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Today is the day we bring our dog home to meet the new baby, Tommy! How do you think our dog is going to react to meeting a baby?
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- this is a very exciting time!. - yay!. - [jared] yeah. - yeah!. - [ellie] this is our. best way, we thought. - oh yeah, get that stretch. ? so this is love, mmm-mmm ?. we are going to make paper airplanes,. and then we're going to see. whose flies the furthest, 'kay . - 'kay. - we're gonna make the. same paper airplanes,. so you just follow my lead, okay . you've already got yours folded in half. - do you have to fold it like this . - yep, fold it in half. now open it up. take this corner and bring it to the line. - i bring this corner now . - yeah, exactly, jackson. good job. - 'kay, mine's done. - 'kay, now make sure you crease it. - now mine done. - good job. now fold it like that. 'kay so you've got yours in half,. yours in half, yours in half. now take them down like that. okay, everyone hold up. your paper airplane. ready . now what we're gonna. do is we'll go outside. and we'll see whose. goes the furthest, okay . - in the front . - in the back. - what about the front . - 'cause the back goes downhill like that. and we can probably throw it further. let's get our shoes on. and we'll go throw it. in the backyard, okay . okay. all right, let's go all the way to the top. of the backyard, okay . that way we're the highest. all right, boys, welcome to the . paper airplane throwing contest. we have three contestants today. we have calvin, we have. jackson, and we have daddy. this right here is the starting area. you are to throw your paper airplane. between these two ferns,. and we're gonna see. how far each of our. paper airplanes will go. sound good . 'kay, now we will go in. the typical family order. youngest to oldest. that means, calvin, you are. the first thrower of the day. so please come take the. starting position right here,. and you may take a seat. are you in your ready throwing position . - yeah. - [jared] on your mark, get set, throw!. oh my goodness we have a. solid 1. 5 meter distance. good throw for your first attempt. all right, jackson, you've. seen calvin's performance,. can you outdo it . oh my goodness!. that's gotta be at least. four to five meters. wonderful throw. now whose turn is it . - um, yours. - my turn. you guys did awesome. let's see how i do. ready, one,. - let's go!. - [jared] two, three. whoa!. just a little bit further than jackson's. 'kay, should we go grab our airplanes. and do attempt number two . - [calvin] yeah!. - [jackson] yeah. - okay. look, mine just stuck. right into the ground. that's gonna make, 'cause it's pretty wet,. gonna make it a little. nose-heavy, so i gotta throw up. get it, throw up. (laughs). i don't want to throw up. - [jackson] why . - [jared] because throwing up is bad. i need to throw the airplane up. - level number two. - you got it. all right, calvin, you're up first. let's see it. (deflated trumpets). (laughs). jackson, go for it. whoa-oh!. nice. ready, here we go!. oh it stuck in the ground again!. (laughs). all right, third and final attempt. let's see it!. ooh, good show. 'kay, your turn. nice, made it all the way down. 'kay, dad's final attempt. 'kay, ready . - [jackson] yep. - one, two, three!. whoa!. almost cleared the first tier. good job, guys, was that so much fun . - yeah. - good, we'll have to. build more paper airplanes. in fact, i'm sure. there's a lot of you guys. who know how to make really,. really good paper airplanes. if you have a favorite paper airplane,. let us know how you build it. in the comments down below. - yeah!. - daddy, where's penny . - penny . penny has been playing. at a friend's house. but i think today we should. probably pick her up,. don't you think . do you think we should. introduce penny to the baby . i think penny would love. to meet the new baby. don't you . - has penny seen the baby yet . - not yet. what do you think penny. will do when she sees baby . - i think penny's gonna jump on him. - oh really . i think penny is going to go (sniffing),. and maybe even (licking). (laughs). calvin, what do you think penny's gonna do. when she sees the baby . - [jackson] do it to me. (sniffing). - [jared] calvin, what do. you think penny's gonna do. when she sees the baby . - baby jump. - [jared] the baby's gonna jump . - yeah. (jared laughs). - [jared] maybe. do you