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Hey . i'm back i'm here i never left but the . last video i posted a week ago today was . a video announcing that i'm leaving my . tech company would i don't want to dwell . on that i want to move forward but i do . want to say i'm not a part of the. company anymore . but the same amazing team that was . always there is still there and they're . still working on making the best content . they can possibly make so if you like . the stuff that they were making know . they're still making it and maybe go . over their channel which is linked below . and show them a little bit of love they . just posted a video today which is . really funny i have a short cameo in it . it's funny please show a little support . for those guys now what's next for me i . don't know yet i'm not there yet but i . have spent some time focusing on what's . most important to me and what's most . important to me is being around the . people that i care about the most and . there's one person who i really care . about my best friend from high school my . og homie joe who i never see so last . week when the new england patriots won. the hook i understand if you don't like . the patriots just take it easy in the . comments below it's joe's favorite team . when the patriots won the championship. and i found out they were going to the . super bowl i thought of joe he's the . biggest patriots fan in the world and i . came up with this idea to drive to . connecticut and surprise him with two . tickets to the super bowl that's right . i'm taking my homie to the super bowl . two and a half hour drive so i should be . getting there like font> just as . his shift in the restaurant isn't i'm . looking forward to seeing him but i'm . not looking forward to this car ride . perfectly perfectly reasonable question . it's only the most watched sporting . event in the history of the united . states of america zeeky zeeky hooked it . up this is a sponsored video this is an . ad advertisement hashtag ad i called c . key i told me about joe i told him the . whole idea like long shot can you get me . tickets and they they literally said yes. amazing if you don't know about c key . they're an app that aggregates tickets . across the web for all kinds of events . then they tell you if it's a good deal . or a bad deal also well there's a link . below to see geek if you put in my name. casey you get 20 bucks off you're your . first you had 20 bucks off your first c . key ticket purchase but thank you for . making this happen . links below if you need tickets for . anything do it through them because they. made this happen this is where it gets . fun there's a whole another layer to . this story and maybe some of you . although i doubt it maybe some of you . have picked up on i already made this . exact movie i go to connecticut i . surprised joe in the restaurant that he . works in with tickets to the super bowl . my brother vin and i did it 11 years ago . it was episode 6 episode 7 episode 6 of . our hbo series that's that was this was . is the exact same premise. [applause]. meet joe joe is and has been my best . friend since childhood this is joan me . when we were 13 years old those shirts . are in cool and this is joe . rollerblading and that's me i think . we're about 18 here joe and i had a plan . for after high school sorry to interrupt . but isn't it crazy how little my . vlogging style has changed in 11 years i . mean that was like that was like before . anybody even used youtube and i gave it . back to this entirely inspired by jim . carrey and dumb and dumber . joe and i were gonna get a van and moved . to colorado but when we were about 16 . these plans set off duh i dropped out of . high school ran away from home and had a . kid i ended up living in a trailer park . in a different town joe was kind of on . his own enjoying his last years in high . school. partying hanging out with friends doing . all that stuff teenagers do i probably . haven't watched this like six or seven . years so i'm getting a little nostalgic . i wasn't planning on showing so much of . the hbo show from a decade ago but it . still makes out i'm just gonna let this . roll joe still lives in that town in . connecticut he works in the restaurant . that i worked in before i left . he still lives in that house but now he . lives there with his three beautiful . children his lovely wife two new cats . that he got for christmas and one dog . that absolutely hates me and attacks me . every time i step through the door i . live a very different lifestyle for my . best friend but we're both happy that's . joe standing up and he's sitting next to . him we're watching a patriots football . [music]. six we had to take joe to the super bowl . that's a great story i also i just can't . believe how little my filmmaking your . vlogging style has changed in 11 years . and i was talking to camera is doing all . the youtube tricks this was like the . word vlogging didn't even exist let me . stick to the story okay i'm pulling up . to joe's restaurant it's saturday night . at 11 o'clock this is it this is the . town where he works this is it the . restaurant is right here behind me . the big surprise now it's funny i used . to work in this restaurant i used to . show up here every day at this . restaurant . all right let's go see the boy i don't . see ya there yes i saw him but he didn't . see me that's joe i'm here he's in there . he looked really busy i'm gonna give it . like two seconds and then go back in . [music]. no you want to see him freak out and get . all excited for the big surprise but . before i show it i want to show you what . it was like when i surprised him 11 . years ago . here we go back in time that envelope . contains the tickets and van and i are . walking into the restaurant with those . currently washing dishes to surprise him . [music]. it's incredible life moves fast it feels. like your whole world is changing and . everything is different every day but . when you look at eleven years back to . back to you realize we don't change that . much . okay here's now you remember the last . time i walked in here with a camera what . are you doing next sunday i'm gonna make. it up to joe i can't let it end on an l . buddy nothing makes you happier than . seeing the people you care about happy i . believe we're leaving friday he's not. kidding i remember we went ten years ago . 11 years ago and when the patriots lost . i remember be like that was a fun game . and i look at joe and he had just had . this like devastated look on his face. [applause]. [music]. what happened joe do you remember 10 . years ago and dan and i busted in to . give you tickets alas yes we lost so . this is this is making up today i hope . so so that's the story i'm gonna end. this little video with an appeal this . appeal is for you tom brady please don't . things up on sunday i need you to win . this game for my friend joe cuz i don't . want to have to remake this movie a . third time interesting footnote did you . know that tom brady and i are basically . best friends . just kidding we only met once but we did . play paper football in his kitchen . [music]. i love that i'm so excited . that is the joe superbowl story . obviously the sisters part one of a . two-part i gotta show you what happens . at the super bowl please let them win. and i just wanted in this video by . saying thank you to everyone for all the . support for all the tumult that has been . my life over the last week and well i . may not know what the big future holds i . know what the immediate future holds . which is spending as much time as i can . with the people that i care about the . most. [music]. [music]. .
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