Logan Paul and his friends laughing and smiling after discovering a dead body

*No dead body is shown in this video.*
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Um i really hate to say this i think . there's someone hanging right there . excuse me and this is the thing there's . a thing that is now in our lives so we . just experienced our lives unfold . there's no going back . i've seen things i can't unsee. [music]. this is top five craziest things i've . ever experienced in my life . fine top one this is the craziest thing . i've ever experienced . ain't gonna be sober finished i'm gonna . drink this japanese sake it's just . literally craziest moment of my life. he's smiling and laughing does not is . not a portrayal of how i feel about the . circumstances it's just your coping . mechanism it's my control everyone coach . was just differently and you cope with . it with humor if you guys haven't . noticed i do i cope with things with . humor while this is incredibly sad so . that a thousand times it's crazy you . know shot one piece of advice . okay listen closely don't go over there . definitely don't go . .
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