Is This Fight Actually Happening?

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All right so the question i get asked so . much it's this fly actually happening . canceiied versus logan pool then g . versus j pool and i'm gonna give you an . honest answer i don't know i don't know . this fight is even happening or not . reason being learned and paul's team . they're so unprofessional . they're the most unprofessional people. our team has ever like done business . with we literally can't feed them all . the information and they still struggle . to to just sign a contract to be like . yes let's do this i think that's really . realized how we are myself and jj i mean . they know what they really messed that i . really just trying to use this whole . thing for views don't get me wrong like . i am too. but like i think i mean that this trying . to use this like whole thing for these . views and clout that's what they're . trying to do is if i wore big men saying . like logan's saying are this is the . biggest mistake you've ever made it was . the biggest mistake why don't you sign . the contract right we're ready to sign . the contract august 25th manchester . arena why are you being a bitch jake is . just now gone another route because he . knows he's just scared he's just scared. i don't know what jake's doing i don't . know good to you i don't care just sign . the contract i let's actually get this . right down . i want a press conference i want to go. face-to-face with you cuz i know you're . not that tall on the internet is your . six - you're not seeks to maybe 5 or 11 . at best everything about you guys on the . internet is false i don't know even 87 . kg i bet i weigh more than you. 100% i probably way more than you jake . just just accept the contract so i can . legally break your face you have to be . the most unprofessional people ever like. you guys talked as if i go to a business . meeting i'm doing this doing that . bullshit you are bullshit you're . probably at home having a wank. so the question again it's just for . happening i don't know also guys i'm . gonna be moving in with the sidemen so . that's gonna be fun i actually can't . wait for that i like the sign man . they're actually cool guys i had mr. like my second brothers that's gonna be. lit i can't wait for that if this chick . fight doesn't happen which i honestly . don't know that is all no i'm good . one of the sidemen to a fight and what . i'm gonna challenge vicki versus vick so . yeah that would be good i'm a corpsman . right and he's a vindaloo sir exactly . i'm a challenge with another thing i . always see myself just training and then . afterwards doing nothing. maybe it's like recording and all that . but now i'm actually gonna start . streaming on twitch because i see myself . doing nothing at all so guys i'm. probably gonna be even be streaming. today and those who know about my twitch . streams you know why . normally say secrets and stuff but i . never actually put on youtube so if you . want to join me on twitch link in the . description or twitch tv slash. comedyshortsgamer join me subscribe . we'll have so much fun i play fort night . i might even play for night my friends . that'll be so late i mean i'm so good at . fortnight now it's crazy i either did a . fortnight with ninja so gonna upload . that soon that was fun they can learn . your team your you'll shit your team is . trashed you piss me off except the fight . and let's get this over and done with . it's not that big a deal you just . literally sign a contract sign the . contract that we've given to you stop . stop being weird know that crap all over . the internet coming to us face to face . come to us face to face with the . contract sign then that's cool don't . come to us face to face doing nothing . with your own fake-ass contract you ask . country you're just a bitch so and the. guy that jumped jj oh my god that video . pissed me off main reason to pissed me . off if i was there i would have jumped . in no i wouldn't even have to think it's . my life literally i will take a punch . from my brother the fact that no one . that's what that's why i found a bit win . no one came help jj if it was me i would . have just jumped in straight away i . wouldn't even care if i get her he's my . brother. i will take any punch for him i would . have i would have slumped that fool at . any consequence the fact that he started . it as well i want to just i would have . just jumped it but it's good the jj's a . fighter. that wasn't a pussy he was you're not . grabbing my bro stick yeah that defend . you are a difference yeah guys i'm done . i'll give you further information like . if this fight is actually happening but . yeah guys join me on twitch i'm gonna . string today. i said today today of this day but yeah . just join me on twitch and as i will be . streaming a lot later i'm gonna be . streaming a lot more i'm gonna be . streaming even when i'm at the seidman . house like i'm gonna try it . i'm gonna get involved it's gonna be lit . it would be so sick anyway guys take . care. 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