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[music]. you can't go under the bed . that's not where puppies go hello angels . i really hope you guys can see me right . now because i can't see myself in the . viewfinder we're also going to ignore my . hair in this video because i just tried . to put a hoodie over my space buns and . get annihilated them so i just wanted to . update you guys on a few things . sorry there's like 12 dogs that was an . exaggeration there's only two but . there's two dogs that are jumping on me . at the moment i just wanted to update em . i just wanted to update you guys on a . few things some very exciting things . that are happening in warren gray's life . so thing number one is i am moving to a . new house which i will be updating you . guys on right now i'm in a two-bedroom . apartment and my god i can't speak today . but right now i'm in the process of . moving all of my items to the new house . also i got it's nice to have that two . other angels . this is smudge and she is my new puppy . she's a little bit quiet and she pees a . lot last night she actually she peed on . lunas bed and she peed on me and then . she peed on the floor quite a few times . and my pillow and lunas pillow so she . pees a lot so yesterday i picked smudge . up from the airport and i have some . footage of that so right now i'm going . to show you guys how yesterday went good . morning angels happy easter well when . you're watching this it won't be easter . anymore but today it's easter it's the. thought that counts. so today's easter it's april fool's day . but most importantly it's the day that . my new puppy comes and her name is. smudge yes smudge i thought it was a. funny may i rolled with it so smudge . comes today in like four hours and i'm . also in the process of moving i have . some clothes to pack and then we're . gonna go to the airport and pick up the . puppy enjoy yes i have sister you want . sister angel . angel you pay attention to me oh who's . easter bunny and just the easter bunny . and we're gonna bring angel but we're . not gonna let angel attack the dog cuz . she can be a little bit crazy and she . gets really excited when she sees other . dogs right angel . so we're gonna bring angels see how it . goes see you in the car at the airport . or somewhere just ahead like to take . care o she licked the camera i don't . know smudge again i'm me again . five four three five six seven eight i . don't want no smudge besides isn't gonna . get me your staff a best friend . angel time to father and me singing . angel i didn't trick you to sing in the . world it might just be the cutest thing . you know what oh not when you do . just got to the airport we have angel in . her little bag and i brought a blanket . for the puppy because they're usually . really tired and like scared when they . first come of course anyone would be . like my child some child was just . petting angel and it was making me so . uncomfortable but i was trying so hard . to be nice. be careful very nice. [music]. she's little baby oh my gosh guys she's . so cute she's not nearly as shy as . angela it's like look at her she's so . freaking cute so we're gonna take her . home now she's gonna come to easter . dinner with us and yeah we'll see how it . goes okay smudges low-key crazy good . stop it little girl and then she peed on . me and then she peed on lunas pillow so . she's definitely appeared oh she just . peed on me i like also really likes to . climb on my shoulder parenthood so now . this is my family andrew come on over . don't look at me like that come here . family of one just turned into a family . of dos this is smudge and this is angel . oh my gosh i'm such a mother um you're . good bro i love you and i understand . that you're feeling neglected but take . it down a notch so let me know what type . of videos you guys want to see obviously . i'm gonna be in the process of moving so . i can film some like moving in videos . and some decorating videos and some . tours if you guys want to see my new . house and some vlogs and stuff like that . and keep you guys posted but i love you . angels so much thank you for watching i . hope you enjoyed this little video and . i'll see you next time . mwah all right so much i know you have . to pee so i'm gonna take you to pee . smart if i smell a jafar does whatever a . smudger girl does yes you peed on a pad . and she can tell she's a smudge angel. how do you feel how do you feel being a . big me though. smudge are you pacing the floor smudge . all right you just pee on the floor . .
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