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This was so funny when Logan was waking up from his surgery and he was so confused and didn't know where he was even at lol leave a like for Logan to show we all love this man!
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All right everyone so i'm starting off . the vlog we are walking into the . hospital right now . today is logan's endoscopy yeah so when . they put the camera down my throat it's . gonna be like what youtube did to me . they're gonna be like thinking i can't . try to breathe so how long are you gonna . take your once i go back i'll be back . over 30 times . so okay so last night we were talking . and apparently they give you free . medicine before you actually get the . anesthesia and i'm gonna try to vlog . that it just depends on how awkward it . is in the room cuz we're walking into a . hospital but i'm definitely gonna fog . afterwards when he's like still off that. drug and he's gonna be acting funny so i . will update you guys later because we . were walking to the hospital right now . see it's right there that's ont decided . to come with us but he's dead inside cuz . he's super tired it's really early in . the morning all right so you guys are . second all right so here's logan he's . actually sleeping right now he's taking . a nap oh you got to wake up luke . chiron and quinton are the doctors kids . and look okay there are some more names . on here that are the nurses kids these . are the doctors kids and they all want . logan to sign this paper so that they . can get an autograph so that they don't . think it's legal for them to take a . selfie with him especially since he's . sleeping right now oh he's about to sign . it too it's like you're getting a . signature from like a three year old . [music]. logan that's not your signature look . i'll put it on my channel so they know . it's authentic i guess what that's i. don't think he gets okay i can kind of . see the loge in there and then the 30 i . don't see the you don't want to try . again yeah yeah okay so you can't do any . better . yeah i do me there we owed you what do . you say oh yeah we're gonna get you a. wheelchair . there we go very okay that's a lot . better just like it clicked all the . sudden now put to luke somewhere - you'd . normally put that before but i i guess . that oh that's alright yeah way to have . a few for you you're not okay this one . this one is chiron so - and i'll spell . it out ky what happened . no no what happened okay - ky ra n . didn't sign your name you don't really . sign in then put from logan from sol i . can't laughing too hard that way my . hands gameweek you don't know where . you're at you're at a meeting green to . your you wrote to chiron okay to chiron . again he gets extra love a and put a 10 . and okay and then sign your name oh he's . doing the from thing again from a so . he'll roam s and then just sign it there . we go did they say anything all right he . took some bible we have some more . signatures for you to sign sorry yes i . know we're by enhance this one is - i'll . spell it. put to q:u into10 okay and then put your . signature smell again normally you do . that afterwards that's why it's . confusing me are you gonna sign this one . or just print there we go funny great . okay this one just to alex hey they're . getting better yeah yeah and then your . signature from a smell owner you . misspelled from you put fam you want to . retry that i didn't really like him too . much. yeah i got i think it's okay she's not . getting you out there i'm sorry . you can retry it you have we have one . more . it's to alex from as well okay yeah . nice just one that's more okay this is - . sean how you smell i'll spell it out for . you ate a w and . that is amazing this is a great job . thank you for being such a good play . right logan you're in the car how do you . feel you were at a meet-and-greet . earlier today yeah . - musical . let me put on your seatbelt please . go to that big donald mcdonald's you . don't want kfc mac and cheese. i don't know . it's up to you are you hot or cold . you want some water . yeah yeah she gave me a water to give . you all right so to the kids who got a . signature from lillian i did vlog it . because it did look like a . three-year-old signed that and it . probably looks really fake but if you . guys are watching this you guys can show . anybody that that was really logan that . signed it and it's exactly the way he . signed it it's just that he was . obviously coming off at anesthesia i . thought he was really tired so it ended . up being really funny though he doesn't . obviously don't really sound like that . but it's still authentic and you guys . would have already seen the proof in the . vlog so that's good logan right now he . wants to go to mcdonald's cuz he wants a . breakfast burrito . are you feeling other other than being . tired. great i'm so fuckin good right . okay see the goats that are watching the . live and making sure logan is okay and . he's not dead. shout out to it's not focusing there it . is now we got it guys say hi to the walk . real quick i know there's a delay but. hurry up and comment comment comment . comment . i don't see any comments say hey vlog oh . there it is now we're getting them hey . youtube yo i want to shout out . everyone's getting a shout out . i'm gonna keep it on here for maybe 10 . more seconds. hurry there we go. chillie depressed okay i was random . hello fog whoo all right and oh when do . i stop it everything everyone's saying . hey all right i'm gonna end it in five . four three two one all right that's it . it just it takes a minute for you guys . to actually get the message like the . live is delayed by like 30 seconds like . 15 15 to 30 just depends all right . that's it stop commenting so i'm . commenting i had to i have to put it . away hey everyone it's pretty late now . it was an april vlog anymore after we . got home because i was kind of just . taking care of logan um he's been . sleeping a lot and that's why i'm ending . the vlog here in the living room i don't . want to be in there and wake him up or. anything i'm just letting him sleep and . rest yeah the last thing i film happened . in the car let me explain to you what . was going on with the whole signature . thing so before logan had went into the . endoscopy they had found out that he was . you know supermario logan and the . doctors and nurses there they all wanted. a selfie with him so that they can send . to their kids well the problem with that . was apparently it's kind of like illegal . to take pictures with a patient so the . doctor told them that they weren't . allowed to do that and that they'll get . autographs afterwards well that was a . really bad idea and like i was telling . them hey you know i like i don't mind . taking selfies but the doctor was like . no i still don't think we can do it so . they ended up not getting selfies and . they ended up taking a screenshot of one . of logan's videos and they printed it . out and they wanted him to sign it an . autograph it to its kids so that's what . ended up happening and that's the reason . why they just didn't take a picture . instead cuz i know a lot of you guys . were like well why are they getting him . to autograph it that was the reason and. anyway so that's all i have for you guys . today i hope you enjoyed this vlog . because this one was actually really . funny leave a like if you also thought . it was funny and i will see you chili . peppers tomorrow bye . .
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