JAKE PAUL FIGHT TRAINING (Fortnite: Battle Royale)

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All right guys we're doing this okay . obviously i'm training for jaipur and i . love fortnight so why not combine the . two and we come up with an epic video . this video that you're watching right . now every time i can't kill i have to do . 20% i i have to get punched in the . stomach so pretty much i don't wanna die . and then kills it's gonna eventually . hurt. so let's just do it i mean ten push-ups . okay ten but before we start this video . i know string i now i am out i'm now . gonna start streaming because i love you . you asked me to start streaming and . we'll start streaming wanna join me on . stream my stream is on the top link on . the bottom which tv slash somebody shows . games i'm actually gonna start streaming . so i see myself doing nothing just . training so sometimes when i have some . down time i want to string so join me . subscribe follow me let's do right let's . do it let's do it let's go we're getting . that w we're getting that w ireon . straight to dusty bitch i got this shit . come on i'm gonna go for the red one yo . i'm john wick people will see this. nobody like ah crap he must be good . there we go . that's it alright decent decent alright . come on bitch where you running . [music]. i'm the hedgehog oh my gosh are you are . you fucking serious one way to stop ten . light work all right . okay you know what let's try something . different. i'm gonna i'm gonna go to a place i . never ever go to i'm gonna go to shifty . sharks may all right i'm gonna go i'm . gonna go to shifty sharp so see what we. can get here i know wait wait wait . where's that booty all right look at . this . [music]. when you run a bitch what are you . running oh my fucking god oh my god oh . my god oh my god oh my god son quit that . do not don't don't click that as a dude . who clicks on my wife's mother is. important i don't need a clip you know . what to do is just are bad and then get . good so that's what we're gonna do all . right all right you know what okay we're . gonna go to were lucky landing there we . go come on all right let me do it then . i've never been here ever so i don't . know where any of the chester. what did no one drop at lucky landing . wow no one dropped in isn't this a deep . lake so someone did drop here . hey they are why you crouch it . i don't know what you do ten now i'm . gonna do ten nine . ah it's someone being a push pixar comes . in . oh shit . [music]. oh my gosh that wasn't a lilly tired i . nearly died i nearly died i don't know . how i'm not that yeah three four five . six seven eight nine ten . all right so lucky landing is actually . not bad . you know what lucky landing is pretty . damn lucky okay yeah these guys are . quicker building oh jesus all right oh . get some bitch let me quickly get out . the spoon okay see ya see that bill you . see that building you see i'm damn betsy . [music]. oh my gosh - oh my gosh oh damn it bitch . [music]. and then hunted up dead undead oh my . gosh oh my gosh i should be dead i'm . dead i'm dead not not not not yet holy . crap i just cleaned out dust my health . is very low. bandages or something would be nice yes . bandages ah . baby i i've got three clothes that's 20 . push-ups. oh anna stop me this game is blessing me . and another shoe okay i can't carry . about many jesus plays and not the . shield how many shoes do you want to . give me all slurp juice oh my gosh this . game is blessing me oh i'm being blessed . right now give me a purple shotgun and . then i am officially blessed all right . what was that. that's right this guy's aim sucks but . i'm about i'm about i don't feel . confident here for some reason i don't . know where he is or is it where is it . you'll come after me i know you there is . he's just chillin. [music]. you're such a bitch you're a bitch . pushing me so hard . [music]. oh bless me for a purple tank oh my gosh . oh my gosh this game is nicing me oh my . shorts on point but over the enemy is . but he's probably a bush to be honest a . lot of times i've been killed by bushes . pisses me off. the hell you doing this challenge . oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh 14 15 . i turned any fortnight player to do this . challenge hey guys i'm done make sure to . follow me on twitch make sure you follow . me on twitter as well so you know when i . go live on twitch follow me on instagram . slide into my pm's you are saying well . anyway but yeah guys have fun take care. oh. [music]. [music]. .

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