LOL Big Surprise Custom Santa Claus Elf on the Shelf Mrs Claus

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Let's have fun with this family friendly skit where we open: LOL Big Surprise with Custom Santa Claus Elf on the Shelf Mrs Claus & Reindeer
Let's see what's inside. you're watching welton's you're up next. little bro this is gonna be so awesome . come on down okay okay little sis here . the last one and then it's time to go . get our pictures taken with santa . oh hey cindy lou we're about to go get. our pictures taken with santa uh where . is he i don't see him anywhere that's a . good question i brought my list of toys. that i loved her christmas and i don't . see santa anywhere i don't see him . either but i do see the grinch . oh no the grinch that guy is so mean i . hope he didn't do anything to santa i'm . gonna go over next hey grinch santa was . supposed to be here for pictures today . but we do not see him anywhere um you . did not do anything to make sure he . didn't show him did you who me of course . i did i just can't stand to see her be . so happy celebrating christmas so i told . him that picture day was canceled yes a . little sister well it's not happening . today kid oh yeah i have a friend named . kerry hands and i've bet she can help us . oh gary. never pictured is santa wait a minute . where is santa and why is the grinch . here uh-oh . you guessed it the grinch ruined the day . he told santa that picture day was. canceled . well grinch i think i know a way to make . santa up here and then we can have a . super fun day let me guess you need an . lol bigger surprise and it needs to be . empty everyone empty check it out . absolutely nothing inside of here okay . first we need to seal it up with the lol . bigger surprise label yep there we go . now when you think of christmas what . colors come to mind um red and white . just like game games okay we need red . and white there we go and now we need . santa claus hey how about mrs. claus - . yes yes let's put them both on there . santa claus and mrs. claus wait there's . still more real in here hey you know . that elf on the shelf mia we can add a . boy and a girl. alpha michelle i don't see why not let's . do it here's a little elf girl and a. little elf boy they're like we need . something else i just can't like put my . finger on it being a snow angel i'm an . expert on all things snow and christmas. and i think the one thing that's missing . is a little reindeer yes yes we need a . reindeer the reindeer is going right up . top here okay now look keriann's magic . okay let's see um wait i don't think . there's anything in there ah there are . so many different people i think i need . some help. busy baby yes we do busy can you help us . let's see here santa . oh mrs. claus oh a reindeer - we got . this first visit. and another little sprinkle of keriann's . magic there we go that should do the . trick let's see what's inside okay guys . i really hope this worked otherwise . we're gonna have some very sad little . lol little sisters alright let's go . ahead and open it up wait we need to . take the label up here we go let's leave . a lot oh he's so i'm santa on there . let's go ahead and take santa mrs. claus . the elves and the reindeer off of there . and oh i see something in there wait it . pops right open wow there are so many . surprises in there you guys so many they . couldn't be contained. you heard fizzy baby where do we even . begin wait these are in there they're. like a little beanbag chairs on those . there's this little one a really really . big one look at the christmas trees and . the little snowflakes and there's a . third one over here mm-hmm . do they belong to let's go ahead and . start opening up some of these balls and . see what we had here's a little one and . what's in here somebody's glasses look. wonder who these belong to here's a . little bit bigger ball what's in here . henry found a hat this looks like . santa's hat oh let me try it on here you . go look at me i wearing santa set okay . that is so cool all right we need to . find z it up let's open up this black . one and see who do we have inside there . is no one inside we have another hat . look this looks like it may belong to . mrs. claus it's like a beware that's it . well we found their hats can we find . them okay we should save these for santa . and mrs. claus if we can find them i . think they would enjoy seeing these . opened up maybe they're inside this . beautiful blue one let's see what do we . have we found in oh . oh hey guys it's me uh santa where are . you oh we haven't found santa oh you . need to keep looking i'm guessing maybe . then one of these golden balls i look. very special let's open one up okay . let's go ahead and open one up let's see . what's inside one of these special . golden balls ah did we find . santa wait a minute we found hey guys oh . hey there's my brother and we're seeing . that mrs. claus i need to tell him . something oh we have not found them yet . huh you haven't found santa and it's . almost christmas we need to keep looking . wait are you telling me that here are . actual elves you hang on with santa at . the north pole and help big toys that's . right. oh well there's not gonna be much fun at . christmas if we don't find santa