“Infinity War” Cast Reacts To Fan Tweets

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^- whooo, chris pratt and. ^- zoe saldana. ^- and we're going to read some of these tweets,. ^and it's gonna be amazing. ^- shout out to the woman i heard coming out. ^of the theater saying "mmmm m'baku thick. ". ^- (laughs). ^- okay. ^- i'm here to announce my new favorite disney princess. ^is shuri, she must be protected. ^i would die for her. to be called a disney princess,. it hasn't sunk in yet how amazing that is. it's actually overwhelming, i might cry. i have some fug tears. ^let's not do that. ^- mantis: the galaxy looks beautiful. ^drax: you know who else is beautiful. ^mantis: me . ^drax: no. ^ily, ely . ^i love you. ^ilysm: i love you so much. ^ildiwidwh: if loki dies in infinity war,. ^i'm dying with him. bless. ^- y'all think when vision is dying in infinity war. ^they'll put him in a bag of rice and hope for the best . ^- it says in guardians of the galaxy volume one,. ^peter quill has mommy issues. ^in volume two, he has daddy issues. ^in infinity war, he has in-law issues. ^(laughs) ain't that the truth son. ^- cancel infinity war and just give me two hours. ^of pepper, okoye, oh, shuri, nakia, nat, gamora. ^and valkyrie just sitting in a room talking about. ^how stupid the men in their lives are. ^- wanda maximoff is the strongest avenger. ^and she will be the one to save the universe. ^and defeat thanos. ^once she does that all you haters are gonna. ^give her the recognition she deserve. ^- (laughs). okay, well first off i didn't know i had haters. ^(laughter). ^- i wanna know if bucky got to eat a plum. ^before he went back on ice. ^i really hope he did. that's all he wanted was some plums back in civil war,. ^the rest was history. ^- so i'll be honest, if robert downey jr. 's tony stark. ^doesn't at some point say "no shit, sherlock". ^to benny cumbers' dr. strange,. ^i'm going to consider infinity war. ^an utter and complete failure. it's an utter and complete failure. - i tried so hard to get that line in there. ^- it's so corny. ^- drax be thinking like, "this is iron man . ^he's not even made of iron. ". - [don] (laughs). - that is what drax be thinking like. ^- [don] yeah. ^- starlord: hey, you're the strongest avenger like by far. ^- thor: okay, gamora is absolutely the strongest guardian. ^but thank you, i love you too. i am, i am the strongest. ^- true, it's true. ^- everybody is excited to see who dies in #infinity war. ^i'm just excited to see the banter. ^between rocket and falcon. i don't talk to raccoons, i eat 'em. ^- do you ever think that if loki and thor. ^survived infinity war, they would be close brothers again,. ^and would start a whole new asgard. ^that peacefully ruled by both of them,. ^and although it's too good to be true. ^i still think it's beautiful in my dream. that's so sweet. well that is lovely, thank you for that. ^maybe it's a beautiful dream, let's leave it there shall we. ^- peter parker showing up to infinity war. ^teen olympics overslept (laughs), lost coat,. ^said (bleep) on tv, and won the u. s. first gold. that's definitely me. - (laughs). ^- i hope infinity war devotes several scenes to shuri. ^clowning tony's tech. i do too. ^- if tony doesn't call rhodey a stupid pet name. ^and hugs him in infinity war, then what's the point. you know, love julie, i gotta agree. this is 10 years and coming,. i still don't have a stupid pet name from tony,. and barely a hug. ^we hugged once. ^- wanda says, "we should try spicing things up. ^in the bedroom. ". ^- vision says: "oh, good idea. ". ^- later. ^wanda: "what is this on the bed ". ^- (whispers) it's paprika. ^- mantis is so underrated but if my soft girlfriend. ^even has one scratch on her throughout infinity war,. ^i'm gonna fight thanos and all his allies,. ^steve roger's style. it's from a girl i think. - yeah, she's asking--. - oh, that's cool, yeah i'm a girlfriend. thank you. ^- why is no one talking about sam wilson. ^with a beard in the new infinity war poster. boom!. i don't know, i think my beard looks actually. pretty good. to say i can't grow facial hair. - i thought it was very shaft. - that's what i said. - i thought maybe that's what you're going for. ^- alice: this is the most brilliant british picture. ^i've ever seen. alice there's going to be a role waiting soon. ^- april is gamora, derek is peter quill. - and ben as thor. - okay so this is from parks and rec. so she's saying that this is you. - uh huh. - and that is me and hemsworth. - oh. - isn't that funny . you'd be like this is my boyfriend, quill,. and this is his boyfriend, thor (laughs). - but i have a question, are you both my boyfriends . - yeah. ^- she's a baddass. ^- m'baku could blow my m'back out if he wanted to. (cheering). - i've gotten the dirtiest tweets. - that's an awesome one. - you got. - [winston] i've gotten disney after dark. that's what i got, that's what i got. - [anthony] you got that skinimax. - [winston] (laughs). .
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