret life...I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
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Gary Tabach
It's a weird question but i wanted to . ask you if you were if you were ever a . spy. i really want to make this video because . i'm 21 and i still have no idea what my . dad does and the things i do know about . him make no sense my dad is the first . soviet born to be a captain in the us . navy so people always stop that he was a . spy. and i never really got a chance to ask . him because he was constantly working . overseas a few years ago he retired so i . thought i'd finally have a chance to ask . my dad because he'd be around more often . the only problem is he's still . constantly traveling like right now . using ukraine which is a country that's . in the middle of a huge war with russia . why he's in ukraine i have no idea so . right now i'm gonna drive to my . parents's house and see if i can find . anything that gives me more information . about my dad. [music]. okay so there are a few reasons i think . my dad is a spy . reason number one the basement so not . only was my dad born in russia he also . has a communist dungeon i mean this . place is crazy i don't know where he got . this stuff or why he collects it but a . lot of it is soviet things . there's lenin's head just a massive . statue of lenin's head and the support. of stalin why would he have a portrait . of stalin there's different mannequins . and and so many guns and swords but it's. a lot of communistic propaganda flags . different writings on the wall he . literally has kgb books he has an entire . shelf of russian books russian . literature russian history russian spy . books okay he also has an office down . here that's just basically full of more . lenin heads for some reason and stalin . and just dictators i honestly don't know. what any of this stuff is and i have no . idea why a us soldier and someone who . considers themselves an american would . have so many soviet and communist things . in their basement. [music]. reason number two his linkedin so his . resume starts out making sense he went. to temple university and got a bachelor . of pharmacy and then started doing . pharmacy in the military but here's . where things start getting weird in 1992 . he becomes an investigator for pal mi-8 . commissioned in 1997 becomes a mission . commander of defense threat reduction . agency where he deals with nuclear . missiles then starts working for nato . becomes chief of staff of nato in moscow. russia and currently is a ceo of fort . seal which is a computer and network . security company it gets weirder though . he has three recommendations on his . linkedin and they're all from russians . leonardo litski alexander biermann andre . bike off. andre bike off writes he is a really . good guy reason number three my dad got . kicked out of russia twice i don't know . why my dad got kicked out of russia the . first time he got kicked out me my mom . and my sister stayed in russia and lived . without him for seven years the second i . got kicked out the embassy told all of . us to leave the only information i have . is this plaque i found in the basement . this was given to him when he was kicked . out of russia in 2001 and it says for . activities incompatible with his. diplomatic status reason number four . mystery trips to ukraine my dad randomly. goes to ukraine every few months he . never tells me when he's going or why i . feel like my mom probably has to know . some more details because he leaves her . so much he's got to give her some sort . of information . hey i just have a quick question for you . do you have a sec yeah i wanted to know . why does dad always go to ukraine what . do you what kind of business . [music]. my dad just came home so i'm just gonna . go ask him i have a camera is it cool if . i interview you real quick what now yeah . okay i just wanted to ask you it's a . weird question but i wanted to ask you . if you were if you were ever a spy well . i i guess it's all depends what you call . in this file what do you mean by spy . russians thought i was a spy with them . in america a lot of people call me a spy . and i had an id card from nato i know . that carry id said 0:07 . your your id said that you were . double-oh-seven correct but you're . saying you weren't i'm not saying . anything i don't know you didn't tell me . what you think spy is when i looked at . your linkedin know your career made like . no sense . what don't understand you never did. pharmacy i did a little bit not very . well but i did it when you were in . russia what why did they think you were . a spy well because you know i speak . russian without an accent i grew up in . the streets of moscow i could get lost . there very quickly if i don't shave for . a day have few vodkas i'm just like as . russian as anyone else . how come your basement looks like you're. a fan of communism you want to keep your . friends close but you want to keep your . enemy even closer so you know who they . are you know how they think it's why a . lot of people would mistaken me for a . russian because i was so much into it as . a matter of fact i had a boss one time . at the state department a diplomat . she actually for ten years thought i was . on the russian navy rather than the. united states navy and this is our . diplomats so if you in this massive . connection to russia why do you always . go to ukraine than if you're retired do . you really want to know yeah seriously . yeah all right that tell you what you. can go with me this time what you want . me to come with you to ukraine yeah but . ukraine's in the middle of a war and i'm . not like trained like you are in the. military i don't know if i can go to . ukraine you'll be ok let's go . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. so they're they're not letting us out . because of my equipment they want to . know exactly what i'm filming before . they let me enter the country my dad . talked to them for a little bit i don't . know what he said but we got out great . this is crazy we got picked up by . another black van this one had a naked . man in it for some reason and we started . to drive we stopped for a bathroom break . and i discovered the real squatty potty. when i went outside i noticed my dad . made up with a random dude and gave him . a bag we then went to a military . restaurant that looked just like my . dad's basement and my dad met up with . more people and that's when i realized . my dad comes to ukraine to drink that . can't be it we got back in the van and . the naked man was still there i started . to get pretty nervous because we were . driving for a really long time and no . longer on a road he was very bumpy . the place we're staying at is hidden . behind bushes all right so we're at the . location is this where we're staying . yeah can i just walk in yeah . [music]. this place was beautiful oh and the . wi-fi was internet double-oh-seven we . can stay in this bedroom or the next one . there's like four or five do you have . another family here no my dad showed me . the rest of the house there was a pool . spa gym area he then showed me some sort . of torture chamber guys i honestly have . no idea how my dad has access to this . place this is literally a james bond . house and my dad disappeared i don't . even know how to get back i'm gonna go . find my dad chill here and my dad said . tomorrow he's gonna take me to a secret . place and show me what he really does in . ukraine surprise we arrived at another. random abandoned i just want to know . what my dad does he told me to follow. him so i did . mutiny rossio the key objective negatory . teachers version operating in my new . version tony pentagon but a most . honorable man awaits severe anemia on . new si nic hakeem is not need the gabor . on suicide no the very same scientists . eg active i think my dad's famous in . ukraine crocodilly miss nectar me the . gallery would send another ideal if . another cerrado put you together to . watch the commotion unfortunately the . woman was not and he's famous for . speaking out against putin you just go . on live television and talk speak out . against putin yes that's what i do why . do you do that well because i can't . really fight any longer as i used to but . at least i can deliver to people . information that they need to know you . seen me handing over a bag actually it . was some medicine for the soldiers who . were wounded soldiers that i meet and . the restaurants and i talked to them and . actually tried to find out what's going . on you've seen them hosting us in the . lavish house and it's all because they . want to show appreciation means a lot . for a small country like ukraine who is . facing such a large enemy like russia to . realize that the united states is with . ukraine not russia in this conflict why . are they or well ukraine wanted to be. independent want to join the rest of the . world russia betrayed them and stuck a . knife in their back and annexed large . part of ukraine and attacked ukraine. from the other side when the craniums . didn't expect so young kids like you you . know they revolted and many of them got. killed it got really murdered because . they voluntarily wanted to defend their. country there's a lot of stuff on the . news about printing killing people who. kind of go against them isn't it . dangerous to speak out against and we . can't allow people like putin intimidate . the rest of the world this were already . created over 20 million refugees and . thousands of people killed this kgb thug . putin needs to be stopped before it gets . any worse. so i just finished editing the video and . i just wanted to say when i started this . whole thing out i had no clue why my dad . was constantly gone turns out he is . literally risking his life every day . because he wants to support something . he's passionate about now i still don't . know if my dad's a spy but none of that . matters to me because what i do know is . that he's a badass . you. .
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