maybe . santa is in here looks like there's a . little paw prints on here . what are you can be inside brown that . doesn't look like santa it's a reindeer. you got a reindeer duck where you live . are easier we're trying to find santa . yes that's right we're trying to find . him come on let's go hey guys over here . they didn't find season but they did . find her beanbag chair comfortable okay . guys i see a golden ball back here this . has got to be santa claus it looks so . very special look at the glitter on it . and we hello everyone um i can't quite . see who you are because i seem to have . misplaced my glasses . oh mrs. claus these must belong to you . let's go ahead and put your glasses on . yes now i can see oh kerry hands is here . punk boy tins looks snow angel oh the . elves are here in the reindeer so where. is mr. claus well we haven't found him . yet he's . missing oh let me guess the grinch . that's right but something we did find . was your hat let's go ahead and put that . on you thank you darlin it was getting a . little cold out here . now let's find mr. claus he has a lot of . work to do before christmas we don't . have many options left but we do have . this big giant pink lol surprise ball . what could possibly be in here hmm do . you think it's santa is he going to be . in here huh who is it who is it you guys . it's santa claus oh oh oh . merry christmas oh honey you're not . wearing your hat you don't want to catch . a cold before christmas you have a very . important job to do christmas eve oh oh . where did i put my hat . santa we found your hat it's right here. i think the grinch hid it from you oh . oh that is much much better look at all . the children here i need to take . pictures with them but first where is my . list i need to know who's been naughty. and who's been nice . i hid santa's list now he doesn't know . who's been naughty and who's been nice . oh i think my list may be inside of this . bowl oh well santa let me open it for . you and see have we found santa's list . there's something wrapped up really . really nice and it looks like a list in . here look it is santa's list and look . who's on there carry hands dizzy baby . hey kid and baby this oh yeah it has his . own channel and little baby fits on . there too i'm so happy they made the. list and i'm so happy i'm on santa's . nice list wait that is the nice list. right of course it is you helped save . christmas. guys we can take pictures of santa but i . think we have to lol spratt and open up . totally rocky that's right we have this . bling surprise and look it totally . matches me that's right we have the . bling series and it is a little ornament . check it out let's see what's inside . under our first layer we have our secret . message there's a diamond and there is . an infinity symbol it is diamonds are . forever and now the final layer well . they look like presents in here and . tissue papers alright let's see what we . have it's all of the blind bags first . let's see whoa whoa whoa oh look at this. super glittery whoa headband right back . number two oh everything's good it's a . beautiful pink glitter dress and do we . have some shoes yes we do look at these . fancy boots there's even another . accessory oh it's our sippy cup so much . glitter so who did we find it is sugar . queen and it's time to get her dressed . whoa look at me all dressed i have such . pretty purple glitter hair all kinds of . pink and i'm a rare oh wait wait i see a . little sister ball over there who's . inside. oh we don't know yeah we need to open it . up oh we need to get that little sister . out but first jackie i'm in an ornament . wiz i'm gonna put me on the tree ah . their enthusiasm for christmas is just . too much you can never have too much . enthusiasm for christmas welcome back. your mom oh let's open up this little . sister yes let's find out who is inside . first whoo it's secret message time . there's a ribbon for first place it goes . oh hey . it's beth boo time earlier and earlier . let's see who's inside before we have . our small accessory which is super cool . red sunglasses oh big accessory is a big . old bag of fries what that looks so . crazy which little baby would have a big . sister who likes that bag it's a little . thrill of course let's check for my kind . of change we'll check for that color . change i'm like a little thriller is . from the spooky club that's right little . thriller yep these stripes these little . stitches here and a little heart and . into the water and it's all gone back . into the cold and like your diaper also . turns pink that is so super cool and . back into the warm water to warm you up . okay guys i think it's time for a big . group picture with santa and then all . the little ones can sit on his lap . grinch even you can be in this picture . really i mean fine okay everyone say . cheese these amazing santa and mrs. claus customs were made by chrissy's . cuties you can check out her channel . dolly do-overs i'll put it in the . description box down below and i'll give . you a link so you can check out her . instagram thanks for watching and be . sure to subscribe to carry hands and . keep the carry hands fun rolling by . clicking on another video. 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