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Welcome back dobre army go brothers back . here and it is going to be a holiday . weekend this weekend so we're doing . something special for you guys before we . get started though we are forgetting . something that we've been forgetting . i've been forgetting it ah broken tooth . that mathematically was not gonna work . new merch shop doc oh okay . make sure you get it but the jacket is . my favorite tooth it almost don't forget . to get it i'm very calm is that you're . selling okay as you know easter is . tomorrow so we decided we are going to . have a million-dollar easter egg yes hon . yes we will have a total of a million . dollars worth in these easter eggs so . you're probably curious how but you will . find out yeah we don't even know how . maybe i might i might just put a piece . of candy in it who knows but um we are . not gonna tell each other what we're. putting in the eggs we're just gonna set . them apart and start the easter egg hunt. so you guys ready yeah as darius is . preparing the eggs to be open and placed . items in there we get to choose what we . want to put in these eggs so if it's a . car you find that car gets keep that car . if it's money you keep the money if it's. a piece of plastic you have to deal with . that most likely so directly we get to - . yep - eggs each - eggs each trying to . mix and match the colors a little bit . you know color coordinated alright while . they do this steve come with me oh come . on i'm gonna come hide some stuff classy . no it's fine go i'm thinking up in my . ferrari key and this and this easter egg . hunt. but um yeah i think that's the most you . know logical wanna do let me just take . it out this is one of my items and my . second item waiting steve what do you. think i should do the innocent no not . another coin not another car i think . something candy maybe . here is the candy joy sweets all these . sweets so yeah. how many issues dealing when she put any . like three or four please good threes . good all right now i gotta think about. where to hide them we put them with the . ducks to do town under the hey that's a . very good idea see that's good you're . getting really big by where they're . getting really big if you might have to . put him outside screen because there's . still baby still taking care of them in . the house and the second key i should . have been . oh yeah actually now we don't have the . 12 count thing but we have other acts . you ready that good yeah i okay so i'm . up next i got my two eggs now i just got . to think what to put inside of them . let's see let's see . come on in. [music]. you know not a lot i have been thinking . about getting a new car so maybe i'll . put my lamborghini keys inside one of . the eggs as soon as i find them so here . it is but let's make things a little bit . more interesting i'm gonna put the keys . to my bmw m4 competition and the lambo. okay so i got the lambo key and i got . the bmw key. so hopefully this fits well i guess i . can just hide it like this right the . microwave it's good. hopefully nobody turns on the microwave . now my other item you know whoever finds . this egg i love you . perfect you're probably in the mall . wondering who's behind that easter bunny . costume that's me today i'm off though . so i'm undercover i don't know where . they hid their stuff or what they put in. them but first i'm gonna fill up my egg . with a piece of the house mulch right . let's hide this one first honestly i . think it was really cool if i put this . inside the hot tub . they wouldn't expect that right . hopefully it floats plan worked now i . can't do that for the second egg because . for the second egg. i'm putting money in the egg and . definitely more than a thousand dollars . here who's gonna find the money and keep . the money green egg for green money oh . gosh oh gosh is fitnes too obvious too . obvious . ooh the grill i thought i thought . hamburger anyone hotdogs all right now . yeah medium well medium-rare all right i . got you i'm gonna put it right here guys . no one will expect this at least i think . so right that completes my easter egg . hides so i'm thinking everyone's putting. valuable stuff in their eggs but i'm . gonna put knockoff stuff very cheap . stuff first one just a band-aid . second one is nothing okay let's go hide . him hop on hop on. [music]. all right well here first egg right here . yo she can actually ate an egg let's go . in the second one i'm gonna go with the . chickens here guys yeah hide it hide it . hide it well hide it you guys you have . to hide it okay . you know i fish my mind i'm gonna put an . egg inside an egg all right you guys go . let's go we all have our own cameras and. we're all gonna do this on our own . journey so let's go find the eggs let's . get started i honestly don't know what . i'm getting myself into or what i think . i'm going to find hopefully i find some . treasure because um . who doesn't like treasure let's go yeah . what you just want to draw us together . yeah all right so i should lay back over . here but don't tell anyone . yeah i'm doing the same good luck thanks . a lot yeah . all right welcome to cyrus's journey. once again i'm gonna look for the easter . eggs all right not under these rocks . checking under here there's nothing . under there here no they go crazy when i . shake this up . you know oh wait is that an egg what the . heck. hold on hold on you guys what are you . doing with the egg in there oh god . oh god i don't know whose egg this is . hopefully it's something good or heads . ah i guess we'll just add it to the . candy stash right here we got fish in . the pond mess i've really seen those yet . look at those koi fish ooh call them . dragons i'll be honest with you guys one . of my strengths is knowing my way . through places directions but finding . things not all the time you put that . there did you what is it what is it what . is it oh they food on a used tissue okay . what the hang whoa actually decided i . just keep it just keep it all right so i . found one egg mother why i'm kind of . good at this stuff but um i heard . something going on down there i don't . know if it was lucas and markets or . cyrus exactly someone else just found an . egg but you know wait . i'm not trying to go through any of that . trash in there let's keep going you know . what are you doing bro you're in my . vicinity are you the one i either want . to put the tissue in the egg crap . suboxone you're one of my eggs look here . some of my ex oh gosh please don't find . it yeah we get to keep it now a little . bit over a grand in there so . congratulations thank you see my places . were too obvious bro you guys are . distracting me from finding your eggs . now what is this is that a piece of leaf . here's my bedroom my bed just came in . very soft very soft oh keep going . crap there they are what no well . something's going on here that's right . so let's go check the grill we found are . you serious what was it no you guys . didn't know this but i'm actually . staying in the east wing house while . they're all staying in the main house so . why not look in the most obvious place . they probably hit one in my house let's . see if they put one in there nope nope . okay so not the most obvious place to . put an egg okay this is not my strength . that's i can't find any exercise is it . what is it lambo . [music]. what hey guys what's up do it over here . nothing why yeah you guys are talking . yeah i heard you guys this conversation . you'd forget this day i quit i'm hungry . man. [music]. wait how thank you open this thing don't . waste food yo i just want a ferrari does . this mean i get to keep you dry forget . that i'm going to start a ferrari up . right now let's go come on sorry but . guess you and i are two very different . people. you know how to do it oh no i think i. found my eggs no no don't go too fast . marcus i feel like i'm about to fall . area. - happy hey tires how many eggs did you . find i found one what about you guys so . that's four i was hoping that someone . put it in the egg chicken coop sorry . open it up and check the horse stables . wait wait wait wait . cyrus what's that yo how did you not see . that my gosh . an egg inside an egg thanks for . breakfast guys very clever all right . sighs what are the odds that you eat it . raw one in ten . ready three two one ten just look here . yeah you look good enough there it is . the final egg i looked in there i didn't . find that no i you know i'm just happy . that i found the golden egg that's the . most important one i've got what's in . there no your honor no yeah oh i see . here it's a tea bag that's gonna close . this video for today happy easter to . everyone out there i hope you have fun . with your family it's all about love and . being together we post every friday and . satisfy make sure you subscribe that's. right and give it a thumbs up make sure . you guys get your much ass shot over . comm shop no way yeah pretty much right . now. whoa all right i'm gonna go drive my new . car i heard um on your question i'm . gonna go enjoy my new eggs. what's nothing see ya what oh my . .
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