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Hey guys so i'm at a bentley dealership . now so gonna give you your shoes . yeah tell christian to stay cuz i know . this could be like a little bit of a . cold . thank you yeah i mean like if this . interior obviously website this one it's . not green but i was thinking a hundred . but yeah don't something i understand . oh no i think they're leaving okay . they're leaving that's a black with . little red trips right that one the . other one yeah it's white with the black . soccer and you know the other interior . that i do like is white white but the . ribs right however i had a mercedes with . that white yeah it was great initially . right and then you would say no one yeah . i mean unless you just loved it you know . you could always seal the interior but . you can yeah i like it so far it's a . nice drive . wow oh see this is the beauty of a . convertible i need to put my chair back . a little mickey . i'm sorry. this is why we live in southern. california because of her son and days . like today . i like. that's not why my hair is messed up and . i literally just dropped my hand into my . fake eyelash and i'm really irritated i . want to go home. and i left my personal phone at home too . i literally only on my instagram phone. i'm really irritated i'm sorry but . because she wants my bentley now i'm . supposed to have a nice day with my mom . and just a few things ruined it and i'm . like really mad and i just don't know . what to do and didn't know in the . bathroom and i'm just sitting here and i . want to go home she made me brush it out . of the house too so it's not fully ready . and i feel like my hair is messed up . because of the comfort along this . opposed to buying a coochie pop-punk . later today and it's literally not worth . it. i don't want to be here i think about i . only get to backpack but here is my . stuff everything is my stuff my hair is . and students bully because it's not my . first name of the house and every time . and i'm hungry . i haven't eaten at all today because . i've been busy and they got paparazzi . earlier today and i look so bad it's . literally so embarrassing okay we got . caught like what i was. i got called away and literally it's . like i'm just pissed off today over it . stop literally don't and i bet our . contacts on my instagram phone so i . can't even type people they have been . those here too. [music]. these are people standing outside the . gabrielle. [music]. wait why are there people really yeah i . definitely get white they mix together . convertible from rack them up for let's . go downstairs and finalize its purpose . everything we've ever bring everything i . know we're getting these in both of our . sizes. yeah well because you're not my size i . have to get like a 10 for me and what . are you eight thank you so many people . forget that and then i got all this from . chanel okay so bring all your things . upstairs and we'll go for the backside . the beginning of the week and then we'll . be there look away where couple oh yeah . i'm not going if you're sorry . he's so sorry yeah i go to light not . stimuli sure whatever you want as long . as you don't like me . oh my god the 1x you should between . these two nicolette yep oh okay so the . thing is we're getting a lot of all . black stuff so i'm a meeting her as this . money we shared this my chair . this one got it . she and i know by this one - thank you . i added this while you were gone well . yourself - right yeah of course cuz this . goes with this or with that be the . perfect perfect thank you so much for . everything today. so fun so fun . [music]. over $10 dr. grey thank you . we're so happy today because i want to . debra popular i know what i choose . unlikely to be my god she's like i. always make them and me were bad i don't . they have to bring me actually because . that's why we like we enjoy yeah they . have a good idea you come in if they . have the best so you're here like . everything. finally here . [music]. i go back to the piece of bad luck . nobody knows it so we're on rodeo right . now we finished looking at all the cars . and have actually a good mood now . basically my mom is there by himself . we just felt like . now we're spending like $15,000 at . myself. so we're at dinner now what do you feel . i felt so good the best time i love it . leaner let's go around the hotel yeah . you . .
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