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Alright guys we're gonna do this i've . actually been on the internet a while. i'm gonna do is this i'm gonna check out . the prediction what people think gonna . happen between me versus jake pool and . care sighs let's just logan pool all . right so here's one they said this is . from a game this is a game so it's kind . of like a simulator is that pitch to me . teacher you know what all right a bit . white man you know at least from a bit . darker oh oh right yeah . oh right oh oh oh oh fight back fight . back oh oh oh oh oh oh you're swinging . now oh i love the bulls fight back now . we'll see take up well say say go on . then come on what's it . zoey boom all right all right let's kind . of like oh oh . [applause]. oh oh oh oh come on come on yeah yeah . alright alright okay okay yeah i'll take . you some bombs to the face all right . okay okay what what the hell wi-fi can . be why am i getting big oh okay . that's like it that's more white shit . that's my kid that's more like it . oh oh i like that i like that come on . really . miss miss never come on come on come on. sandy come on dickie dickie what what . what the hell quiz this fight far north . edgy come on then oh more like it more . like it that's it i'm women this i went . in this. what. what the hell that's it . [applause]. what well okay but what the hell why did . i get not that right why do i get looked . at if in doubt let's see what twitter . says listen deji you're a fucking . bastard. i you're my favorite youtuber but you're . out of your mind. jake poole will beat the fuck out of you . how many times people tell before you . enter that boxing ring you need to find . his weak side if you know his weak side. you will win follow my advice what what . what did i what did i get from that and . to top off he liked his own tweet to be . honest i think case i will beat loudoun . but jake will beat desi jake everybody . knows in a boxing fight desi will beat . the shit out of you . no matter what the owner tinges will . beat the shit out of anyone yes i will . bang anyone who fights him and digit . will obviously beat the shit out of jay . he is the most cringe east thing ever . hashtag team ksi hashtag team dish . actually liked her on twitter she's . allowed to right everybody has mixed . opinions on this way people saying i'm . gonna get my ass beat people say i'm . gonna beat jake's ass people saying the. exact same for jay jay's right - all i . can say is this i'm gonna take what i . will from what i've what i've read and . what aah and pretty much let's move on . that's it okay sweet anyway guys i hope . you guys enjoy it make sure you support . me my march game shot the . comedyshortsgamer club follow me on . twitter on instagram all of them even dm . me on instagram sometimes i read it . sometimes i don't but yeah i mean it's . an option you will message me on . facebook or tweet me any of them that's . fine anyway guys i'm burn and take care . sweet. [music]. [music]. .
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