Logan’s emotionaI breakdown.. at the SUPER BOWL!

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Into the hot seat sepia . [applause]. 7: . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. what . against a champion . [music]. [music]. which is renamed . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. marry me marry me . oh. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. without limits at all . [applause]. yeah yeah yeah yeah. the further i should divert think they . got deferred it's already over it's . already open it's a real kill . i already did bring advantage i'm ready. tito i already lost my voice oh man i'm . so nervous i'm so nervous how slender . i'm ready for my close-up i'm ready for . this are you ready i'm ready . are you ready they're not ready here we . go boo . [applause]. come on come on come on. get brady the bone please . [applause]. [applause]. interception interception right an . influx of indians . [applause]. [applause]. why they she was going down the creek . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. yeah. i couldn't do that i couldn't live with . the touch now i couldn't live with that . because brady had too much pressure on . him come on brady . we've been following all the game . what is he doing go on go come on brace . [music]. go lady pretty he did it . we ain't paid him to do that they mess . it please gonna feel going time . [applause]. how do you feel that in another . dimension he's your husband . let's go brady come on turns out right . here in our heads oh come on . [applause]. oh my god all right let's go . [applause]. chile chile there with our interception . they don't throw interception this on. the drive on this ride . interception. [applause]. nichole's interception watch this . interception watch this they just can't . be good. i'm going home i'm leaving hope your . judgment by interception i'm going home . [applause]. [applause]. no . no you're saying we couldn't stop it . they can't stop . leaving . [applause]. oh. [music]. [music]. [applause]. your beautiful brain got them god damn . it really i loved fuck god to him these . are really good there's no way they're . gonna not score that oh my god they're. literally right there . [applause]. my hartford middle okay read the poem . every little setback . oh my god. the ground. oh. that's so bad fuck them up. he's alright that's good . [applause]. [applause]. you wanna cock guy that would be so lit . this is so dumb . they're going down you guys want to . watch us be upset something's about to . happen. [applause]. i'm just gonna say that called that . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. that videos jeffy that he said so bad . [music]. [applause]. okay brady i'll forgive you if you do . [applause]. oh my god. [applause]. thank you bad you didn't stay right here . you're doing it for your your you're . lucky you're doing it fun brain is good . too right here right here . good luck hey you stay right do it . [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. i love. [applause]. you know you know it back you know it . you know growing you my boy you know i . love i love you i want to have my babies . come on goats i'm nervous i'm everybody . got it. [applause]. right it right right there oh my god yes . yeah. [music]. [applause]. that's hogan hogan luger he's my dad . he's my dad has to be . right keep it down . oh . [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. let scotland right there you don't move . you stay right there that's what i'm . talking to right there . that is your spot you stay right there . we got past are we good they don't have . that. [applause]. ah. that clap is so loud i know i have i . don't think they're gonna go there's . there's no way what are you thinking . teats touchdown and field goal nothing . but it just yes alright gotcha . [applause]. this right here bogey's calling it . they're gonna throw to that guy . they're running oh no . [applause]. [applause]. what do you want 12 . [music]. [applause]. [music]. i said all i gotta say is at least we . tried before hats on i like the jaguars . yeah i just need it backstreet boys i . liked up we're liddy justin timberlake. and 200 g justin go i mean brady come on . hopefully at halftime they gotta fuckin . talk to because that bullshit come on . brady. [applause]. yeah. [applause]. it's not not done not done three-point . game there she goes hey go eagles more . like beagles a dog. [applause]. tackle them . [applause]. [music]. they get in touch . we're back in the same boat we were just . playing a fumble peyton how much like a . thing. [applause]. [applause]. but really what i'm selling it was going . like i thought . show us the replay. [applause]. ruling on the field . [applause]. [applause]. they're not gonna win the pager is not . gonna win . i don't care for the cheap way i want a . cheap way i want something . [applause]. that. you stay with your boys you stay with . you you don't you don't you don't you . you baby you baby. [applause]. he-man. oh he pissed that my boy right there or . some fucking shit up . [music]. yes. let's talk about this one slight melt . come on brady come on brady i love you i . do. come on brady you've got my god have my . babies surely i don't feel good . [applause]. [applause]. god finally waiting hours let me finally . take the lead. [music]. [applause]. i don't know i don't know girl okay okay . gl ats go hey wanna stop heels . i want to spell go cheese oh lacey go . instead of fly he goes by its tiny goes . too high there's not enough time well . they're milking that bitch . [applause]. we gotta stop the two-point conversion. show you okay . [applause]. brady. brady wouldn't be the goat if he . couldn't do this he got i think . i think you got . [applause]. this is why he's the go chile this is . brady this is brady all the owners this . is . [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. we have . brady is the goat and i think he could . come back . chili we still have a chance i'm touched . [applause]. [applause]. [music]. against a touchdown and then to worship . anytime . [music]. one or two more places one or two more . please . [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. okay everyone hope you enjoyed that . super ball video i'm just letting you . guys know that i am and in the fall it's . like set the patriots lost anyway chili . peppers i will see you guys tomorrow bye . .

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