Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas sketchy interview

Making a Murderer, Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas interview with the media about searching the Avery property.
Did they find anything while you were. out searching i'm not really going to. comment on that but if anything was. found you know we had proper authority. and professionals take a look. x we on the site. here saturday what about the carbon how. many other time throughout the site. i'm i your i i wasn't i wasn't on the. side that's that's not true at all that. you get the mic you real part of the on. the site search we have know that people. mean the original we personally found. the vehicle. as a member of our search party was a. member of ours are spreading permission. to go onto the side but not know another. that has ever been on on the on the. actual site it's been trying seen them. taped off secured. .
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