think penny's gonna sniff the baby . - mm-hmm. - [jared] and kiss the baby . - uh-huh. - just like you did!. ellie just finished feeding tommy. and now we're gonna go say. good morning to the sweet baby. are you guys ready . - [jackson] yeah. - [jared] yeah . - [ellie] he just sneezed. - [jared] oh, i heard that little sneeze. - [ellie] do you guys wanna say goodbye . he is awake. - [calvin] yeah. - [ellie] can you believe that . finally. he doesn't wake up much. - [calvin] missed me. - [jared] he did miss you, that's right. can you give him a kiss . - [ellie] oh i love those open eyes. does he stink . - [jackson] yeah. - [jared] does he have a poopy . - [jackson] yeah. - [jared] oh my goodness. - [jackson] are these his ankles . - mm-hmm. - yep. - [jackson] why . - [jared] good morning, tommy boy!. - calvin, he loves looking at you. - [jared] yes he does. - [jackson] but he stinks. (jared and ellie laugh). - [jared] hey, guess what . you did, too. sometimes you stink even worse!. - [jackson] yeah. - [ellie] oh, he thinks you're silly. - [jared] are you making silly faces . - he thinks you're silly. (jared chuckles). it was sweet when they. came in this morning,. but i didn't have the. camera, but it was like. everything i wanted. like, he was asleep, the. kids quietly came in,. they looked for him, they found him,. and then they like mauled him. (jared laughs). - [jared] these guys are. actually really, really great. with tommy, and i'm really, really happy. you guys are good big. brothers, you know that . - oh, i'll get the stuff off it. (jared laughs). - yeah, from the blanket. i'll help. - [jared] yeah, maybe we. should just clean that. - here. - [jared] oh, good. (chuckles). - some people might not like. that, but that's what i do. - [jared] that's the third baby. things are a little. different, right (laughs). - [ellie] it's my baby. say, "come on, tommy. ". - [jackson] come on, tommy. - [ellie] i don't think he wants it. - [jared] that's okay. - [ellie] he'll spit it out if he doesn't. yeah, he doesn't. - boop, there it goes. - he didn't want it. so it looks like jared's been up all night. working on our birth vlog. - take a look at my. drinks, to keep me awake. - [ellie] yep. - don't pull a jared, jared. (laughs). - tommy is sleeping, and i woke up today. feeling really good, like really rested. so i was like, i'm gonna shower. is it blurry . i can't tell. so i showered, and i have neighbors coming. and bringing dinner over,. which i'm excited about,. and i was gonna make a hello fresh,. but i don't know where it went. i'm wondering if someone. took it off our doorstep. (chuckles). it was supposed to come. so we made tuna fish sandwich. this is blurry, guys!. oh well, you get the. picture, we're eating lunch. hey, hey. oh. you ready to eat . are you ready to eat . hmm . (chuckles). hi, baby. (baby whimpers). aw, oh. 'kay, let's eat, let's eat, let's eat. - [jared] how was it . was your lunch good . oh yeah, get that stretch!. (ellie laughs). - [ellie] burp time. - tommy and ellie are. taking a quick little nap,. and i'm about to go pick up. penny to come meet the baby. i'm really excited about. this, and i hope penny. is a really, really good girl for this. but i'll be right back. they're taking a nap, and then we'll have. this little introduction to the family. - my sweet friend and neighbor. just brought us over dinner. she brought us taco salad. cannot wait to eat this. and she made us a dessert,. and her and her daughter. made sushi for the kids. (laughs). is that funny . - [jared] oh! that's hilarious. - [ellie] it's cute, i'm totally. eating like five of those. - yeah, those are for us, not the kids. sorry, kids. this is a very exciting time!. welcome home, penny girl!. welcome home, it's good to. see ya, my little girl's back. like i said, this is a very exciting time. we are introducing penny to tommy,. and i've been thinking. about how to do this. ellie and i have been. thinking about how to do this,. and we've come up with. a really delicate way. to slowly introduce penny to the baby. and so penny has been. playing with her friend,. she's been having a great time. she's back in the house,. and she's calmed down. she's settling down and everything. so what we're going to. do now is we're going. to introduce a blanket. one of tommy's blankets. that he's been wearing. for the past few days. that has his smell on it,. and we're gonna bring that to penny. and we're gonna show it to. her, and she's gonna sniff it. and she is going to get. that smell and realize,. okay, i am used to this a little bit. and then we're going to bring tommy in,. and slowly bring penny towards tommy. now if i can make this. a perfect situation,. penny will be just like she was with ellie. when they were out gardening. penny would just sit down next to her. and just have a good time. but like i said, i'm. very excited about this. it kind of feels like lady and the tramp. so penny, don't worry, you're. not gonna be pushed away,. you're not gonna be. pushed into the corner. this isn't some, you know,. you're not just gonna go. running off with some sort. of tramp of a dog, are you . are you, penny . penny, i need to know,. are you gonna run off. with some other dog because. we brought home a baby . are you !. she's ignoring me, guys. i'm a little nervous. 'kay, i think i'm ready. to bring out the blanket. are you ready to meet. your little baby brother . (laughs). do you hear that . can you hear him crying a little bit . you kind of perked up. when you heard that, huh . (chuckles). you kinda sense something's going on . you hear that . good girl. 'kay, sit. okay, let's grab a blanket. you stay right there. wait. good girl. - hi, girl. let her be, she'll be good. - okay. - hi, girl. - easy!. oh, that was good. - [ellie] that was. - that was good. - [ellie] she probably just. thinks i'm holding like a doll. - yeah. - penn, look!. is this crazy . look, he's wide awake. - yeah, he is. - she's just worried about the treats. - she's been so good, yeah. - she's just gonna stare at you,. 'cause you've got the treats. - yeah, 'cause i've got treats. she's like, i don't. care about anything else. other than these treats. (ellie nervously laughs). - did she lick your hand . she totally licked his hand. look, it's all slobbery. (jared laughs). that's gross. look, she's looking now. she's licking his hand. (laughs). (baby hiccuping). - ooh!. - aww. good girl, soft. - that's a good girl. - good girl, penn. (baby hiccuping). oh no, (chuckles) it's like a squeaky toy. good girl, penny, you're being good. soft. - [jared] this is not. a squeaky toy to her. - [ellie] i know. - it's not, she knows. - but it sounded like it. - [jared] mm-hmm, she knows. - [ellie] soft. you're being good. - come here. like i want to open up, but not too much. - [ellie] i know. - [jared] see and like. look how good she's being,. just sitting right here. - [ellie] penny, you're being so good. you are. good girl, penny. good girl. 'kay, this is gonna be. an awakening for you too. (chuckling) she just wants her treats. (baby hiccups). (ellie chuckles). - [both] good girl!. - good girl, penny!. oh my gosh, that was so precious. - [ellie] and tommy, you. didn't even act scared. (laughs). he's like, what the. - what is this furry animal . - [ellie] you gotta get. your good sniffs in. that's a good girl. i don't even know how you're. supposed to introduce,. but this is our best way we thought. - she's doing so good. good. and she's doing great. - [ellie] good job. - she's doing so good. i think this is the beginning. of a very good relationship. (ellie laughs). yeah . what do you think . you agree . "yes, i do. ". his first words. now she has to go pee. (ellie laughs). look it, i'm outta here. - i'm just gonna stay by the door. until you open it up. (chuckles). that's funny. (laughs). i'm done!. that's what calvin does when. he's done holding the baby,. he goes, "i'm done with baby. ". "i'm done. ". (jared laughs). - i just don't want her running. off with like another dog. and doing like a lady and. the tramp where she goes out. and gets some spaghetti at the. back of a spaghetti factory,. and like sips it up with this other dog. and falls in love, 'kay . she's our dog. ? so this is love, mmm-mmm ?. - that is our vlog for the day. we're gonna go ahead and say goodbye here. the next few weeks we. are just gonna go slow. and we might, i don't know,. we're just gonna go slow, and--. - we'll play it by ear. - see ya when we see ya, if we miss a day,. we know everyone will understand,. and we'll see you guys next time. - [jared] thanks for watching. - [ellie] bye, baby. - he's so awake right now. - [ellie] i know. - are you happy you met penny today . yeah. - [ellie] she liked your hands. - mm-hmm, and your little toesies. at least someone likes your toes. (ellie chuckles). - [ellie] grandpa mecham's toes. .
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